Business English for Office (Online Training)


Course Objectives

The English language has been the subject of controversy in Malaysia for some time now. We cannot avoid English especially in today’s cyber world. The advancement of knowledge is in English.

The only language in aviation and nautical services since time immemorial has been English; this two services transverse the world. With the world getting smaller, there is a need to have some form and level of the English language. The CEFR – Common European Framework of Reference has six levels. We do not need to reach the highest level – C2, needless to say, it would be great if we are there. For office staff, we aim for B2. The current crop of office staff barely makes it to A2, which is sad, since the public which they serve needs more invigorating interactions.

Some people find using English is difficult and perplexing. This myth will be overcome once we understand the essentials, thus, this programme is designed for “back to basics” needs. As an extension to their correct usage, the following applications will be included; telephone techniques, presentations skills and the preparation of some office documents will be included. In order for us to develop, progress, move-on, we need English.

At the end of this course, the participants will be able:

  • To apply the fundamentals of the language
  • To acquire techniques in better pronunciation
  • To use suitable terms and phrases
  • To manage telephone calls
  • To prepare short memos and notes

Target Audience

This course is specifically designed for anyone who is keen to improve their English speaking and writing skills at the workplace. 


  • E-Manual will be on-line
  • Content and Exercises are on pptx.
  • Responses can be face-to-face or submitted on-line and reviewed

Course Modules

  • Module 1: Overview of the Language
    – Identify Parts of Speech
    – Application of the Parts

  • Module 2: Skills for Improvement
    – Receptive Skills:

      o Listening
      o Reading
    – Productive Skills:
      o Speaking
      o Writing

  • Module 3: Correct Pronunciation
    – Local pronunciation versus actual pronunciation

  • Module 4: Introduction to Unique Sounds of the English Language
    – Since the English Language is made up of words from around the world, even common everyday ones may sound quite different from the way we think it is pronounced.
    – We may not be able to cover the complete lexicon but we need to be aware of them and know some common ones

  • Module 5: Different Forms of Words
    – Homophones
    – Homonyms
    – Homographs

  • Module 6: Building Vocabulary in Business English
    – Layman’s English versus Business English

  • Module 7: Managing the Front-Desk
    – Welcoming visitors
    – Making visitors comfortable

  • Module 8: Managing the Telephone
    – 3P formula
    – Applicable terms and Phrases
    – Writing short notes/ memos

  • Module 9: Useful Terms and Phrases
    – There are some standard terms and phrases which when correctly used will enhance our ability to communicate in English.​

Get To Know The Trainer

Trainer Fakitah

Trainer Fakitah


Kit is a speaker for the local and international audiences. She has served organisations varying from the SMEs to the multinationals with clients from the tea lady right up to the CEO. Her background ranges from corporate, industrial, academic to research. She has done a stint as the Administrator of United Nations Global Compact Local Network, Malaysia.

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  • 8 hours of Live Online / Virtual Training
  • 17 - 18 September 2020
  • 9am - 1pm (4hrs/day)


  • E-Certification
  • 14 Days of Email Support
  • HRDF Claimable



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