First Aid, CPR & AED Certification (Game Based Learning) + COVID-19 Prevention Teaching Plan

Course Objectives

Training is no longer the same when COVID-19 is still on radar. However, important training such as First Aider Certification cannot be stopped because it has been a safety requirement for most workplaces, ISO requirement and business requirement.

We developed a COVID-19 Prevention Teaching Plan to further enhance learning experience, fun and interactive even with low contact point.

Target Audience

Suitable for all


This program will be conducted with interactive lectures, PowerPoint presentation, discussions and practical exercise.

Course Modules

  • Module 1: Registration & Safety Briefing
    Every involved participant is required to register using his/her own smartphone for certification purpose and at the same time to go through temperature scanning & sanitization before the
    Class start.

    *Session will start ONTIME!

  • Module 2: Who Is First Aider
    Participant to acknowledged the common fears of the First Aider and accept it rather than overcome it for safety reason. Besides that, what is first aider roles when we are in different areas, eg; as colleague, as parent, as son/daughter, as bystander.

    *Social Distancing is Applied

  • Module 3: Foreign Body Airway
    Obstruction ( Choking ) Understanding on how choking happens would help prevent from happening and at the same time able to identify which is the best method is best to be applied to save the victim.

    ** Learner are still able to practice hands-on without touching each other.

  • Module 4: Application Of AED
    Get familiar with the component of AED and its accessories while practicing on how to use an AED with our DIY Disposable AED KIT

    ** Every learner will receive a DIY Disposable AED KIT to practice with it without sharing with each other to avoid any contact..

  • Module 5: Performing High Quality CPR
    Manikin fully sanitize in the early morning. Participants to sanitize their hand and wear mask before touching the manikin. Sanitize the manikin again before next participant’s turn. Understanding the full cycle of CPR and the importance of Hands-Only CPR especially during the current outbreak. We adjusted from peer-topeer learning to Instructor-led practice.

    *To effectively train an individual in CPR, usage of Manikin is un-avoidable.

    Below are our safety measurement until everyone has practiced.

  • Module 6: BLS Action Plan
    Learner to complete the action plan (what to do) if he / she is facing the scenario as given. This is going to be a group activities; discussion & sharing of result are required.

    ** Participants will practice social distancing while having discussion)

  • Module 7: Burns & Scalds
    Learners to understand different degree of burns & scalds while practicing what is best first aid management for burns & scalds

    ** Learners are to practice with our DIY disposable dummy head & limb

  • Module 8: Bleeding & Wounds
    Learners will be exposed to different type of wounds and injuries while practicing what are the precaution to take before handling wound, the technique to stop bleeding & bandaging if able to.

    ** Learners are to practice with our DIY disposable dummy head & limb.

    **All training material such as bandages and gauzes are disposable, we do not re-use all the bandages.

  • Module 9: Muscular Skeletal Injuries
    Over the years, first aid management toward fracture has change a lot. While some are still stick to slings, we recommend otherwise. We offer the simplest method even kids know what to do.

    ** Learners are to practice with our DIY disposable dummy head & limb

  • Module 10: Scenarios Based Assessment
    We replaced our Signature Moulage Experience with Scenarios based assessment. With the advised of our medical advisor, this method are popular and widely used in countries like America to test the competency of an individual. The idea is, every learner to answer a series of subjective questions after watching a video of an emergency.

    ** Learners will answer the question with their smartphone

  • Module 11: Objective Based Assessment
    Learners to answer 30 MCQ and are required to score 80% and above in order to pass and to get certified.

    ** Learners will answer the questions with their smartphone

    MCQ = Multiple Choice Question

Get To Know The Trainer

Trainer Kny


KNY has developed more than 10 youth empowerment training include his signature program “Breaking the Communication Gap, Discovery!! Man in Mirror, Breakthrough!! Man in Mirror and Matrix of Dynamic Team. KNY  discovers his passion in speaking ever since he is young. Wherever there is public speaking, debates, or presentation in his school time, he will be very excited to be one of the speaker and he always have a lot of idea to present the topic. However, he didn’t take any action because he thought he is not good enough.

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