Adobe Illustrator CC-Advance

Course Objectives

Now that you’ve mastered the skills you learned in Adobe Illustrator Level I, you are ready to increase your productivity by learning advanced features and more tips and tricks. You want to know more about layers, and are wondering why effects, appearances, and symbols are essential to understanding Illustrator. You’ve also been wondering how to use the new Touch Type tool.

Upon completion of this program, participants should be able to:
• Work with text in frames, including overflow text, text reflow, threading text, and importing text from Microsoft Word.
• Create and format type on a path.
• Modify individual letters with the new Touch Type tool.
• Understand how to create and use Layers, and how to select, view, and move objects on layers.
• Be able to draw using a perspective grid, and add and edit shapes and text on the grid.
• Create, apply, and adjust a gradient applied to a fill or stroke.
• Create, apply, and adjust a smooth blend or a blend with specified steps.
• Learn how to use, create, and edit brush strokes.
• Use, apply, edit, and remove effects, including 3D effects.
• Understand the Appearance panel and be able to create, modify, and apply graphic styles.
• Create and modify symbols, and use the symbolism tools.

Target Audience


Illustrator Level I or equivalent experience, plus the prerequisites for Level I.

Suitable for any personnel that wish to learn the advance level of Adobe Illustrator.



This program will be conducted with interactive lectures, PowerPoint presentation, discussions and practical exercise.

Course Modules

  • Module 1 – Working With Type
    • Converting between point and area type
    • Importing a text file
    • Working with overflow text and text reflow
    • Threading text and creating columns of text
    • Formatting text: changing the typeface, size, and color
    • Modifying text with the new Touch Type tool
    • Inserting special characters, or glyphs
    • Reshaping text and applying text wrap
    • Creating and editing type on a path
    • Creating text outlines

  • Module 2 – Working With Layers
    • Creating, selecting, moving, locking layers
    • Selecting, viewing, moving content on layers
    • Creating a layer clipping mask
    • Merging and locating layers
    • Applying appearance attributes to layers
    • Using Isolation Mode with layers

  • Module 3 – Working With Perspective Drawing
    • Using and editing the perspective grid
    • Drawing, selecting & transforming objects in perspective
    • Adding and editing text in perspective
    • Working with symbols in perspective
    • Releasing content from perspective

  • Module 4 – Blending Colors And Shapes
    • Creating and applying a gradient to a fill and stroke
    • Adjusting the direction and angle of a gradient fill
    • Applying gradients to multiple objects
    • Adding transparency to gradients
    • Creating and modifying a blend

  • Module 5 – Working With Brushes
    • Creating, using, and editing brushes: Calligraphic, Art, Bristle, and Pattern brushes
    • Removing and editing a brush stroke
    • Understanding tints & hue shift colorization methods
    • Working and drawing with the Blob brush & Eraser tools

  • Module 6 – Applying Effects
    • Using, applying, editing, and deleting effects
    • Styling text with effects
    • Applying pathfinder, offset path, and transform effects
    • Creating and working with 3D effects

  • Module 7 – Applying Appearance Attributes And Graphic Styles
    • Editing, adding, and reordering appearance attributes
    • Adding another stroke and fill to an object
    • Applying an appearance and graphic style to a layer
    • Creating, saving, applying, and updating a graphic style
    • Applying a graphic style to objects, text, and layers
    • Creating Web graphics
    • Creating, selecting, and editing slices
    • Generating CSS code with the new CSS panel

  • Module 8 – Working With Symbols
    • Using existing Illustrator symbols libraries
    • Creating, editing, replacing symbols
    • Breaking a link to a symbol
    • Working with symbol sets: spraying and editing
    • Storing and retrieving artwork in the symbols panel
    • Mapping a symbol to 3D artwork

  • Module 9 – Combining Illustrator CC Graphics With Other Adobe Applications
    • Working with Adobe Bridge
    • Placing multiple images into Illustrator
    • Applying a clipping mask to an image
    • Embedding and unembedding images
    • Using the Links panel
    • Packaging a file

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