Adobe Photoshop CC Foundation

Course Objectives

Adobe Photoshop has long helped graphic designers bring their visions to life in advertisements, magazine layouts, billboards, and virtually every other medium. Whether you create images professionally or just want professional results, you can count on Adobe Photoshop for the ultimate in creative control. At the end of this course the learner will be able to create and edit images, retouch and correct adjustments.

Target Audience


• Good working knowledge of your computer and its operating system
• Know how to use the mouse and standard menus and commands
• Know how to open, save, and close files, and navigate to other folders

This course is designed for anyone who wishes to improve their knowledge on Adobe Photoshop


This program will be conducted with interactive lectures, PowerPoint presentation, discussions and practical exercise.

Course Modules

  • Module 1: Work Space
    • Arranging and Saving Workspaces
    • Exploring the Tools Panel and Options Bar
    • Navigating the Document

  • Module 2: Cropping
    • Cropping and Straightening Photos
    • Using cropping composition guides
    • Using Perspective Crop tool
    • Resizing images during Cropping
    • Cropping tool modifier keys

  • Module 3: Image Correction
    • Understanding non-destructive editing and image modifications
    • Understanding using Levels and Curves
    • Image color correction and manipulation with Photo filters
    • Utilizing Shadow/Highlights as a Smart Filter
    • Using Hue/Saturation Globally and Locally
    • Using additional Adjustment Layers
    • Clipping an Adjustment layer to specific layer

  • Module 4: Selections
    • Understanding the Magic Wand and Quick Select Tools
    • Using the Lasso Tools
    • Using Color Range
    • Using basic Marquee selection
    • Transforming and Distorting Selections
    • Refining selection edges
    • Add to and Subtract from Selections
    • Selection modifier keys
    • Using Quick Mask
    • Using Selections to create a Layer Mask

  • Module 5: Layer Masking
    • Understanding Layer Masking
    • Using Adjustment Layers with Layer Masks
    • Localized image correction with Adjustment Layers
    • Using the Paintbrush modify a Layer Mask

  • Module 6: Layers
    • Exploring Stacking Order
    • Differentiating a Background layer from a transparency Layer
    • Showing and Hiding Layers
    • Linking Layers
    • Manipulating the Opacity of Layers
    • Duplicating and Deleting Layers
    • Transforming and Distorting Layers
    • Auto Selecting Layers
    • Merging and Flattening Layers
    • Applying Layer Styles
    • Converting a Layer to a Smart Object

  • Module 7: Retouching
    • Understanding non-destructive retouching
    • Using the Healing Brush
    • Investigating the Spot Healing Brush
    • Using the Clone Stamp
    • Fixing Red Eyes

  • Module 8: Text
    • Differentiating Between Point Text and Area Text
    • Improving the legibility of text
    • Formatting and modifying text Project based learning
    • Integrate and modify several layers to create a finished project
    • Using the Place command to add layers to a project
    • Modifying image area with Canvas menu
    • Transferring selections between layers
    • Using solid color layers
    • Using both Layer Masks and Adjustment Layers with Clipping on a single layer

  • Module 9: Export and File size and resolution
    • Understanding Print vs. Screen resolution
    • Determining correct file size
    • Using the Crop tool to resize images
    • Understanding file formats for export

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