Effective Communication & Interpersonal Skills (Online Training)

Course Objectives

Effective Communications refers to how an organization communicates. Communicators help an organization fulfill its objectives, define its philosophy and facilitate change in the organization. They deal with both internal and external audiences to establish positive relationships while combining the organization’s goals and the public’s interests. Communicators develop programs to generate an understanding between the management team, employees and customers. Good communications produce well-informed and highly motivated employees with reputable public and corporate images.

The successful communications strategy includes internal communications, public relations and community relations, at a minimum. Crisis communications, media training, innovative multimedia presentations, a clear web presence, and effective public speaking are also essential elements of an excellent corporate communications.

A fully integrated effective communications plan is crucial to the success of your business. It can help you grow your top line revenue and enhance your bottom line. In Communication and Interpersonal Skills Program (Incorporated NLP skills), we take it to a higher level by introducing more practical tools to maximize our communication and interpersonal ability.

Upon completion of this program, participants will be able to:

  • Build effective communication as it is a critical element in your career and personal lives
  • Understand and develop competencies in 4 different ways to communication:
    o Speaking
    o Writing
    o Visual Images
    o Body Language
  • Achieve 5 different Communication Goals and Build Better Relationship:
    o To change behavior
    o To get action
    o To ensure understanding
    o To persuade
    o To get and give information
  • Identify and avoid common Communication Errors
  • Develop the 5 different skills to listen actively
  • Develop skills and confidence to communication and connect effectively by asking “Exploring Questions” to address needs of internal and external customers
  • Understand the need to develop effective interpersonal relations
  • Create a winning team with higher productivity and improve bottom line

Target Audience

This programme is designed for Executive, Supervisors, Team Leaders and NON Executive level.


This Live Online / Virtual Training session will be conducted via a Live Streaming Platform in which the trainer will use interactive lecture and slide presentation to cover the modules stated below.

Course Modules

  • Module 1 – Introductions To The Program
    – Introducing the Workshop Facilitator
    – Introducing the Purpose of the Workshop
    – Sharing Participants’ Expectations, Needs & Challenges
    – Presenting the Benefits of the Workshop
    – An experiential activity to set the tone

  • Module 2 – Foundation Of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming)
    – The Foundation of NLP (The What, Why & How)
    – The Attitudinal Values (Pre-suppositions of NLP)
    – The Senses – Representational Systems / Sensory Language

  • Module 3 – The Power Of Language
    – Identifying Language Pattern
    – Interpreting the meaning of Language
    – Deletion, Generalization & Distortion
    – The Meta Model
    – The Milton Model
    – Empowering your daily conversations to enhance work performance

  • Module 4 – Communication Principles
    – Mission of Communication
    – Our Values, Beliefs and Thoughts
    – Common Filters of Communication
    – The 3 Vs of Communication
    – The 6 Cs to send messages effectively
    – Assertive Communication

    Learning Activities:
    • Assessing how our Values, Beliefs and Thoughts Improve or Destroy Communication
    • Practicing Verbal and Non-Verbal Assertive Communication
    • Practicing how 3 Vs and 6 Cs help to Improve Communication
    • Personal Reflection / Action Plan

  • Module 5 – Active Listening
    – Benefits of Active Listening
    – 5 Active Listening Techniques
    – 3 extra steps to listen more effectively
    – Bad habits of Poor Listeners
    – Good habits of Effective Listeners

    Learning Activities:
    • Case Study: Are you listening?
    • Role Play: Applying the 5 Active Listening Techniques
    • Knowing Differences in Body Language
    • Personal Reflection / Action Plan

  • Module 6 – Feedback
    – Effective feedback techniques
    – Receiving feedback techniques
    – Asking for feedback techniques

    Learning Activities:
    • Applying E.A.R.S. Technique
    • Asking “Exploring Questions”
    • Open Questions
    • Probing Questions
    • Role play: Receiving Feedback
    • Personal Reflection / Action Plan

  • Module 7 – Understanding & Building Rapport With Diverse Others
    – Being aware and Choosing the Right Attitude
    – Understanding “Map of the World” of others – Matching and Pacing others
    – Building relationships with diverse others

    Learning Activities:
    • Assessing our attitude towards others
    • Different “Map of the World” exercise
    • Role play: Matching and pacing others
    • Personal Reflection / Action Plan

  • Module 8 – Creating A Winning Team!
    – Mindset of WINNERS vs. LOSERS
    – Action of WINNERS vs. LOSERS
    – Gaining Trust and Commitment from others
    – Action Plans to Create a Winning Team

    Learning Activities:
    • Intra-personal exercise: Self-instruction
    • Exercise: Endless possibilities within a team
    • Personal Reflection / Action Plan

  • Module 9 – Perceptual Positions For Understanding How Others Perceive (NLP Technique To Experience The World From Many Perspectives)
    – Learning the 3 positions: First, Other and Observer
    – Applications and review
    – Evaluations

  • Module 10 – Putting It All Together
    – Practice all communication and interpersonal tools on real work and life situations
    – Individual and team action plans
    – Establishing effective communication practices to create a winning team! 

Get To Know The Trainer

Trainer Casey


Casey , a 27 years sales, management and team building training specialist is acclaimed as one of Malaysia’s most dynamic and inspiring public speaker since 1985 and has steadily increased his stature as one of the leading speakers in this region.  He holds a Bachelor Degree in Applied Economics from University of Malaya and a Diploma in Management from the US. Fluent in three (3) languages, (English, Bahasa Malaysia, and Mandarin), he is an extremely sought after training specialist both locally and internationally

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