Train The Trainer

Course Objectives

  • Plan for adult learning session with high impact, by
  • Understanding the learning styles of the participants,
  • Matching the instructing styles preferences of trainers accordingly,
  • Applying them constructively in training situations.
  • Perform fundamental training needs identification to determine relevant training interventions, by
  • Understanding the concept and scope of TNA,
  • Understanding the qualitative and quantitative methods of data gathering,
  • Designing and administering data gathering instruments for performance gap analysis,
  • Reporting TNA findings at organizational, departmental and individual levels,
  • Identifying target participants for appropriate training programmes according to TNA report findings.
  • Design a competency based training programme and to develop a structured and practical training session plan, by
  • Writing training rationale to learning objectives and learning outcomes,
  • Interpreting the TNA findings to workplace standards,
  • Identifying training topics for developing training contents,
  • Selecting appropriate training methods,
  • Developing training resources.
  • Conduct competency based training programme and to deliver an effective and impactful training session, by
  • Preparing session plan,
  • Applying presentation skills,
  • Promoting learning,
  • Facilitating training activities,
  • Providing learning support,
  • Coordinating training arrangements
  • Assess participant’s competency and to conduct workplace assessment to evaluate training effectiveness, by
  • Planning participant’s assessment,
  • Preparing knowledge assessment tools,
  • Preparing skills assessment checklist,
  • Conducting knowledge assessment,
  • Preparing assessment report


Target Audience

This training programme has been designed for Managers, Executives, Training Coordinator, Training Officer, HR Officer, Vocational Education Trainer, Lecturer, Tutor, Corporate Trainer, Instructors, Team Leaders, Supervisors in organization who wish to provide structured training and conduct relevant and fair assessments in their organization so as to achieve Peak Performance

These people have considerable responsibility for training programme development and delivery, as well as assessment of training participants or employees. Level for Executives and Managers and above


The Course content will be delivered through short lectures, group discussions, group presentation, role-play and skill practice during the training programme

Course Modules

  • Module 1 – Plan Adult Learning
  • Module 2 – Conduct Training Needs Analysis (TNA)
  • Module 3 – Develop & Design Competency Based Training Programmes
  • Module 4 – Conduct Competency Based Training Programmes
  • Module 5 – Assess Participants’ Competence

Get To Know The Trainer

Trainer Teoh


Dr Teoh is a Doctor of Philosophy (Mgmt) and a graduate of Master of Art Degree in Management (UK) and Bachelor Degree in Mechanical Engineering (M’sia), plus a Certified Graduate of Palladium Kaplan-Norton Balanced Scorecard (USA).

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