Values Creation & Benefits Realisation Strategy

Course Objectives

Values Creation and Benefits Realisation Strategy course is designed for the business executives and project management practitioners to ensure the success of their projects to create values and realise benefits. The key benefit of this course is to allow the business executive and project management practitioner to explore the concept and methodologies of values creation and benefits realisation management to meet their business requirement. The course designed based on the principles and approach based on the best practice guide of benefits realisation management.

  • What are Business Values and Benefits?
  • Organisational Strategy based on Business Values and Benefits,
  • Critical Success Factors, Enablers, Roles and Responsibilities,
  • Values Creation and Benefits Realisation Management Lifecycle and Framework,
  • Aligning Business Strategy, Capacity and Capability,
  • Supporting Factors and Measurement, and
  • Continuously Improvement.

Target Audience

This Values Creation & Benefits Realisation Strategy aims to address the needs of those working in a project focused environment who want to be agile. It is useful to all candidates and competency levels ranging from highly experience project managers to those new to the industry.


This program will be conducted with interactive lectures, PowerPoint presentation, practice examination questions, discussions and practical exercises.

Course Modules

Day 1

  • Ice-Breaking & Introduction of the 21st Century Active Learning
  • Introduction of Values and Benefits
    • Business Value and Value Management
    • Benefit and Benefits Realisation Management
    • Business Vision, Missions, and
    • Aligning to Business
    • Benefits Realisation
  • Critical Success Factors, Enablers, Roles and Responsibilities
    • Identify Critical Success Factors and Enablers
    • Establish Clear Roles and Responsibilities
    • 10 Guiding Principles for Strategy
  • Reflect on Day 1 Learning

Day 2

  • Values Creation
    • Identify Business and Leader Core
    • Identify Any Other Core Values (Industry, Community, )
    • Align of Values and Prioritisation
    • Vision and Strategy
  • Benefits Realisation Management
    • Identify Benefits and Authorise Charter
    • Operate, Deliver and Ownership
    • Sustain Benefits
    • Continuous Improvement
  • Reflect on Day 2 Learning

Day 3

  • Aligning Business Strategy, Capacity and Capability
  • Resource Management o Capacity Management o Capability Management
  • Supporting Factors and Measurement
  • Business Analysis
  • Organisational Project Management
  • Agility Approach
  • Operation and Functional Management
  • Measurement and Report
  • Continuously Improvement
  • Retrospective
  • Lessons Learned

Reflect on Day 3 Learning

Get To Know The Trainer

Trainer David


David real experience as a project manager since 2008 when he was a team leader before got himself PMP accreditation in the year 2009. The most memorable project management experience is in the year 2011 when he successfully rescued a nationwide enterprise system upgrade project in Automotive Information Technology from failure planning.

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