How to Handle Complaints and Manage Difficult Customers (Online Training)

Course Objectives

The purpose of this program is to impart the necessary customer service and interpersonal skills to the staff who need to use them to manage difficult situation positively. Emphasis will be given to train the participants on the methods and techniques to handle difficult conversation. They will also learn professional methods to deal with challenging situation with difficult customers in tough situation.

At the end of this training program, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the importance of excellent customer service for front liner
  • Master the skills to putting difficult customers at ease
  • Build trust and relationship with tough customers
  • Help to identify customers’ needs
  • Apply effective after sales service skills
  • Solve challenging service issues and problems
  • Managing stressful situation
  • Build long term relationship and customer loyalty
  • Learn to manage difficult, fussy and demanding customers

Target Audience

This program is suitable for Executive or NON-Executive level of employees that need to deal with customers.
Levels for Executives and above.


This Live Online / Virtual Training session will be conducted via a Live Streaming Platform in which the trainer will use interactive lecture and slide presentation to cover the modules stated below.

Course Modules

  • Module 1 – How To Build Rapport With Difficult Customers
    – Results Of Customer Service Survey
    – Create An Impactful First Impression
    – Over Telephone
    – Walk in customers
    – Positioning Of Pleasant Personality
    – Strategies to cool down customers

  • Module 2 – How To Handle Complaints By Using The Problem Solving Skills To Help Difficult Customers
    – Identify Customer’s complaints
    – Questioning Skills
    – Summarising Skills
    – Understanding Customers’ Emotional And Logical Needs to resolve complaints

  • Module 3 – Listening & Handling Difficult Customers
    – How To Do Total Listening
    – How To Break Preoccupation
    – Drifting Eyes Mean Drifting Mind
    – Listening Is The Highest Form Of Persuasion

  • Module 4 – Overcoming and Provide Solution To Complaints
    – How To Help Customers
    – Effective Listening Skills
    – Satisfying Customers’ Needs Or Wants
    – Solving Customers’ Problems
    – Giving Customers Extra Value
    – Making Customers Your Partner

  • Module 5 – How To Present & Communicate Effectively With Tough Customers
    – Understanding The Cause Of Communication Problems
    – Egos, Emotions And Attitudes
    – How to talk to people and make them listen
    – How To Manage Stress

Get To Know The Trainer

Trainer Casey


Casey , a 27 years sales, management and team building training specialist is acclaimed as one of Malaysia’s most dynamic and inspiring public speaker since 1985 and has steadily increased his stature as one of the leading speakers in this region.  He holds a Bachelor Degree in Applied Economics from University of Malaya and a Diploma in Management from the US. Fluent in three (3) languages, (English, Bahasa Malaysia, and Mandarin), he is an extremely sought after training specialist both locally and internationally

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