Understanding Financial Statements

Course Objectives

  • Enhance your financial literacy & financial vocabulary for business & work
  • Understanding the basics principles of accounting and fundamentals of finance and accounting
  • Building Basic understanding of Financial statements
  • Interpretation of Financial Statements and Ratio analysis
  • Working Capital Management
  • Budgetary planning & Variance Analysis
  • Working Capital Management
  • Accurately read and interpret Balance sheets, Income and Cash flow statements
  • Building Analytical proficiency for Business Reviews
  • Financial Analysis of Capital Investments and Strategic Initiatives
  • Make more effective, better-informed business decisions
  • Communicate better with accountants, bankers, comptrollers and other financial professional

Target Audience

  • This workshop is tailored to the mid- to senior-level nonfinancial decision-maker who wants to attain a greater functional understanding of finance and financial statements.
  • People who have reached a level in their organizations that demands a solid understanding of financial terminology and statements … people who ultimately drive the success of their organizations through the quality of their decisions


This stimulating program will maximize understanding and learning through Interactive Lectures, Course notes Learning Assessment after each Module

Course Modules

  • Module1: Basic Accounting Principles
  • Module 2: Basic Financial Statements
  • Income Statement
  • Module 3: The Cash Flow Statement
  • Module 4: Financial Statement Analysis
  • Module 5: Working Capital Management
  • Module 6: Planning, Budgeting, and Controlling
  • Module 7: Financial Analysis of Capital Investments and Strategic Initiatives

Get To Know The Trainer

Trainer Nakulan


Nakulan, a Fellow of Certified Chartered Accountant, UK is a Principal Consultant with SM Advisory Services responsible for Finance Transformation and Supply Chain Management solutions. Nakulan is a talented professional with over 35 years of progressive accomplishments leading Finance, Sales and Supply Chain and project management initiatives for major businesses.

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