Corporate Presentation Champion

Course Objectives

  • Leading Dynamic Meetings: Participants will learn strategies for leading engaging and productive meetings, including techniques for setting agendas, facilitating discussions, managing time effectively, and fostering collaboration among team members.

  • Mastering Sales Pitches: The program will cover best practices for delivering persuasive and compelling sales pitches, including understanding customer needs, structuring presentations for maximum impact, handling objections, and closing deals effectively.

  •  Internal Training Facilitation: Expect to gain skills in designing and delivering effective internal training sessions, including identifying learning objectives, selecting appropriate training methods, engaging participants, and assessing learning outcomes.

  •  Advanced PowerPoint Design: Participants will learn advanced techniques for creating visually appealing and professional PowerPoint presentations, including using multimedia elements, incorporating animations and transitions, and designing slide layouts for maximum clarity and impact.

  •  Presentation Delivery Skills: The workshop will focus on honing presentation delivery skills, including voice modulation, body language, and engaging storytelling techniques to captivate and persuade audiences effectively.

  •  Feedback and Practice Sessions: Expect opportunities for receiving constructive feedback on your leadership and presentation skills, as well as plenty of practice sessions to apply what you’ve learned in a supportive and interactive environment.

Target Audience

  • Employees or leaders that are required to conduct internal training such as knowledge transfer, skills transfer, required to consistently make sales pitches, be it virtually or physically & required to lead meetings.


Learning is in the doing = It is important to consistently put the learner in practice mode, because to master speaking skills is to put them on the stage.

Coaching + Feedback = trainer plays an active role in providing feedback after each presentation. Besides that, the trainer will also play a role as coach/facilitator which provides rooms for the presenter to self reflect.

Peers to Peers Learning =  Creating a safe and open environment that allows peers to give feedback to further improve their presentation and confidence.

Course Modules

  • Introduction & Ice Breaker

    Activities: Ice Breaker – If I Can Be Anything

    Learning Objective:

    • Able to establish rapport, promote inclusivity, and energize the group, fostering effective communication and team cohesion in a positive and engaging environment.
    • The Key to effective communication is the ability to think. Convert thinking into persuasion.


    Module 1. Our Roles on Different Occasions.

    Activities: AV Presentation & Group Discussion.

    Learning Objective:

    • Able to understand different roles one can play in a training process.

    Pre-Test. The Instant Noodle Test

    Activities: 6 mins presentation/person

    Learning Objective:

    • Able to offer constructive feedback on the presenter’s delivery, organization, and content.
    • Lunch Break, Freshen Up and Prayers.


    Module 2. Understanding How Different People Get Clarity (Colored Brain)

    Activities: Colored Brain Communication Card Games

    Learning Objective:

    • Understand Colored Glasses Syndrome.
    • Able to differentiate 4 different Colored Brains?
    • How to design our content to help them understand.


    Module 3. Leading Dynamic Meetings

    Activities: Group Activities, Dynamic Debriefing

    Learning Objective:

    • Understanding the role of a meeting leader.
    • Setting clear meeting objectives and agendas.
    • Facilitating discussions and managing group dynamics.
    • Time management techniques for productive meetings.


    Module 4. Mastering Sales Pitches

    Activities: Group Presentation

    Learning Objective:

    • Understanding the psychology of persuasion
    • Structuring a compelling sales pitch
    • Handling objections and overcoming resistance


    Module 5. Internal Training Facilitation.

    Activities: Instructor Led Explanation, Hands-On Practice

    Learning Objective:

    • Designing effective training programs
    • Engaging adult learners and creating interactive learning experiences
    • Delivering impactful training sessions
    • Assessing learning outcomes and providing feedback


    Module 6. Presentation Slide.

    Activities: Instructor Led Explanation, Hands-On Practice

    Learning Objective:

    • Using multimedia elements and animations to engage
    • Designing slide layouts for clarity and impact
    • Best practices for delivering presentations with PowerPoint

    Post-Test. Topic of choice


    Activities: 6 mins presentation/person

    Learning Objective:

    • Able to improve the session through constructive feedback from lead facilitator and peers..


    Module 7. Sharpen The Saw (Continuous Improvement)

    Activities: Instructor Led Explanation

    Learning Objective:

    • Able to understand the importance of a growth mindset.
    • Closing & Evaluation


Get To Know The Trainer

Trainer Kny


KNY has developed more than 10 youth empowerment training include his signature program “Breaking the Communication Gap, Discovery!! Man in Mirror, Breakthrough!! Man in Mirror and Matrix of Dynamic Team. KNY  discovers his passion in speaking ever since he is young. Wherever there is public speaking, debates, or presentation in his school time, he will be very excited to be one of the speaker and he always have a lot of idea to present the topic. However, he didn’t take any action because he thought he is not good enough.

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