Course Objectives

This is a practical course on work ethics with nine mini-case studies to reinforce the learning concepts. This workshop is extremely rich in contents with nine specific instances of work ethics, including how to report an unethical issue and how to escalate the issue. The topics include warning signs of unethical issues, harassment, disrespect and dignity of staff.

At the end of this programme, the participants will know:

  • How to recognise signs of unethical behaviour
  • Nine common work ethic isues in the workplace
  • How to define and avoid harassment in their workplace
  • The importance of respect and dignity ar work

Target Audience

This program is a must for all staff as they need to know what is unethical behaviour so they avoiod it and know how to report and escalate unethical behaviour that they witness.


This Live Online / Virtual Training session will be conducted via a Live Streaming Platform in which the trainer will use interactive lecture and slide presentation to cover the modules stated below

Course Modules

Module 1: What is work/business ethics?

  • Standards of right and wrong
  • Helps in decision-making

Module 2: Basics of work ethics

  • Warning signs that somethings is not ethically correct
    • Systems
    • Processes
    • Staff
      • Secretive behaviours
      • Changes in communication pattern, and
      • 2 more behaviours
    • 7 issues to avoid bad business ethics
    • 3 steps to take if you think something is not ethically correct
    • Case study 1 on unethical practice
    • Case study 2 on unethical practice


Module 3: Ethics in the workplace Part 1

  1. Work ethics with
    • Peers
    • Managers
    • Vendors
    • Support functions
  2. Are you a bystander or a upstander?
    • Be a upstander for yourself and for others
    • Case study 3: speak up for yourself
    • Case study 4: speak up for others
  3. 4 steps to report an ethical issue        
    • Only facts
    • Who to report to and
    • 2 more steps
  4. 5-step approach to escalate an ethical issue
    • Report to your manager
    • Who else to involve
    • What is the best option and
    • 2 more steps
  5. Members must feel they belong
    • Attitude
    • Show interest in them
    • Help them grow

Module 4: Ethics in the workplace Part 2

  1. Ethics in communication
    • Case study 5: ethics in communication
  2. 6 common ethical issues at work
    • Theft
    • Lying
    • Bullying and
    • 3 more
    • Case study 6: a common issue
    • Case study 7: coaching a bully to stop
  3. Transparency ethics
    • Decision making
    • Performance reviews
      • Above average performer
      • Under-performer
    • Accurate and timely reporting
    • Access to information
    • Legal requirements eg hazardous waste disposal
  4. People have changed – they speak up more

Module 5: Ethics in making decisions

  • 6-steps to be ethical in decision-making
    1. Incident happens
    2. Get facts
    3. Consider choices
    4. Best option and
  • 2 more steps  


Module 6:  Harassment issues

  • What is harassment?
  • 6 steps to define harassment in your workplace
    • Activity: define harassment in YOUR workplace
  • Gender issues
    • Lunch instead of after-office hours bonding
    • Inappropriate touch or name calling
  • Discrimination in work ethics
    • Age, weight, nationality, religion, gender, etc
    • Is your workplace inclusive and fair?
  • Tips to avoid harassment
    • Space
    • Speech
    • Take feedback seriously, and
    • 2 more tips
  • Social media and dating


Module 7: Mutual respect and dignity in the workplace

  • Bullying vs mutual respect
  • Microaggression divides
    • What is microaggression and why is it bad?
  • Case study 8: microaggression
  • Ignored, small non-respectful bahaviours can build into harassment
  • Case study 9: Lost dignity
  • How to coach staff on disrespectful behaviour that impact others’ dignity

Get To Know The Trainer

Trainer Jonathan


Jonathan has 30 years of corporate experience, with 25 years in management and leadership.  He was the CEO of a company and a director of a global consulting firm.  He brings a lot of his personal experience to his courses and can lead middle managers eager to climb the corporate ladder as he knows about top management expectations of their teams.

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