Course Objectives

Almost everyone has heard about the FISH Tales and what should we do to create an outstanding experience to our valued customers. This ONE (1) day highly interactive learning workshop will provide you with the tips on how to cultivate the best practices to foster a workplace atmosphere, which will bring out the ‘WOW’ in your customers.

  • Demonstrate the intention to foster a fun environment at their workplace,
  • Demonstrate the passion to serve the customers and make their day,
  • Demonstrate the ‘be there for the customers’ professionalism effectively and efficiently,
  • Demonstrate the right attitude to sustain great experiences in customers.

Target Audience

Employees of all level


  • Experiential activities
  • Role play
  • Interactive group reflection, discussion and facilitation
  • Action plan for post training assessment purpose

Course Modules

  • Module 1: Creating a fun working environment
  • Module 2: Being a STAR to your internal/ external customers and make their day
  • Module 3: Doing with the Courtesy Be’s to HELP your customers

Get To Know The Trainer

Trainer Roy


Roy holds a Master’s in Business Administration and a Bachelor’s in Computer Science. He started off as a Software Engineer and slowly ventured into the Oil & Gas Sector as a Transport Manager under a SHELL haulage contractor; to finally find himself as a Sales Manager in an IT solutions firm. Due to his keen drive to network and build business relationships, he started his own systems integrator business in 2007. During his entrepreneurship, he became involved with Business Network International (BNI), an international business networking body and served as its previous chapter vice-president and president. He is still an advocate and currently serves as a Director Consultant.

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