Leadership Transformation Program

Course Objectives

The only thing which is constant today is  CHANGE – so that a leader can no longer ignore any challenges that lie ahead. This means a demand for a high level of leadership skills which are reflected in such areas as motivation, vision and team building. In this program, the participants will learn to develop their leadership skills which are central to the requirements of today’s environment for the success of the organization. This will in turn help to convert a company’s vision into reality.

Participants will learn how to:

  • Go the extra mile – make a new goal for every goal accomplished because growth-minded people know how to constantly create new goals to keep themselves stimulated, passionate and had a greater sense of purpose.

  • Emphasis growth over speed – learning fast isn’t the same as learning well, and learning well sometimes requires allowing time for mistakes.

  • Take ownership over your attitude – begin to forge in yourself the kinds of characteristics that tend to seek solutions as well as embody a trustworthy and positive mental attitude.

Target Audience

This program is prepared for middle and senior managers and anyone who has subordinates or needs to work with other team members.


This Live Online / Virtual Training session will be conducted via a Live Streaming Platform in which the trainer will use interactive lecture and slide presentation to cover the modules stated below.

Course Modules

  • Module 1: Leadership & Challenging: raising the bar
    – Organization Case: two companies from the same industry, success or failure?
    – Consequences of less challenging spirit
    – How do you challenge yourself?
    – Parkinson Principle
    – Relationship of Parkinson and Goal Setting
    – Standardization & Benchmarking: great “twins”
    – Meanings and implementation of these
    – Continuous challenging and improvement
    – Understanding PESTEL and organization longevity
    – Workshop: practice moving from fixed to growth mindset
    – How to Build passion and commitment toward a common goal
    – Mission and Behavior: cleft lips and hot dogs – case discussions
    – Summary: from less challenging growth spirit

  • Module 2: Learning, Growth, Culture for mistakes
    – growth versus speed
    – Famous corporate cases: successes and flops
    – Comment on these cases
    – Implications for your company?
    – Case study 1: from mistakes to multimillion business and enhancing consumer values
    – Case study 2: how a world famous organization suffer humiliation and financial losses
    – Comment & Recap
    – Workshop: similarity to your organization and what to avoid
    – Leadership application: your decision making styles and approaches
    – Case exercises
    – Guideline and application
    – Workshop practice: cite your own cases related to decision styles and approaches
    – Introducing the Skills Matrix
    – Is this good for your organization: long implementation time
    – Summary: culture of learning well – tortoise versus hare?

  • Module 3: Attitudinal landscape: it is your garden
    – you own it
    – Directional approach: behavior influencing attitude and value, or the other way?
    – Landscape of behaviors and motivation
    – Why can’t everyone have Open, good, positive mental attitude?
    – Behavior/attitude is a choice: the consequential explanation
    – Tuning your attitudinal choices
    – Improving yourself EVEN IF you are in a negative environment
    – Change Management & Three techniques: areas of stability, benefit-focused, and comfort-learning-fear zones
    – Emotional trap: the highway case
    – How should you handle yourself?
    – Managing your emotional 4 dimensions towards achieving positivity
    – How to use this to support values and principles

  • Module 4: Summary: open mind culture, success
    – Recap
    – How to develop a long-range course of action or set of goals to align with the organization’s aim
    – From Fixed Mindset to Growth Mindset
    – Post Workshop assignments/projects: to prepare for follow up session

Get To Know The Trainer

Trainer Darren


Darren is a Senior Training Consultant focusing on Team Effectiveness and Team Discovery programmes conducted via adult learning and experiential methods. He holds a degree in Business Management from Nilai College and a Diploma in Business Management from Tafe College. His other professional certifications include Train The Trainer by PSMB and Western Kentucky, USA.

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