Leading with Emotional Intelligence (Online Training)

Course Objectives

Modern leadership is characterized by inspiring teams and guiding individuals and groups. Emotional intelligence, also called EQ, is the ability to be aware of and to manage emotions and relationships. It’s a pivotal factor in personal and professional success. IQ will get you in the door, but it is your EQ, your ability to connect with others and manage the emotions of yourself and others, that will determine how successful you are in life. In this course, you will explore the EQ model and identify the principles and skills necessary for personal insights and understanding in the work place. You will understand what is EQ, why is it beneficial, and how you can enhance your current EQ knowledge and skills at the workplace office to ensure career success and better working relationships.

Participants will learn how to:

  • Understand EQ and its components
  • Master the 5 pillars of Emotional Intelligence as advocated by Dr Daniel Goldman
  • Discover why you do what you do by understanding your emotions better
  • Develop self-awareness with emotional intelligence
  • Foster emotional intelligence in teams to enhance performance and satisfaction
  • Build healthier relationships in the workplace
  • Understanding each other & perceptions (exercising Empathy)
  • Creation of more inspiring leaders with greater personal impact and influence

Target Audience

This Program is designed to meet the expectations of employers from ANY industry and designed for all levels.


This Live Online / Virtual Training session will be conducted via a Live Streaming Platform in which the trainer will use interactive lecture and slide presentation to cover the modules stated below.

Course Modules

  • Module 1: Introductions to Emotional Intelligence
    – The Genos Model
    – What is Emotional Intelligence
    – Components of Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

  • Module 2: Why does Emotional Intelligence Matter?
    – Benefits of Emotional Intelligence & Value of EQ in Organisations

  • Module 3: Basic Principles: Understanding Emotions (Self Awareness)
    – Knowing your own emotions and the affect they have on performance
    – Understanding other people’s emotions – cultivating awareness of others’ feelings, emotions, concerns and needs

  • Module 4: Personal Mastery – Know Thyself (Self Motivation)
    – Self-Knowledge & Self-Management
    – Insight Applied

  • Module 5: One-to-One: EQ at the Individual Level (Empathy)
    – Making connections – Listening vs Hearing
    – Using your interpersonal skills to draw out the best in others
    – Demonstrating empathy in managing others

  • Module 6: Emotional Intelligence for Social Awareness & Relationship Management
    – Encouraging and accepting new ideas, new approaches and new information – managing and profiting from variety and diversity
    – Listening and responding with conviction and openness
    – Turning negativity into positive power – profiting from optimism
    – Controlling anger and disruptive emotions and impulses
    – Embracing change positively – having a flexible and adaptive approach to change

Get To Know The Trainer

Trainer Mathy


Mathy holds a Masters in Human Resource Development (majoring in Training & Development) from University Putra Malaysia. She brings with her more than 18 years of working experience in training and consultancy. Mathy is an experienced facilitator with over 18 years in-house corporate experience around Asia. She is passionate about learning and development and has been working in this space for ten years focusing on Change, Culture and People.

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