Customer Focused Professional Selling and Communications (Online Training)

Course Objectives

The world in which sales professionals have to operate in has changed dramatically. Today, competition in almost every field is much more aggressive and intense than ever before. Customers are better informed, more discerning and more demanding.

Whether in selling a product or service, the rapidly changing landscape confronting sales professionals requires a drastic change in mindset towards selling. Sales professionals need to approach the task professionally rather than simply rely on acumen, better products, and other street-wise selling techniques.

This course will provide customer service and sales professionals with the key essentials to sell professionally in a competitive environment.

.Participants will learn to:

  • equip sales professionals with skills and techniques to uncover customer needs and meeting these needs more effectively
  • help sales executives to improve their interpersonal skills in aligning the needs of the customer with those of the company
  • Building rapport and develop relationship building skills
  • Develop a professional sales approach.
  • Improve planning, and confidence
  • provide participants with the opportunity to apply these skills in the practical ‘role-play’ session

Target Audience

Those who are new to selling or relatively inexperienced, all Executives involved in Sales and Marketing. Any individual who wishes to improve sales performance, increase his company’s customer base and retain existing customers can benefit from this workshop.


This Live Online / Virtual Training session will be conducted via a Live Streaming Platform in which the trainer will use interactive lecture and slide presentation to cover the modules stated below.

Course Modules

  • Module 1: Understanding And Managing Yourself
    – How personality style impacts outcomes
    – The four traits for sales effectiveness
    – How to recog4nize and shape your personality styling
    – Why are you doing this job?
    – What motivates you?
    – Stereotypes of the Salesperson
    – The Good, Bad & Ugly
    – Group Exercise

  • Module 2: Attitude Maintenance — I Can Close This Sale!
    – The Challenge: Balancing the highs of sales success against the lows of sales disappointment
    – Coping with negativity as the key to high performance selling
    – Specific tools to manage your attitude

  • Module 3: Personal Goal Setting
    – Developing a superior goal-orientation attitude
    – The S.M.A.R.T. model for developing goals
    – Writing your detailed personal goal plan

  • Module 4: Time Management
    – Understanding and calculating the Value of Time
    – Good and poor time management principles
    – Identifying your time management weaknesses
    – Prioritization strategies that work
    – Overcoming your time-management obstacles

  • Module 5: Factors Influencing Your Results
    – Productive Selling Activities
    – The Dimensions of the Sales Platform (3 plots of Land)
    – The Sales Platform Concept
    – Basis of the Sales Platform

  • Module 6: Pre Sales Preparation
    – Know your Industry
    – Know your Company
    – Know your Products
    – Know your Competition
    – Target Market Analysis (RP)

  • Module 7: Prospecting
    – Why I must prospect and continue to do so continuously?
    – Prospecting Methods
    – Grading of Prospects
    – Prospecting Techniques & Their Importance
    – 10 Steps for Referral Prospecting

  • Module 8: Communication Process In Sales
    – Engaging the customers with 2 Way Communication
    – The Importance of Active Listening
    – Non Verbal Communications
      Facial Expressions
      Voice Intonation
      Body Language
    – Role Plays

  • Module 9: Stress Management
    – Negative Stress: The silent productivity killer
    – Evaluating the amount of work-related and personal stress in your life
    – How to control positive and negative stressors
    – Developing stress-relief strategies

Get To Know The Trainer

Trainer Anita


Anita has intense dedication towards improving personal and organizational performances. With a track record of 9 years in the corporate sector, Anita brings extensive experience from the corporate world and is now considered amongst the new breed of dynamic “Human Relations Trainers” blending practical concerns. She is a certified NLP Practitioner who believes one needs to be able to communicate with and influence oneself, family, friends, colleagues or clients. She believes that professionally, everyone needs to understand how important it is to be able to make oneself understood and to influence effectively. It takes a real skill to understand and grasp new concepts quickly from others and to be able to communicate at all levels.

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