The Practice of Good Housekeeping Through 5S (Online Training)

Course Objectives

Upon completion of this training, the participants will be able to:
– Understand the Practicality of the 5S Principles, Concepts and its Derivation.
– Appreciate the Benefits & Contributions of 5S practices that would bring Productivity, Quality, Safety, Cost effectiveness to the Environment.
– Know how to keep the workplace neat, clean and well organized.
– Know how to set up a Professional 5S Facilitator and Steering Committee.
– Design and Develop 5S Housekeeping Plan for implementation.
– Apply Methods to continually improve the 5S Good Practice of Housekeeping.

Target Audience

All Manufacturing & Administrative Personnel – Managers, Executives, Supervisors, Foreman, Store & Warehouse Personnel and people who wants to develop Practical Housekeeping skills, knowledge and implement at their workplace 


This Live Online / Virtual Training session will be conducted via a Live Streaming Platform in which the trainer will use interactive lecture and slide presentation to cover the modules stated below.

Course Modules

  • Module 1: Introducing The 5’s Housekeeping Concept
    – What Is 5S Good Housekeeping All About?
    – The Problems Of Poor Housekeeping And How It Affects Your Environment, Your Productivity, Safety At The Work Place And Working Morale Of The Employees
    – Benefits Of 5S Housekeeping To Employee, Machines & Tools, Materials, Work In Progress, Products, Suppliers And Ultimately The Customers
  • Module 2: Implementing The 5s Methods
    – What Are The 5S And Why Do We Need Them?
    – Implement SEIRI – Sorting
    – Schedule Seiri Action Plan
    – Separating The Necessary From The Unnecessary Items
    – How To Take Action On Those Unnecessary Items
    – Workshop Activity : Red Tagging Unwanted Items
  • Module 3: Implement Seiton : Arranging
    – Identifying Workplace Organization With Seiton Strategy
    – Storage Organization At The Workplace
    – Problems Avoided By Implementing Orderliness
  • Module 4: Implement Seiso – Cleaning
    – Planning & Consolidating A Daily Cleaning Schedule & Procedures
    – Making Cleaning And Checking Habitual
    – Cleanliness Means Inspection
    – Workshop Activity : Prepare Cleaning Schedule
  • Module 5: Implement Seiketsu : Standardizing
    – What Are The Tools For Seiketsu
    – How To Design And Develop A 5S Housekeeping Checklist
    – Make Sorting, Arranging And Cleanliness A Habit
    – Workshop Activity : Establishing Checklist & Responsibilities
  • Module 6: Implement Shitsuke : Training & Discipline
    – Implement Shitsuke Activities – Photo Display, 5S Corners, 5S Contest, 5S Competition And Etc.
    – The Generation Of Awareness And Excitement To Support 5S Implementation And Maintenance
    – Know How To Create Conditions For The Implementation Of Discipline

Get To Know The Trainer

Trainer Raymond


Raymond has extensive corporate and academic experience in bringing people together for better performance. His people-centered principles has brought practical  results with suppliers and  helps to  fosters cooperation to get difficult supplies with the right price, right delivery and right service required by the organization.

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