Effective Interview Skills


Course Objectives

  • Be able to appreciate the importance of effective interviewing in relation to selecting the right candidate that fits specification.
  • Be able to plan an effective interviewing session.
  • Familiarization of various questioning techniques, when and how to used them
  • Knowing the type of job for which the interview is to be conducted by using Job Description and Job Specification.
  • Knowing how to structure questions to be asked during interview.
  • Able to identify the dos and the don’ts during an interviewing session.
  • Making decisions from the information gathered during the interview.


This is a highly interactive type of training which is based on the principles of adult learning. Adults progress best when they are actively involved in their own learning so participants won’t be subjected to a boring, day-long lecture. Instead, they will be challenged, provoked and entertained by exercises, case studies and small-group discussions that “teach” participants by leading them to logical conclusions.

At your request, we can provide pre and post evaluations with our training module, demonstrating what learning has truly occurred. We believe as trainers, we have a responsibility to produce objective results – and we do

Course Modules

Module 1 Measuring Interview Effectiveness
Module 2 Importance of Effective Interviewing
Module 3 Interview Strategy
Module 4 Selection Method
Module 5 Types of Interviews
Module 6 Establishing Interviews Objectives
Module 7 Using Job Description and Job Specification
Module 8 What the Job Needs vs. What the Person Has
Module 9 Structured Interview vs. Behavioral Interview
Module 10 How to Interview Successfully
Module 11 Interviewing Process
Module 12 Creating the Climate
Module 13 Breaking the Ice
Module 14 Questioning Techniques and Skills
Module 15 Questions to Avoid
Module 16 Biases and Prejudices
Module 17 Listening Skills and Active Listening
Module 18 Knowing the Candidate
Module 19 Types of Questions
Module 20 Interview Checklist
Module 21 The Do’s and Don’ts during interview
Module 22 Documenting Information during Interview
Module 23 Making Recommendations
Module 24 Mock Interviewing Sessions

Get To Know The Trainer

Trainer Halim


Halim holds a Master of Science in Human Resource Management from Trinity University, United States Of America. He is also a Certified Trainer with the American Certified Training Board as well as the Human Resource Development Fund.

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  • 2 Days of training
  • E-Certificate of Completion
  • E-Training manual
  • Trainer logistic to client`s place


  • 1 or 20 pax, same price
  • Confirmed-to-run even for 1 pax
  • Cheapest available (*we will price match!)
  • Money-Back-Guaranteed Quality
  • HRDF Certified & Claimable



RRP RM2,480/DAY   SAVE RM745

*T&C Applies


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