Angular 8 (Online Training)


Course Objectives

  • Utilize the Angular core constructs to build Single Page Applications.
  • Install necessary modules correctly using NPM.
  • Write applications in TypeScript to be transferred to browser-supported JavaScript.
  • Build Template and Module-driven forms.
  • Utilize Pipes and built-in data formatting tools.
  • Setup routing and URLs.
  • Execute CRUD commands on REST APIs over Http.


Before attending this course, students should have general programming experience and knowledge of HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

Target Audience

The course is appropriate for students with general programming experience and knowledge of HTML, CSS and JavaScript.


This program will be conducted with interactive lectures, PowerPoint presentation, discussion and practical exercise.

Course Modules

  • Module 1: Introduction
    – Overview of ES5
    – Installing Node and NPM
    – JavaScript Basic Syntax
    – Detailing on ES5 problems
    – JavaScript project creation using NPM
    – Introduction to TypeScript
    – TypeScript Environment Setup
    – Basic Syntax
    – Types, Variables and Operators
    – Decision Making and Loops
    – Functions and Lambda Expressions
  • Module 2: Introduction to TypeScript
    – Classes and Objects
    – Inheritance and Interface
    – Generics
    – Enums
    – Number and Strings
    – Arrays
    – Tuples and Union
    – Namespaces and Modules
    – Decorators
    – Ambients
    – Mixins
  • Module 3: Introduction to Angular
    – Angular CLI
    – Why Angular 8
    – Angular 8 Features
    – Installing and Using Angular 8
    – Creating the first Angular Project
    – Architecture Overview
    – What is new in Angular 8
    – Summary
  • Module 4: Building with Components
    – Introducing the components
    – Component Decorator Properties
    – Template
    – Inline Template
    – Interpolation – Plain text, Object and Array
    – Adding CSS
    – Component Starter
    – Integrating Bootstrap
    – Summary
  • Module 5: Data and Event Binding
    – Binding Syntax
    – One-Way Binding
    – Property binding
    – Attribute binding
    – Setting Element Properties
    – Binding Events
    – Template Reference Variables
    – Two-Way Binding of Input Fields
    – Summary
  • Module 6: Attribute Directive
    – What are Directives
    – Directive Types
    – Apply Styles using NgClass and NgStyle
    – Applying Styles Directly
    – Obsolete Directives and Property Binding
    – Controlling Element Visibility
    – Setting Image Source Dynamically
    – Setting Hyperlink Source Dynamically
    – Summary
  • Module 7: Structural Directives
    – Adding and Removing Elements Dynamically
    – Looping Using ngFor
    – ngFor – Basic Syntax
    – Creating Tables with ngFor
    – ngFor Local Variables
    – Swapping Elements with ngSwitch
    – ngSwitch – Basic Syntax
    – ngSwitch – Full Template Syntax
    – Summary
  • Module 8: Template Driven Forms
    – A Basic Angular Form
    – Binding Input Fields
    – Accessing the Form Object
    – Binding the Form Submit Event
    – The Submit Function
    – Basic HTML5 Validation – “required” Attribute
    – Angular Validators
    – Angular Validation State
    – Displaying Form Validation State
    – Displaying Field Validation State
    – Disabling Submit when Form is Invalid
    – Submitting the Form
    – Binding to Object Variables
    – Additional Input Types
    – Checkboxes
    – Select (drop down) Fields
    – Rendering Options for Select (drop down)
    – Date fields
    – Radio Buttons
    – Summary
  • Module 9: Pipes and Data Formatting
    – What are Pipes?
    – Using a Built-in Pipe
    – Chaining Pipes
    – Some Pipe Examples
    – Decimal Pipe, Currency Pipe
    – Custom Pipes
    – Using Custom Pipes
    – A Filter Pipe
    – A Sort Pipe
    – Pipe Category: Pure and Impure
    – Pure Pipe Example
    – Impure Pipe Example
    – Summary
  • Module 10: The Angular Component Router


Get To Know The Trainer

Trainer Thaya


Has a strong career, spanning over 19 years of Technical & Management experience. Technically sophisticated professional with a pioneering career reflecting strong leadership qualifications coupled with analysing user requirements, conceptualizing capabilities, software development and successful implementation of developed solutions. Clear communication and intuitive thinking have equipped me with skills required to achieve best results

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