Effective Communication with EQ (Online Training)


Course Objectives

Professionals in any organization must communicate well, internally and externally, to people at many levels and from a variety of backgrounds. This can include passing on and receiving information, motivating, persuading and influencing, and handling interpersonal relationships. This program will introduce you to some of those effective techniques in a practical and fun approach. This workshop also provides delegates with communication tools and techniques to substantially enhance their performance and results. At the end of the event, delegates will be able to generate ideas and solutions to barriers in communication It uses individual exercises, games, video presentation and group discussions to emphasize the various topics of learning.

.Participants will learn to:

  • Assess Your Own EQ Levels
  • How to communicate calmly and professionally under pressure
  • How to listen effectively so you understand what you need to do
  • How to choose the best response
  • How to structure your responses effectively

Target Audience

Executives who must understand how the relate the others the way they communicate affects others and may need to modify their communication to be more effective in their interactions with colleagues, superiors, staff, and clients or customers.


This Live Online / Virtual Training session will be conducted via a Live Streaming Platform in which the trainer will use interactive lecture and slide presentation to cover the modules stated below.

Course Modules

  • Module 1: Increase Emotional Intelligence
    – Define Competencies of Emotional Intelligence
    – Assess Your Own Self-Awareness and Interpersonal Awareness Levels
    – Explain How the Lack of Emotional Intelligence Damages Your Career
    – Describe Techniques to Achieve Greater Self-Awareness, Self-Control, and Self-Motivation
    – Demonstrate Greater Self-Awareness
    – Practice Greater Self-Regulation

  • Module 2: Create A Path Toward Synchronized Communication
    – Understand the Communication Process
    – Identify Communication Breakdowns That Occur between You and Others
    – Recognize Communication Goals You Need for Success in Your Job
    – Improving your facility to send and to interpret crucial communication signals
    – Understanding Personality
    – How personality if formed
    – Profiling yourself
    – Understanding others through personality profiling
    – Communicating with the different personality types Communication styles: your own and others managing differences – Using MBTI Profiling

  • Module 3: Excellence in Communication
    – The Importance of Positive Communication
    – The Difference between positive & Negative language
    – Practicing positive language
    – Practice What words to use to encourage better communication – positive language

  • Module 4: Excellence in Communication Active Listening
    – Listening more carefully and responsively
    – Emphatic listening and deep level communication

  • Module 5: Effective Communication
    – Questioning Skills
    – Different Types of Questions
    – Clarifying uncertainties and misunderstandings
    – How to promote “open communication” and sharing of information and resources

  • Module 6: Presenting Your Ideas Effectively
    – The power of 3
    – The Idea Tree Tool to structure your thought with clarity before presenting
    – Convey messages in a clear and concise manner
    – Presenting ourselves, our ideas and facts with clarity
    – Making the message clear with the right impact
    – Developing credibility – what it takes
    – Exercise Effective presentation using idea tree

Get To Know The Trainer

Trainer Anita


Anita has intense dedication towards improving personal and organizational performances. With a track record of 9 years in the corporate sector, Anita brings extensive experience from the corporate world and is now considered amongst the new breed of dynamic “Human Relations Trainers” blending practical concerns. She is a certified NLP Practitioner who believes one needs to be able to communicate with and influence oneself, family, friends, colleagues or clients. She believes that professionally, everyone needs to understand how important it is to be able to make oneself understood and to influence effectively. It takes a real skill to understand and grasp new concepts quickly from others and to be able to communicate at all levels.

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