Effective Root Cause Analysis (Online Training)


Course Objectives

  • Learn how to establish a effective team environment for root cause analysis.
  • Clarify what is the problem is and is not.
  • Begin with the symptom of the problem, map the trail to the root cause.
  • Using data & investigating tool, to identify root cause.
  • Recognize common barrier to root cause analysis and apply technique to overcome those barriers.

Target Audience

Executive, Engineer, QCC & Supervisor / Line Leader


This Live Online / Virtual Training session will be conducted via a Live Streaming Platform in which the trainer will use interactive lecture and slide presentation to cover the modules stated below.

Course Modules

  • Module 1: Basic Statistic
    – Important using data / fact to solve problem
    – Quality Data
    – Descriptive Statistic
  • Module 2: Check Sheet for data collection
    – Type of check sheet
    – Choosing the suitable type of check sheet
  • Module 3: Pareto Diagram to prioritize which problem to tackle first
    – Use 80/20 rules to prioritize problem solving
    – Vital few and trivial many
    – Construct Pareto Chart
  • Module 4: Histogram to analyze distribution
    – Characteristic of histogram
    – Construct Histogram
    – Interpreting data from histogram
  • Module 5: Graph for presentation and monitoring progress
    – Type of graph
    – Why use different graph
    – Flowchart and its purpose
  • Module 6: Cause & Effect Diagram to identify possible cause
    – Characteristic and application of C&E diagram
    – Construct C&E diagram.
    – Do & Don`t on C&E diagram
  • Module 7: Scatter Diagram to study relationship between two parameters
    – Characteristic and application of scatter diagram
    – Constructing scatter diagram
    – Interpreting scatter diagram
  • Module 8: Control Chart for process monitoring
    – Different type of control chart
    – Special & common cause
    – Constructing control chart

Get To Know The Trainer

Trainer  Arshad

Trainer Arshad


Arshad, LSS Black Belt Certified Trainer, Certified Quality Engineer. An accomplished Lean Six Sigma professional. Had successfully led and accomplished Organization Transformation program to change the Organization Behaviour. The program include alignment between corporate and business, leadership and staff as well as between business-to-business. Organization has changed towards Multi-National Organization by proactively manage by risk-assessment as well as root-cause base operations. Implemented work-structuring to create flexible organization to support multi-skill workforce.

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  • 4 hours of Live Online / Virtual Training
  • Pre & Post Assesment


  • 30 Days of Email / WhatsApp Support
  • 1 or 10 pax, same price
  • Confirmed-to-run even for 1 pax



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