Red Hat Enterprise Linux System Administration II (Online Training)


Course Objectives

  • Administer and troubleshoot file system and partitioning, logical volume management, access control, package management


Red Hat System Administration I


Target Audience

  • IT Professionals who have attended Red Hat System Administration I and want the skills to be full-time enterprise Linux administrators and / or earn RHCSA certifications


This program will be conducted with interactive lectures, PowerPoint presentation, discussion and practical exercise

Course Modules

  • Module 1: Automated Installations Of Red Hat Enterprise Linux
    – Create and manage kickstart configuration files; perform installations using kickstart
  • Module 2: Accessing the Command Line
    – Access the command line locally and remotely; gain administrative privileges from the command line
  • Module 3: Intermediate Command Line Tools
    – Use hard links, archives and compression, and vim
  • Module 4: Regular Expressions, Pipelines, And I/O Redirection
    – Use regular expressions to search patterns in files and output; redirect and pipe output
  • Module 5: Network Configuration And Troubleshooting
    – Configure network settings; troubleshoot network issues
  • Module 6: Managing Simple Partitions And Filesystems
    – Create and format simple partitions, swap partitions, and encrypted partitions
  • Module 7: Managing Flexible Storage With The Logical Volume Manager (LVM)
    – Implement LVM and LVM snapshots
  • Module 8: Access Network File Sharing Services; NFS And CIFS
    – Implement NFS, CIFS and autofs
  • Module 9: Managing User Accounts
    – Manage user accounts including password aging
  • Module 10:Network User Accounts With LDAP
    – Connect to a central LDAP directory service
  • Module 11: Controlling Access To Files
    – Manage group memberships, file permissions and access control lists (ACL)
  • Module 12: Managing SELinux
    – Activate and deactivate SELinux; set file contexts; manage SELinux booleans; analyze SELinux logs
  • Module 13: Installing And Managing Software
    – Manage software and query information with yum; configure client-side yum repository files
  • Module 14: Managing Installed Services
    – Managing services; verify connectivity to a service
  • Module 15: Analyzing And Storing Logs
    – Managing logs with rsyslog and logrotate
  • Module 16: Managing Processes
    – Identify and terminate processes, change the priority of a process, and use cron and at to schedule processes
  • Module 17: Tuning And Maintaining The Kernel
    – List, load, and remove modules; use kernel arguments
  • Module 18: System Recovery Techniques
    – Understand the boot process and resolve boot problems

Get To Know The Trainer

Trainer Boniface

Trainer Boniface


With an IT career spanning more than 15 years, Boniface , a director of BL Digital, has vast experience and knowledge and had served as a Consultant and Specialist across many IT disciplines. From system, database, applications, networking, virtualization and cloud computing, while serving as a contract Trainer and Consultant for various principles such as Microsoft, Red Hat, VMware, Novell, HP and Cirtix, together with training providers such as Iverson Associates, Training-Choice, Notaasia, Guidance-View and Info-Trek in Malaysia.

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  • 8 hours of Live Online / Virtual Training
  • E-WorkBook
  • E-Cert


  • TBC
  • 9am - 5pm (incl.1 hour lunch break)
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    *T&C applies



*T&C Applies

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