Signature Training Program Leadership & Influence using MBTI (Online Training)


Course Objectives

  • In order to be effective leaders, it is important that the participants understand the different personality preferences of their team members. Successful leadership stems from understanding human relationships and human behavior.
  • This module provides quantitative analysis of a leader’s style and attitudes and practical advice on how to relate to the different personalities that must be supervised on a day-to-day basis.
  • Helps participants to understand each other’s personality preferences, thereby improving communication channels and resolution of conflicts. This module will also create awareness that differences between colleagues may be advantage rather than causing friction in relationships.
  • This enables participants to accommodate the needs and personalities of colleagues and subordinates without getting a complete personality makeover, learn techniques to break cycles of self-defeating behavior and allow constructive response to conflict.

Target Audience

Anyone can participate.


This Live Online / Virtual Training session will be conducted via a Live Streaming Platform in which the trainer will use interactive lecture and slide presentation to cover the modules stated below.

Course Modules

  • Module 1: Dynamic Introduction & Perspective Shifting
    – The participants will also be introduced to interesting online ice-breaking activities to ease them into the program proper and help them understand the purpose of the workshop.
    – The online module will begin training with the discussion of attainable objectives to be achieved through the virtual program. This first module brings participants through a fun and exploratory journey of self discovery on looking at personality types with a new perspective.
  • Module 2. Module 2: Building Interpersonal and Leadership Skills through Understanding Psychological Preferences Using the Myers Briggs Type Indicator™
    – In order to be effective leaders and team players, it is important that the participants understand the different personality preferences of their team members. Successful work relationship stems from understanding human relationships and human behaviour.
  • Module 3: Essential Human Relation Skills
    – This module touches on the interpersonal skills required to handle bosses, peers and subordinates on how participants can better communicate and build on the working relationship with their subordinates through understanding individual’s personality type.
  • Module 4: Personal Action Strategies 360
    – Each program / course will end with a session of Personal Action Strategies.
    – Participants will be asked to form a personal action strategy incorporating areas from the program that they would like to use in their daily life.
    – This will also be used to create commitment from the participants to their own development. The precept of “what gets-written, get done” is used here

Get To Know The Trainer

Trainer Daniel

Trainer Daniel


With a background in Organizational Psychology and Human Resource Development, Daniel began his consulting and training career twenty-four years ago. Since then he has trained and spoken in Vietnam, Oman, Brunei, Cambodia, United States, Japan, Australia, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, India, Philippines, Hong Kong, Xiamen, Beijing and Malaysia.

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  • 6 hours of Live Online / Virtual Training
  • E-Workbook
  • Pre & Post Assessment
  • E-Cert


  • 30 Days of Email / WhatsApp Support​
  • 1 or 30 pax, same price
  • Confirmed-to-run even for 1 pax



RRP RM3,000/DAY   SAVE RM500

*T&C Applies

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