Successful Fleet and Transport Management


Course Objectives

  • complete knowledge and understanding of fleet and transport management
  • the required skill, confidence and experience to work with various software applications to increase process efficiency and accuracy, contributing to higher roles for career growth
  • the knowledge and exposure to audit existing processes of the organization and make enhancements for overall efficiency and productivity
  • the confidence, experience and knowledge to train other professionals on effective fleet and transport management
  • the required experience and skill to contribute to on-time delivery of raw materials and/or finished products, thus contributing to organizational growth and client satisfaction
  • the understanding, exposure and perspective for effective driver and supplier evaluation and selection, thereby ensuring sustainability and consistency in good performance
  • the ability to manage risks and address challenges to help seamless transport and movement of material from one stage to another
  • the necessary knowledge and understanding to track and improve workshop productivity
  • the skill and knowledge to ensure employees safety for fleet and transport management

Target Audience

  • Top management of an organization responsible for making critical decisions related to fleet and transport management
  • Supplier and other external stakeholders involved in fleet and transport management
  • Fleet and transport managers and supervisors responsible for overseeing overall operations
  • Maintenance managers responsible for vehicle maintenance for effective transportation
  • Safety managers and quality inspectors responsible for ensuring safety and adherence to standards
  • Staff performing operations in fleet and transport management
  • Any other professional who would like to know more about fleet and transport management


Mini-lectures, discussion, exercises and case studies.

Course Modules

  • Module 1 – Objectives of Fleet Maintenance Management
  • Module 2 – Benefits Of Fleet Management Systems
  • Module 3 – Fleet Management Advantages
  • Module 4 – Benefits Of Transportation Management Systems
  • Module 5 – Transportation Management Licensing Options
  • Module 6 – Workshop Management
  • Module 7 – Elements of a Fleet Safety Program
  • Module 8 – Components of a Transportation and Distribution Plan
  • Module 9 – Fleet Skill Tests
  • Module 10 – Fleet Manager Responsibilities
  • Module 11 – Fleet Maintenance

Get To Know The Trainer

Trainer Kevin


Kevin  graduated with a Master Degree in Business Studies/Administration Management from Buxton University, United Kingdom in 2004 and obtained his Diploma from College of Professional Management, United Kingdom in 1989, majoring in Store Management & Stock Control. 

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