Trainer Amos


  • University Of Bradford 1st Class B. Eng (Hons) Industrial Engineering
  • Member of the Society of Manufacturing Engineer’s (SME)
  • Member of the Toastmaster’s International
  • Blue Card Holder of Basic MOST certified by Maynard
  • Lean Bronze Certified (LBC)
  • Train the Trainer Certified by PSMB



  • English
  • Bahasa Melayu


  • English
  • Bahasa Melayu


Trainer Amos holds a Bachelor of Engineering (Honors) degree in Industrial Engineering from the University of Bradford, United Kingdom. He is a registered member of the Society of Manufacturing Engineering (SME) and has served the Multinational Companies in the capacity of Senior Industrial/Lean Engineer. Thereafter he went into coaching & trainings related to continuous improvements, leadership and change management as a technical training manager in a multinational company based in Vienna, Austria. Being trained in Japan under Toyota and benchmarking various world class companies in Japan such as Mitsubishi Motors, Lexus, Toto, Denso and many more, Amos holds a high credibility in sharing his experience from the best manufacturing companies in the world.

He specializes in Lean Manufacturing, 6S Implementation, Problem Solving, Work Study / Time Study, Kaizen Implementation and Leadership Skills. With his 10 years of hands on knowledge and experience in various manufacturing industries, he has coached, trained and developed many participants to appreciate why these techniques are so important in helping companies to compete in the global economy. Amos has also been awarded the Lean Bronze Certification, USA and the Global Leadership Train the Trainer Program. Maynard has certified him as a Blue Card Holder of Basic MOST, which is a work method standardizing technique in industrial Engineering. In 2018, Amos went to Vienna & was trained under FCA with regards to World Class Manufacturing under the pillar of People Development.

Amos has also done various hands on continuous improvement projects and problem solving throughout his career. He has also conducted basic 5S trainings in Bangladesh as part of a company’s recruitment project. Therefore, the classes he conducts are full of real case samples and case studies that make the learning very practical, beneficial and lively with a lot of interactions. Participants really enjoy his training sessions where great scholarship, great leadership and great character are systematically demonstrated. His assets are sharing his industrial experiences & different cultures to make the training interesting and lively with a lot of take away for the participants. Participants will also get their mind stimulated in every segment and also start finding ways of practical implementation. He is also well versed in English and Bahasa Malaysia.



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