Trainer Darmain


  • Partner (Technology Law, Human Capital & Commercial Advisory), Segaran Law Chambers
  • Co-Founder, Data Ethics Society of Asia (DESA)
  • Adjunct Lecturer, Faculty of Technology & Business, University of Cyberjaya



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Darmain has over a decade of experience in some of most established firms in Malaysia and currently acts as the Managing Partner of Segaran Law Chambers leading the arm of Technology Law, Human Capital and Commercial Advisory. He is Certified as an Information Privacy Manager (CIPM) by the International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP).

Over the course of his career, Darmain has developed a focus in privacy, governance and data protection especially in the context of emerging technologies. In addition to advising on the legal aspects of policies and compliance, Darmain provides advisory services for developing and deploying privacy management programs within organisations. These programs, which adhere to the highest international standards, include mapping data flows, considering cross boarder data transfers, data access controls and data breach protocols.

In addition to his practice, Darmain is involved in multiple research projects on issues related to data protection and ethical concerns in artificial intelligence. These research projects include research related to national level policy development commissioned by the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) and contributions to the National AI Blueprint 2021.

Darmain is a sought-after speaker and trainer. He regularly appears as a speaker in technology related conferences where he drives discussions on ethical concerns surrounding data and privacy relating to new technology fields such as predictive artificial intelligence, facial recognition, smart city integration and child digital privacy. In addition to conducting trainings for local and multinational corporations he recently led the development and delivery of Malaysia’s first government-initiated Certificate in Data Privacy & Ethics pilot program in 2020. 

Darmain’s Clients include:- 

  • Securities Commission Malaysia
  • Unilever Malaysia Berhad
  • Fetch International (Group of Companies)
  • Accendo HR Technologies
  • Western Digital Malaysia



Here are some of his recent testimonials:

“I was recommended to Darmain professionally about 5 years ago. One thing you can be certain of is his dedication to delivery. Whether it is to develop a strategy, to advise or to train, he is able to see your big picture needs and gives you tangible solutions to use.” 

Gary Chua, CEO, Smart Financing  

“Western Digital engaged Darmain and his team for an urgent and important analysis project which it had never attempted before. Accommodating our tight timeline he produced a detailed report which was presented to the MD and other members. We were thoroughly impressed. There were answers to questions we didn’t even think to ask. His advice was pivotal in making our final decision” 

Sivashanker Tambiah, Regional Director, Western Digital      

“Knowing a topic and being able to transfer that knowledge are 2 very different things… Darmain has both in abundance. It’s absolutely critical for a business like mine to have a data privacy consultant that is forward thinking and pragmatic at the same time. He has been important for our growth.” 

Sharma Lachu, CEO, Accendo HR

“Darmain is my go to consultant for all things technology law related. He has a keen understanding of these emerging areas, particularly in data privacy law. I would highly recommend him as a consultant, speaker or trainer.” 


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