Trainer Dominic


  • Bar-at-law (Lincoln’s Inn), United Kingdom.
  • Bachelor of Laws (University Of London), United Kingdom.
  • Certified Professional Trainer in Design & Facilitation of Experiential Learning, (IIPE,Canada).
  • HRDC Certified Trainer



  • English
  • Bahasa Melayu


  • English
  • Bahasa Melayu


Dominic Belavendram, LLB. (Hons.) London, was called to the Honorable Society of Lincoln’s Inn in 1992 as a Barrister-at-Law. As an independent advocate and solicitor he specializes in legal aspects of company, employer and employee relations upon his called to the Malaysian Bar in 1993. His legal knowledge contributes significantly to the formulation of a successful and constructive learning and development, inclusive of Research & Development programmes. Dominic has more than 21 years of working and consulting experiences in both service and manufacturing sectors in various industries, including SME’s and multinational companies in a variety of roles and tasks.

Dominic was the Promoter and Coordinator of an Information Communications Technology project under the Developer Application Grant Scheme (DAGS). The project is supported and funded by the Ministry of Science Technology and Innovation (MOSTI), Government of Malaysia. The project is titled “Information Communications Technology aided Manufacturing for AFTA and Economic Competitiveness” iCT-M ®. The project consists of the development of web-based software that is designed to help automobile (Proton) parts and component manufacturers in their process of developing their products from the conception stage to the production stage. This project is in collaboration with 5 SMART Partners, namely, Proton, Proton Vendors Association, Might Meteor Advanced Manufacturing, Netteligence and the National Productivity Corporation. This project is directly related to TS16949 and Advanced Product Quality Planning. (APQP). *Note TS16949 has undergone a number of changes since!

Dominic is now promoting Game Oriented Active Learning (GOAL) through “The 21st Century Pedagogy” in Teaching/Learning. This approach is well received and the delegates are providing very positive feedback in relation to the Fun Learning approach using game which engages active participation of the delegates unlike the traditional teaching/learning. The Fun Learning concept can be used for Learning Skills module like Think out of the Box, Leadership, Critical Thinking, Communication, Creativity, Collaboration, Personnel Development and Team Building etc. This can well lead to modules of Customer Service and Customer Complaints Management. He blends Project Based Learning with the Fun Learning for a higher level impact among students.

Dominic has progressed to introduce Whole Brain Teaching (WBT) to attract the attention of all students in a classroom teaching/learning environment. This is an advance and effective classroom management technique which activates all parts of the brain for maximum teaching/learning effect.

The WBT allows the facilitator to have a much better classroom management to facilitate not only the active participation but also understanding and application & transferring the knowledge to the work environment resulting in direct application of the of the lessons learned in the playshop.


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