Trainer Fintan



  • Diploma – Business – Stockholm’s Ledarinstitut
  •  Certificate in Marketing- Institut Optima



  • English
  • Bahasa Melayu


  • English
  • Bahasa Melayu


He has been in the automotive business and has been holding varies management positions, which are within the Asian Markets- Malaysia, Singapore, Myanmar and Philippines. He has a Diploma from Stockholm’s Ledarinstitut in Sweden. He has a total number of 31 years of experience specifically in the automotive industrial. In his line of work, Fintan had the opportunity to work with local multi-national companies. His main areas of work have been in warehousing, after sales and product development in the automotive industry. In his managerial position, he conducts training and coaching with customer and dealers in the markets that he has covered.

Fintan’s career stated in 1987, when he joined Tractors Malaysia in the parts organization which was subsequently taken over by Scania Malaysia.
Using his experience in human capital development and developing strategic plans for various market segments he is now an independent trainer specializing in customer’s profitability. His ability to conduct bilingual training (English and Bahasa Malaysia) has been his strong advantage. With his in-depth understanding of automotive technologies and its related market trends affecting its products and people. Fintan is able to develop strategic plans in your business and formulate key recommendations in areas of business opportunity, strategy, & operations to address the gaps inherent within the industry and is one of his strengths too.

Fintan, works by doing a rout cause on what the customers needs and preparing a training program which is very much hands on, identifying customers and staff concerns and how to change their mind set and to focus on their core business to achieve better profitability.
Fintan conducts his sessions by engaging his participants and though knowledge sharing. He has developed and conducted training in Inventory Management, Customer Service, Relations and Service Audits, Effective Presentation Skill and Business Etiquette.
His strength is his passion to share his knowledge and skills that he has acquired through his work experience through his training programmers. .


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  • Top excellent Services by Ministry of Defense in 1994,2001 and 2010





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