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Iwin Tan has been applying the “Success Principles” and the “Law of Attraction” since 2009, when he first came across the book titled: “How to Get from Where You Are to Where You Want to Be: The 25 Principles of Success” by Jack Canfield. Ever since applying these principles in his life; he has been in the best of health, kept his body in great shape, purchased one of his dream cars, two beautiful homes, and has travelled to countries that he could only dream about when he was younger.

He also landed a very distinguished job in the financial industry without having the education background for it and did well in the four years that he was there. He has also successfully found his soul mate and they are now married. He is now on his own, with a goal to bring these “Success Principles” to everyone he comes across and to those that he coaches and trains. The essence of his work is to facilitate self-growth by helping you to identify your core challenges and setbacks in life, so that you can overcome them with confidence. He specializes in removing limiting beliefs and realizing your full potential by providing simple tools you can use every day to achieve success and reach your ultimate goals in life.

He has successfully helped individuals adapt and do well in new environments, take on new and challenging roles, assisted them in solving everyday work, personal and even relationship issues. He has guided his clients to career promotions and provided advice to managers to further enhance their team’s capability and effectiveness. One of his main goals as a Certified Canfield Trainer is to guide and motivate the younger generation to lead a life that is purposeful and fulfilling.

Iwin graduated from Stamford College and Institute of Informatics with A-Levels in Science and an Advanced Diploma in Information Technology & Computer Science, respectively. He started his sales & marketing career when he joined Celebrity Fitness as a Membership Consultant in 2004. It was there that he acquired and developed his sales technique and skills.

He then moved on to the financial industry in 2009 when he joined ECM Libra as a Relationship Manager. It was during his employment with them, that he built his foundation in the financial industry by attaining the necessary licenses and certifications. He passed the Module 6 (Stock Market and Securities Law) and Module 7 (Financial Statement Analysis and Asset Valuation) Securities Commission licensing examinations with flying colors and attended many other workshops and trainings that enhanced his knowledge in the industry.

It was not until 2012 that he was exposed to the training world; when he joined an asset management company known as Hwang Investment Management Berhad back then. In the asset management company, now known as Affin Hwang Asset Management Berhad, he was in charge and held sole responsibility over all the company’s Institutional Unit Trust Advisors and Corporate Unit Trust Advisors business partners. Iwin graduated from the Canfield Training Academy in October 2016 and is a Certified Canfield Trainer that specializes in coaching and training with ‘Success Principles’. He has since been working on various projects and is looking to enhance people’s life through the ‘Success 101’, ‘Leadership Principles 101’ workshops and One-on-one coaching.

He is currently works with a few other companies that are aligned with his main purpose in life and he aims to change the world one future leader at a time. It is no easy feat, but he has taken up this challenge and will not stop till he has made a difference in his life and the life of his students. He has teamed up with companies such as Matrix Paradigm where he coaches and trains fresh graduates that are enrolled in their Sales MAESTROS program. He has also been working closely with the youth team in Leaderonomics to make a difference with the school children here in Malaysia. He has worked with CEOs, young entrepreneurs and managers to increase the efficiency and ability to perform at their peak levels and he has incredible talent in finding solutions and knowing how things work.


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