Trainer Jr. Victor


  • Certified Lean Master (USA)
  • Certified Innovation & Design Thinking Practitioner (USA)
  • Certified Toyota Production System Practitioner (Japan)
  • Theory of Constraints Practitioner



  • English
  • Bahasa Melayu


  • English
  • Bahasa Melayu


J. Ramesh Victor has 25 years of hands-on exposure in operational management and 16 years of experience in consulting & training. He holds an LLB and an Advanced Diploma in Operational Management. He is a:

·         Certified Lean Master (USA)

·         Certified Innovation & Design Thinking Practitioner (USA)

·         Certified Toyota Production System Practitioner (Japan)

·         Theory of Constraints Practitioner

He has been implementing Lean, Toyota Production System, and Theory of Constraints to Fortune 500 as well as small companies for the past 16 years. He is a renowned international consultant and speaker. He was aptly referred to as the “Constraint Buster” and “one of the only 7 out of 45,000 employees who have the skill-set to go into factories and turn it around within weeks”, by Seagate corporate executives while he was leading the Seagate Supplier Lean Initiative for Asia.

He left Seagate’s Corporate Lean Team in 2002 to go into private consulting practice and travels around the world in the journey of helping clients increase profitability through Innovation, Design Thinking & Operational Excellence. He was instrumental in creating one of the first Value Stream Maps in Asia to diagnose and turn around the entire supply chain of Seagate Technologies to achieve cycle time and cost benefits using Theory of Constraints, Lean & Six Sigma methodologies.

He has provided seminars, hands-on consulting and relevant training to clients in 10 countries in 2 continents His credentials include helping clients improve productivity up to 30% with no capital added, reducing manufacturing and administrative cycle time by 40% Reducing Inventories in production by 30%, supply chain optimization and much more. He has helped achieve extra revenue opportunity for large businesses by busting their constraints within 6-8 weeks and helping clients save millions of Dollars. He has also handled various types of industries such as electronics, automotive, metal, process industry, plastic, paint, quarry, machining, service and administrative, banks, hospitals, universities and much more.

He is senior member of the Society of Manufacturing Engineers, USA. He is also professional member of Malaysian Association of Professional Speakers (MAPS) which is the official Malaysian association of the Global Speakers Federation. He has won several public speaking contests at Toastmasters National level. His dynamic facilitation style, motivational speaking ability and hands-on approach to consulting is what is needed to get things done to affect any operation’s bottom line productivity and cost figures.


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