Trainer Khairol


  • MA (Counseling Psychology), Western Michigan University
  • Hsc (Psychology), International Islamic University, Malaysia
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Counseling Coordinator, Applied Psychology Centre, International Islamic University.
  • Executive Member, APC-IIUM



  • English
  • Bahasa Melayu


  • English
  • Bahasa Melayu


The Trainer’s main area of specialization is in psychology. As he holds Masters in Psychology, he is indeed very much well versed in his subject. His approach to training psychology is very interesting and enjoyable to his participants as he ensures that there is a lot of activity and action throughout his training sessions.


The trainer’s in depth knowledge and experience in psychology is also apparent as he is able to relate his own personal accounts and encounters related to it. This enables his participants to better understand the subject and also, they will be able to apply what has been taught to them in their own workplace later. His obvious love for psychology is shared with his participants and they are thus, more interested as well as intrigued to know more about it. This creates a very enjoyable and appealing training experience for his participants.


As a well-known figure among his peers, he has given numerous talks and seminars on psychology and has also appeared in many television programs and forums on the discussion of social related issues and its association to psychology. Apart from that, the trainer has done extensive research and also, presented many papers in relation to psychology and its corresponding subjects. The trainer has also had many of his comments and views published in local and international publications and newspapers and he is also a regular columnist for some of them.


Some of the organizations that have benefited from his sessions are International Islamic University, Jasa Ukur, Jabatan Tenaga Rakyat, Hospital Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, Universiti Putra Malaysia, Universiti Malaysia Sabah, Jabatan Agama Islam Selangor, Tentera Darat Diraja Malaysia, Port Dickson, Jabatan Penjara Kajang, Asia Foundation,Vietnam, Erfurt Thuringia University, Germany, La Trobe University,Australia and many others.


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  • Haque, A. and Masuan, K.A. (2002). Religious Psychology in Malaysia. The International Journal for the Psychology of Religion, 12(4), 277-289
  • Book Review. Masuan, K.A. (2000). Religion and the Clinical Practice of Psychology. Edited by Edward P. Shafranske. APA. Intellectual Discourse, 8 (2). Pp. 240-244.
  • Book Review. Masuan, K.A. (2001). Mental Health in Malaysia: Issues and Concerns. Edited by Amber Haque. K.L. University Malaya Press. Intellectual Discourse, 9 (1). Pp. 108-110.
  • Book Review. Masuan K.A. (2004). The Islamic World and the West: An Introduction to Political Cultures and Interactional Relation. Edited by Kai Hafez with forward by Muhammad Arkoun and Udo Steinbach. Translated from German by Mary Ann Kenny. Leiden. Brill. Intellectual Discourse, 12 (1). Pp. 94-98.
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  • Columnist at Utusan Malaysia. Usually the articles publish on Wednesday. (So far, altogether 70 articles published and counting).
  • Invited writer on the issue of psychology and contemporary concerns at Dewan Kosmik. The first articles will be published on April 2007.
  • Masuan K.A. (2000). Isteri Hamil Bapa yang Mengandung. Mama Moden.


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