Trainer Mohamed


• Masters in Business Administration
• NLP Practitioner


Knowledge and Skills have always been the passion of Mohamed Azar Mohamed Sharif in pursuing his career path. Graduated with an Environmental Science degree majoring in Behavioral Science, he pursued his Master degree in Business Administration, a totally different field which acquired different discipline. To him, there are no boundaries to knowledge.

His working experience include tutoring for Philosophy of Science subject in University of Malaya, Corporate Consultant for Education Technology Bureau, Ministry of Education for Computer In Education Program and Computer Aided Learning Lab (CALLAB) project, Client Side Technical Service Manager, Corporate Client Service for ASN, ASW, PDRM and Jabatan Imigresen Malaysia. He has also been appointed as regional sales manager for a U.K based company for Sales and Marketing of Telco Services, Bank Products, Consumer Products and fleet. He is also being engaged as a Business Consultant for an International Restaurant in Doha Qatar.

To date he has conducted many training in various fields of Management, Motivation, Teambuilding, Entrepreneurship, Sales Management, Marketing, Time Management, Creative Thinking, Effective Communication, Administrative and so on. Recently he has been incorporating NLP strategies in many of his trainings. He sees NLP opens up new experience and enhance training effectiveness.

Besides being a trainer, he is also doing training and coaching for Entrepreneurs. To date he has been involved in many training for former Ministry of Entrepreneur and Corporation Development, Institut Kemahiran Keusahawanan Negara (INSKEN), MARA, Dewan Perniagaan Melayu Malaysia Selangor and Johor. He has also done personal coaching for entrepreneurs where by many have been successful.

His training forte is Sales and Marketing and Personal Development. He has contributed marketing and promotion campaigns copywriting to many businesses. He has assisted many Entrepreneur Development Programs for entrepreneur organizations such as KIMAR, DPMMS and DPMMJ. He was also involved in PSMB Train and Place program training in the field of Sales and Marketing.

Besides currently being a full time lead trainer, he is also helping entrepreneurs for IT awareness and marketing potential utilizing internet platform. He has developed few websites that has been running for several years now for small and medium businesses to promote their products and services over the internet. His current personal project is called “Real Management – Real Life Experience Sharing Portal” is meant for people who are in the management level to share their opinion and views on scenario of Management, Issues and Experience in Malaysia. He feels that it is very important for Malaysia to have its own experience to model suitable training programs in the realm of local understanding of working culture, religion and life styles. Malaysia has been modeling management training from state like U.S. and Japan. The website, he hopes to house academic researches, findings, forum that will become a source of information in Malaysia.




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