Trainer Ridhwan


Bachelor of Economics, London School of Economics, United Kingdom


Bahasa Melayu


Ridhwan possesses a Bachelor of Science in Economics from the London School of Economics, United Kingdom. He was selected "Best All-Round Performer" in Risk Management and Risk Analysis from the School of Political Science, Harvard University, United States of America. In the course of his career, Randolph has held many key positions and brings with him a wealth of experiences with over 30 years of experience in numerous industries such as banking, business development in the headhunting / recruitment agency. He has been a Consultant / Adviser to a UK-based training consultancy.

He was formerly a Senior Vice President-Network Operations in PhileoAllied Bank and also a Chief Internal Auditor-Group Audit in the PhileoAllied Group of Companies. He had the overall responsibilities for the bank's 30 branches and 10 departments in the Head Office that included the Branches Department, Purchasing & Administration Dept, Fraud Investigation, Call Centre, Special Projects, ATM Centre, Communications Centre, Statistics Department, Logistics Department. In his extensive banking career, Randolph played a pivotal role in negotiations to equip the 30 branches of the bank, including purchase of very expensive computer hardware and software for the bank. In his headhunting career, he further developed his negotiation skills, acting in the interests of both the prospective employer and employee, successfully placing numerous candidates in many senior positions in various industries.

After he left banking, he held the posts of Director of Research & Planning and Director of Business Development in Malaysia’s leading local recruitment / headhunting company. He is actively involved in management training and research. His latest responsibilities involved the Leadership & People Management, Performance Coaching, Business Process Improvement, Negotiation Skills Training and Sales Training. Over the last few years, Randolph has conducted many public and in-house programs for hundreds of participants, corporate clients and small to medium-sized companies; eg Tenaga Nasional, Skynet, ATIS Bhd, Eisai (M) Sdn Bhd, Palm Garden Hotel, State Trading Organization Maldives, Antah Schindler, Dimensi Eksklusif, Lanson Place, Hoe Pharmaceuticals, Parasara OTK, Bank Islam, Kong Long Huat Chemicals, to name a few.

He has conducted many programs, some of which include Competency Based Behavioral Interviewing – The Best Way To Interview; The Delivery Of First Class Customer Service – A Different Way To Treat Your Customers; Real-World Selling Skills – Selling Through Your People By Understanding What Your Customers Want; Leadership – Helping Staff Reach Their True Potential As Individuals & As Leaders; Purchasing & Negotiation Skills – Sharpening Your One-On-One Negotiation Skills; Effective Writing – We Focus On Effectiveness In Your Writing, So That You Get Results From Whatever You Write; Understanding & Developing KPIs – Discover The Proper Way To Use KPIs; Change Management – Guiding Your Staff In Making That CHANGE; Succession Planning – The Complete Picture. Strategize, Develop & Implement A Succession Planning Program; How To Open & Close Sales Successfully; Developing & Understanding KPIs; Sales Success; Lead & Manage Your Sales Team; Key Competencies For Supervisors / Managers; High Performance Team In Managing Change; Competency-Based Behaviourally Interview; Customer Relations Management; Making The Customer Happy / Communicating Effectively; Supervisory Skills; Stronger Performance, Better Results; Becoming An Effective Leader; Effective Sales Leadership; Time Management and many more.


"Best All-Round Performer" in Risk Management and Risk Analysis from the School of Political Science, Harvard University, United States of America.




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