Trainer Stephanie


• Certified NLP Trainer, ABNLP
• Certified Trainer of Hypnosis, ABH
• Certified Trainer of Time Line Therapy, TLTA
• Certified Trainer of NLP Coach, TLTA
• Master Time Line® Therapy Practitioner and Master NLP Coach
• Certified Train The Trainer - PSMB


For more than 16 years now, Certified NLP Trainer and NLP Master Coach, Stephanie Lai, is driven by her passion to motivate people to see reality more clearly and to gain better control, both in their personal and professional lives. Starting her professional career of 11 years as a banker, specialising in Retail Marketing, with an international bank, she procured an average sales of RM400 million a year. Her clientele entailed major hotels and retail stores in the Golden Triangle in Kuala Lumpur.

Driven by her entrepreneurial spirit, Stephanie left the banking industry and took on a franchisee license of an international education organization. Together with a group of fellow franchisees, she researched, innovated and introduced study strategies to help students perform beyond the expectations of school curricula, including children with special learning needs.

Several study trips to Japan, Hong Kong and Australia, and having seen the “out-of-box” progress of her students, and because of her dedication to the growth of the community, Stephanie joined an international self-development training organization as a Training Coordinator in 2005, during which she facilitated 2100 participants in 14 personal-development trainings and was a coach in leadership programmes. She was also a speaker for the company.

Stephanie was certified as a Business Coach with Action International in Las Vegas in 2006. Her portfolio of over 50 coaching clients included businesses in the industries of hospitality, retail, services, F & B and manufacturing. Stephanie believes the path to success in business is the one that affords you the most influence, costs you the least, and offers the biggest payoff.

In 2007, she took on the position of Country Manager for a year with an international investment company. In the first year of operations in Malaysia, the company achieved RM48 million in revenue, which topped the rest of their branches in Singapore, Hong Kong and Indonesia.

Stephanie believes that anything is possible with the correct mindset. Her objective is to help you achieve your personal and business goals more efficiently and effectively by eagerly sharing streetwise systems and strategies through her workshops, training and coaching clinics.

Her repertoire of training includes Influencing Skills, Sales Objections Handling & Closing Skills, Persuasive Communication, Impactful Presentation, Leadership and Coaching, Team Development, Applied NLP and customized corporate and public trainings and motivational talks.




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