Yim Sze Khuen

Trainer Yim


  • Bachelor of Science in Electronics Engineering Technology, Pittsburg State University, USA
  • Certified Six Sigma Blackbelt (Flextronics Sdn Bhd)
  • Certified Six Sigma Blackbelt (Penang Seagate Industries)



  • English
  • Bahasa Melayu
  • Mandarin


  • English
  • Bahasa Melayu


The Trainer holds a Bachelor of Science in Electronics Engineering from Pittsburg State University, USA and is a Certified Six Sigma Black Belt (Seagate Technology & Flextronics Technology).  A full time continuous improvement management consultant and trainer, he works on projects and trains personnel on Quality Management and Six Sigma Tools and Methodology.  His elaborate 18 years background in the industry in various capacities has given him valuable experience in working with people of different background and culture. He has served in several well established organizations and has held various influential positions in inculcating Six Sigma continuous improvement culture into organizations. 


As a Senior Process Engineer in Seagate Technology Sdn Bhd, he was responsible for the process operation of a section in the clean room department. Later he was selected by management to mobilized Corporate Six Sigma initiatives which see a change in role from a Process Engineer to a Project Manager (Six Sigma Black Belt).  As a Project Manager, he has completed 11 Corporate Business Improvement Projects, centralized on Quality and Efficiency Improvement.  He has worked with Process Engineers, Production, Industrial Engineers and Maintenance in his projects and this has resulted in a Financial Cost Savings of USD2 million for Seagate Technology Sdn Bhd.


He was instrumental in Clean Room Slider Engineering Team for winning The Best Team Award for the Year 2002.  This award was given to the best performing team which has shown the most significant improvement in their Project Performance Metrics. He was one of the selected Project Manager / Six Sigma Black Belt from Seagate Technology to be the recipient of the 2002 Seagate Six Sigma Achievement Award at Seagate Six Sigma Symposium held in USA.  He has also conducted Six Sigma Green Belt Training for various levels of executives in Seagate Technology Sdn Bhd.  He received his Six Sigma Black Belt certification from Corporate Seagate Six Sigma Council.


As a project manager in Flextronics Technology Sdn Bhd, he has initiated, led and completed seven Corporate Business Improvement Projects centralized on Products Yield Improvement, Inventory Management, Products Change Over Time and Productivity Improvement projects. This effort has generated in a Financial Cost Savings of USD6 million for the company.  He has also conducted Quality Management tools and Six Sigma Green Belt trainings to all levels of executives in the Plant.


He has trained and coached Six Sigma Green Belts to successfully complete their Green Belt projects; their projects centralized on various Departmental Key Performance Index (KPI) improvements and this has generated in substantial cost savings for the company too.  He has led 10 Six Sigma Green Belts to project completion and Green Belt certifications; conducted Six Sigma Awareness training for new employees.  He later obtained his certification as a Certified Six Sigma Black Belt from Flextronics Technology Corporate.


He has completed a total of 18 Black Belt Projects (Corporate Improvement Projects) with a cumulative cost savings of USD8Million. He has conducted Quality Management Tools, Six Sigma Awareness, Six Sigma Tools and Methodology Trainings for all levels of executives.  With his vast industrial, training, coaching, project execution and Six Sigma knowledge and experiences, he will be able to transfer knowledge and transform trainees into a new level of employees who will be practically ready for a higher level of challenges to take their organizations towards a new leading competitive edge.


Amongst some of the well established organizations he has worked in before were Penang Seagate Technology, Carsem Semiconductor, Flextronics Technology and Digi Telecommunication.


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