A word to Recruiters

They play an important role as an intermediary between prospective employees and businesses.

To succeed as a recruiter, you must start by having a good understanding of peoples’ skills and capabilities. Then, you need to have a good understanding of businesses and their requirements. Next, you must excellent communication skills to deal with both potential candidates and representatives of the business.

Finally, you need to be able to source the right candidate to the right business. Their services have become more crucial now more than ever before. While I recognize that it’s not an easy job being a recruiter, there are some recruitment practices that I’ve come to despise.


Here are some of them from my very own personal experience:

#1 – Not taking time to understand character
Basically, too much emphasis is put on the resume. The recruiter does not take the time to get to know the prospect and his/her desires. A resume simply displays skillsets and experience, but it takes conversations to understand needs and desires. Having this conversation at the start can save a lot of other people’s time and effort. Aim to build rapport with your prospects instead of simply closing a deal.

#2 – Rushing
I once got a call from a recruiter, who pushed me to send an updated resume for a job on the very same day I received the call, claiming that she needs to submit a response on that very day. She sounded more desperate to get a prospect than I was to get a job. After getting shortlisted, I received a call from the company HR for an interview. During the interview, the HR representative shared a critical piece of information about the job that the recruiter had left out. I informed the HR-rep that I was not interested in the position. The interview with the company (which took time and effort to schedule) was over in 10 minutes.

#3 – Radio Silence
I saved the best for last.  It has happened to me on several occasions. One moment, you are a golden goose. The next moment you are an ugly duckling. The recruiter calls informing you that they’ve found a suitable job for you. They chat you up and get you all excited. You send an updated resume and get your hopes up. End of story. I mean, really, end of story. What were you expecting; a decent follow-up call to update you on your status?

Despite the above, I am supremely confident that there are stellar recruiters doing a great job out there. I’d like to take a moment to thank you all for your efforts. Please do understand that there are a lot of demotivated people out there. Don’t compound it with your actions.

Recruitment is no walk in the park, from having to invest in ads or agencies, to co-ordination, to selecting the right candidate and more in just a short span of time. Not to mention, having proper interviewing skills. All that can be sorted when you get the right training.

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