Cashflow Management


Course Objectives

  • Stressing the importance of cashflow management
  • Defining cash, cash infows and outflows and components of cashflow & the practice of good & effective cash flow management
  • To enable participants in preparation of cashflow budget for financial/cash planning for their businesses
  • Understanding the cashflow cycle and how it affects businesses
  • Learning to appreciate the concept of ‘accelerate the collection of remittances and improve control of disbursements’
  • Learning and understanding financial indicators (ratios) covering stability, profitability and solvency of businesses, and interpretation of financial statements

Target Audience

Executives and managers (finance and non-finance), accountants, finance managers, financial controllers, departmental heads, senior managers, and all managers involved in preparation of budgets.

Course Modules

  • Module 1: Understanding what is cashflow
  • Module 2: Understanding terms: Profits, revenue, expenses, expenditures, cashflows
  • Module 3: Differences between cashflow and Profit/Loss (Workgroup)
  • Module 4: Why ‘turnover’ is an illusion and ‘cash’ is real
  • Module 5: Learning to read the cashflow statement in corporate reportings (Workgroup)
  • Module 6: Understanding the ‘cashflow cycle’
  • Module 7: Sources of cash and funding (Workgroup)
  • Module 8: Understanding ‘Treasury Management’
  • Module 9: Ideal strategy for cashflow for business, i.e. “accelerate the collection of remittances and improve control of disbursements” policy how to achieve it
  • Module 10: Planning cashflow for seasonal business
  • Module 11: How to manage during periods of ‘negative cashflows’
  • Module 12: Other options for better cashflows (barter, etc)
  • Module 13: What is budgets and the objectives of budget (advantages of budget)
  • Module 14: Understanding capital vs operating expenditure (Capex budgets vs Operating budget)
  • Module 15: Preparing an effective cash budget (Case study and Workgroup)
  • Module 16: How to formulate assumptions and the basis for Cash Budget
  • Module 17: Quick introduction to financial statements (i.e. Profit & loss statement & balance sheet)
  • Module 18: Ratio Analysis
  • Module 19: Learning how each category of ratios are inter-related and interpretation of them and assessing the financial health of a company (Workgroups)

Get To Know The Trainer

Dr. Harjit  (FCCA, NLP, IHA, Ph.D), has been in the corporate field for the past 16 years (in manufacturing, internet, travel & hospitality (hotel), music and consultancy industry) and in last 15 years, he has consulted and trained on various  programs such as Leadership, Motivational Critical and Lateral Thinking and  NLP related programs to the  working adults.

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