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  18. How Positive or Negative is your Mindset?
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  57. Zero to Hero (Leadership Development)


  1. Crafting Your Blueprint for Success: 7 Steps in Developing a Strategic Plan Using the Balanced Scorecard
  2. Mastering SWOT Analysis in 5 Steps
  3. Success Stories of Strategic Management: Harnessing the Power of SWOT Analysis
  4. The Power of Strategic Planning in Business: Why Your Business Strategy Matters
  5. How to Implement Strategic Management
  6. Mastering Agile Methodology: 10 Key Reasons It’s Perfect for Your Projects
  7. Agile Leadership Summit 2024: Steering the Future of Business
  8. What is the main purpose of team building?
  9. Do you know how to study SMART?
  10. How Emotional are YOU?
  11. What TYPE of Colleague are you?
  12. Are you a Picky Eater?
  13. How Positive or Negative is your mindset?
  14. Do you have a Personal Brand?
  15. What is your Leadership style?
  16. “Did you hear about…?”
  17. Guilty by Association
  18. Power of Self-Reflection
  19. Saving for a Rainy Day
  20. Managing Personal Expectations
  21. Just how GOOD are you with BAD Customers?
  22. Do you know what it REALLY takes to be a Good Leader?
  23. What you choose will tell you about your Time Management!
  24. Understanding Why We Blame
  25. We can guess your work "personality" based on your choices
  26. The Voice
  27. Mitigating the Effects of Perception
  28. Trust
  29. Managing Your Ego
  30. A word to Recruiters
  31. Family comes First
  32. Contemplating Resignation Responsibly
  33. 7 Tips to Remove Bad Habits
  34. Top 10 Customer Service Skills
  35. Understanding and Improving Sleep Quality
  36. “Don’t make me angry. You won’t like me when I’m angry.”
  37. Important Considerations to Lead Across Generations
  38. Understanding Needs in Conflict Management
  39. 5 Tips to Manage your Time
  40. Improve Collaboration with Microsoft Teams
  41. How Did I Get Here? The Leadership Path
  42. Take Baby Steps to Master Microsoft Office
  43. Quiet. The Audience is Listening...
  44. Differences Between Certified and Non-certified Professionals
  45. Water.
  46. Making Customers Happy Through Fulfilled Expectations
  47. 3 Reasons to Start Reading Books Again
  48. How Data Analytics can help Organizations develop?
  49. 6 Ways to Motivate WFH Employees
  50. Business Intelligence Build Future-proof Organizations
  51. Don't lah liddat #Manglish
  52. Decoding Opportunities In Data
  53. The Stigma of the Coach Log
  54. Supporting Remote Developers During COVID-19 Pandemic
  55. How to Motivate during a Pandemic
  56. An All-In-One Solution for Business – Dynamics 365
  57. I am Number 4
  58. Yes Man
  59. Are you a Tai Chi Master?
  60. Jumpers
  61. Is a 4-work week possible? Tag your boss!
  62. I'm a Leader. Shoot me.
  63. Have what it takes to be KING?
  64. Got "Fire-less" Employees?
  65. Whatcha lookin at?! (Leader Edition)
  66. Congrats, you're a Leader! Now what?
  67. Reached FULL Potential?
  68. Power at your Fingertips
  69. Got burnt? Here's 10 Tips not to.
  70. Who cares about Safety at Work? Hello.Cannot.
  71. Excel, can it be self-taught?


  2. 10 Key Tools For Work Success
  3. 21st Century Leadership
  4. 21st Century Leadership and Management Skills
  5. 21st Century Leadership and Management Skills (Customized)
  6. 21st Century Leadership Skills
  7. 21st Century Leadership, Management and Coaching Skills
  8. 4C Strategy
  9. 4C Strategy For Building Trust
  10. 5 Why Analysis Training
  11. 5S
  12. 5S Awareness and Implementation
  13. 5S Awareness Training
  14. 5S Developing And Implementing The System Towards Cost Effectiveness
  15. 5S Implementation
  16. 5S Implementation Training (Online Training)
  17. 5S Implementing and Auditing Training
  18. 5S Understanding and Implementation Training (Online Training)
  19. 6 Principles of Influencing & Managing Difficult Customers Effectively
  20. 6 Steps Decision-Making and Problem-Solving
  21. 6S Awareness
  22. 6S Implementation Training
  23. 7 Manufacturing Waste
  24. 7 QC Tools & QCC Involvement
  25. 7 QC Tools Effective Method in Problem Solving (Online Training)
  26. 7 Quality Control (QC) Tools
  27. 7-Wastes Elimination through Kaizen
  28. 7QC Tools And Its Application In PDCA
  29. 8 Discipline Problem Solving (Online Training)
  30. 8 Strategies of Production Planning and Control During Economic Downtime
  31. 8D Problem Solving
  32. 8D Report and Problem Solving – The 8-Discipline Problem
  34. A Creative Problem Solving Supervisor
  35. A Guide to Managing and Negotiating Commercial Contracts
  36. A'Famosa Resort Malacca
  37. A3 Problem Solving (Online Training)
  38. Acceptance Sampling
  39. Accident and Incident Investigation Techniques
  40. Accident Reporting And Investigation
  41. Accountability (Online Training)
  42. Accounting Instant Programme
  43. Accounting Principles Essentials
  44. Accounting Skills For Accounts Clerks & Assistants
  45. Accounting Skills For Non Accounting Staff
  46. Accounts Receivable Credit Worthiness Evaluation (Online Training)
  47. Accounts Receivable Management and Collections (Online Training)
  48. Achieving 5 Stars Excellent Customer Service , Customer Retention & Communication Skills For Mr D.I.Y’S Cashiers & Retail Shop Assistants
  49. Achieving Administrative Effectiveness Using Basic NLP
  50. Achieving More at Work
  51. Action Oriented (Online Training)
  52. Active Listening (Online Training)
  53. Adeline Villa Resort
  54. Adobe Illustrator CC-Advance
  55. Adobe Illustrator CC/CS6 Intermediate
  56. Adobe Photoshop CC Foundation
  57. Adobe Premiere Pro CC - Advance
  58. Adobe Premiere Pro CC - Foundation
  59. Advance Excel: Tips and Techniques for Management Decision Making
  60. Advance Quality Assurance & Inspection Control
  61. Advanced Business and Report Writing Skills Workshop
  62. Advanced Business Writing and Communication Skills
  63. Advanced Communication and Influencing Technique
  64. Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP, 2nd Edition) (Online Training)
  65. Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP, 2nd Edition) and Production Part Approval Process (Online Training)
  66. Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP)
  67. Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP) and Production Part Approval Process (PPAP)
  68. Agile and Scrum Fundamental Bootcamp
  69. Agile Business Analysis
  70. Agile Day Malaysia 2023
  71. Agile Fundamental Bootcamp
  72. Agile Leadership
  73. Agile Project Management Essentials
  74. Agile Project Management Principles & Foundation
  75. Agility in Business
  76. Agility in HR
  77. Agility in Marketing
  78. Agrotek Garden Chalet Resort
  79. AIAG (Automotive Industry Action Group) 5 Quality Core Tools (Online Training)
  80. AIAG-VDA Failure Mode Effects Analysis (FMEA) (Online Training)
  81. Akaun Yang Perlu Dibayar, Akaun Yang Perlu Diterima
  82. All - Rounder Customer Service
  83. Amazing Customer Service
  84. Amazing Macros
  85. Amverton Heritage Resort
  86. An Introduction to Effective Project Management (Online Training)
  87. Analytical Support for Decision Making
  88. Ancasa AllSuites Resort
  89. Anti Trust and Competition Laws in Malaysia
  90. Anti Trust Policy Drafting
  91. Anti-Bribery and Corruption (Personal and Corporate Liability - Awareness and Compliance
  92. Anti-Bribery and Corruption-S.17A Corporate Liability Perspective
  93. Anti-Money Laundering, Anti-Terrorism Financing and Proceeds of Unlawful Activities Act 2001
  94. Application of Management Accounting Practice to Stay Resilience to Face Future Challenges (Online Training)
  95. Application of Financial Ratios for Business Financial Performance (Online Training)
  96. Applications of Six Thinking Hats
  97. Apply in within Safe Zone
  98. Appreciate the HRBP Model
  99. Art of Living with Joy
  100. Art Of Negotiation (Online Training)
  101. Art of Presentation and Public Speaking Skills
  102. Aseania Resort Langkawi
  103. Aspect and Impact Assessment Training
  104. Aspect and Impact Assessment Training (Online Training)
  105. Assert yourself using EQ
  106. Assertive Behaviour
  107. Assertive Communication Skills In The Workplace
  108. Assertive Mindset
  109. Assertiveness (Online Training)
  110. Assets And Inventory Management
  111. Attaining Coaching Greatness (Level 2)
  112. Attitude, Behaviour and Change : The “ABC” for Performance Enhancement
  113. Audit and Compliance Training
  114. Avani Sepang Goldcoast Sepang
  115. Avillion Admiral Cove
  116. Avillion Water Chalet
  117. Awana Genting
  118. Awareness & Internal Audit Of Gmp System
  119. Awareness and Internal Audit of GMP Cosmetics System
  120. Awareness and Understanding of Occupational Health and Safety Management System ISO 45001:2018
  121. Awareness Basic Fire Fighting
  122. Awareness on Effective Maintenance for Hydraulics Systems
  123. Balanced Scorecard and Developing Effective Key Performance Indicators
  124. Bank Reconciliation and Petty Cash Management (Online Training)
  125. Basic Accounting Skills
  126. Basic Conversational Thai Course
  127. Basic Finance for Non-Financial Professions
  128. Basic Financial Literacy
  129. Basic Fire Fighting
  130. Basic Fire Fighting & Fire Evacuation Drill
  131. Basic Fire Protection Systems (BFPS) used In Oil & Gas Plant, Refinery Units with Hydraulic Calculation for Firewater System
  132. Basic First Aid & CPR
  133. Basic First AID & CPR (AED)
  134. Basic First Aid & CPR Training
  135. Basic First Aid and Emergency Care
  136. Basic Occupational FIRST AID, CPR & AED (BOFA)
  137. Basic Risk Management for SMEs
  139. Basic Taxation for Accounting Personnel - SMEs (Online Training)
  140. Basics in Business Communication and Writing Skills in English
  141. Basics of Effective Communication in English at the Workplace for Beginners
  142. Bayou Lagoon Resort
  143. Bayu Beach Resort PD
  144. Bayview Beach Resort Penang
  145. Bayview Hotel George Town Penang
  146. BDAR Big Data Analysis and Reporting
  147. Be a Great Team Player
  148. Be a Pro User with Microsoft Word
  149. Bearing Maintenance and Lubrication
  150. Beat the Silent Killers
  151. Become A Professional Photographer
  152. Becoming A People's Leader
  153. Becoming An Effective Procurement Professional
  154. Becoming The X-Factor: Positive Work Attitude – Creating Positive Results at Work
  155. Behavioral Coaching & Counseling Using NLP
  156. Behavioral Interviewing Skills (Online Training)
  157. Behavioral-Based Safety for Accident Prevention Workshop (Online Training)
  158. Behavioural Based Interviewing
  159. Behavioural-Based Upselling Skills for Front-Liners
  160. Being a People Manager
  161. Being a Professional you - Excellent Customer Service
  162. Berjaya Langkawi Resort
  163. Berjaya Tioman Resort
  164. Best Practices in Coaching to Increase Employee Performance
  165. Best Practices in Coaching To Increase Employee Performance
  166. Best Practices in Supply Chain Management
  167. Better Business Correspondence (Online Training)
  168. Better Communication & Business Writing Skills That Works
  169. Better Health, Build a Better Team
  170. Big Data Analysis & Reporting
  171. BOD Roles, Responsibilities and Duties
  172. Boiler And Steam Generation for Boiler man (Engine Driver)
  173. Boiler and Steam Generation Systems for Steam Engineer Competency Certification (Grade 1 & Grade 2)
  174. Brand-Driven Marketing: How To Successfully Market Your Brand (Company/Product/Service) (Online Training)
  175. Breakthrough Leadership: VUCA! (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity & Ambiguity)
  176. Bring Your EQ To Work
  177. Building a Collective Perfomance Workforce
  178. Building an Innovative and Creative Circle at Your Workplace
  179. Building Competencies (Online Training)
  180. Building Impactful Presentation with PowerPoint
  181. Building Maintenance and Operation
  183. Building Rapport (Online Training)
  184. Building Team Synergy
  185. Building Trust Through Empathetic Leadership
  186. Building Trust Through Empathetic Leadership - Advanced Level
  187. Building Trust Through Empathetic Leadership (Workshop)
  188. Building Your Communication Skills For Today's Business
  189. Building Your Wining Team
  190. Bukit Gambang Resort
  191. Business Accounting & Finance
  192. Business and Operational Risk Assessment and Management
  193. Business Communication and Writing Skills in English
  194. Business Communication in English - Speaking and Writing Module(Online Training)
  195. Business Communication, Spoken and Written In English
  196. Business Communication: Developing And Implementing A Dynamic Writing Style (Online Training)
  197. Business Communication: Fundamentals of Business Writing and Minutes of Meeting
  198. Business Continuity and Crisis Management Workshop (Online Training)
  200. Business English & Writing with Chat GPT
  201. Business English Communication @ Work
  202. Business English For Office (Online Training)
  203. Business Etiquette (Online Training)
  204. Business Financial Skills for Non-Financial Personnel
  205. Business Innovation : Discover Design Thinking With Lego Serious Play
  206. Business Negotiation and Influencing Skills
  207. Business Project Analysis Advanced
  208. Business Project Analysis Foundation
  209. Business Report Writing and Technical Report Writing
  210. Business Transactions & Accounting for Full Set of Accounts (Online Training)
  211. Business Writing (Online Training)
  212. Business Writing Skills
  213. Business Writing Skills with NLP " How and What You Write Matters"
  214. Business Writing Style: Dress Your Thoughts
  215. Calibration of Digital Caliper & External Micrometer
  216. CAPM® Certified Associate in Project Management
  217. Cashflow Management
  218. Certified LeSS Practitioner
  219. Changing Mind - Self Mastery
  220. ChatGPT Copywriting
  221. Chemical Safety & Spillage Response Procedures
  222. Chemical Safety and Spillage Handling
  223. Chemical Safety Management
  224. Chemical Safety Management Workshop (Online Training)
  225. Chemical Spillage & Discharge Response Procedures
  226. Cleanroom Training Program
  227. Clerical and Administrative Skills
  228. Clinically Proven Stress Relievers for Work
  229. Close Sales like a Pro during the Pandemic
  230. Coaching & Counselling for Management
  231. Coaching and Mentoring for Quantum Success
  232. Coaching and Mentoring Skills
  233. Coaching Dance (Online Training)
  234. Coaching, Mentoring and Counselling Skills
  235. Cold Calling (Online Training)
  236. Colmar Tropicale
  237. Color Brains & Emotional Drivers
  238. Communicate Clearly (Online Training)
  239. Communicate Your Way to Success
  240. Communicating with Creativity
  241. Communication and Interpersonal Skills
  242. Communication and Relationship in the Workplace
  243. Communication In The Digital Era (Online Training)
  244. Communication: Spoken And Correspondence (Online Training)
  245. Competency Based Interviewing Skills
  246. Competency-Based Behavioural Interviewing
  247. Complete Course on Contracts Management
  248. Comprehensive Gauge R&R Study
  249. Conflict Management (Online Training)
  250. Congruency (Online Training)
  251. Connecting People with Powerful Communication Skills
  252. Consultative Selling & Managing Difficult Customers (Online Training)
  253. Consultative Selling & Managing Difficult Customers
  254. Consultative Selling Skills (Online Training)
  255. Contract Drafting and Negotiation
  256. Contract Laws for Sales & Project Personnel
  257. Contract Management
  258. Contract Management (Online Training)
  260. Contracts and Legal Writing for Non-Legal Professionals (Property Management)
  261. Contracts and Legal Writing for Non-Legal Professionals (Understanding Commercial Contracts)
  262. Contracts: Reading, Writing and Negotiating
  263. Copthorne Hotel CMH
  264. Corporate Crisis Management
  265. Corporate Financial Planning
  266. Corporate Image and Grooming for Hotel Front liners
  267. Corporate Image Grooming and Business Etiquette Workshop
  268. Corporate Image Grooming and Business Etiquette Workshop (Men & Women)
  269. Corporate Liabilities under the MACC Act June 2020 & Mitigation (Online Training)
  270. Corporate Liability on Corruption : S.17A MACC [Amendment] 2018
  271. Corporate PR Communication Training
  272. Corporate Presentation Champion
  273. Corporate Tax Strategies for SMES In Malaysia
  274. Corus Paradise Resort
  275. Cost Down & Staff Re-Deployment Strategies during Covid-19 to stay Afloat (Online Training)
  276. Cost Reduction & Profit Improvement Strategies
  277. Cost Reduction in Manufacturing (Online Training)
  278. Countryview Recreation Park
  279. CPR and First Aid in the Workplace
  280. Craft effective prompts for Microsoft Copilot for Microsoft 365
  281. Crafting Compelling and Engaging Management Reports
  282. Crafting Teams and Overcoming Obstacles
  283. Creating A Customer Service Culture With A Psychological Difference
  284. Creative and Critical Thinking
  285. Creative Marketing for SME Business
  286. Creative Problem Solving and Decision Making
  287. Creative Problem Solving and Making the Right Decision Effectively
  288. Creative Thinking (Online Training)
  289. Creative Thinking and Problem Solving Skills
  290. Creative thinking and Problem-solving (Online Training)
  291. Creative Thinking and Problem-Solving Skills
  292. Creative Thinking In Problem Solving (Online Training)
  293. Creative Thinking Skills & Tools (Online Training)
  294. Creative, Analytical Thinking, Problem Solving & Presentation Skills
  295. Credit Control and Cash Management
  296. Credit Control Management & Eight Sure Steps To Debt Recovery
  297. Credit Evaluation
  298. Credit Management and Control Systems
  299. Credit Management And Debt Recovery
  300. Crisis Management
  302. Crisis Management: Leveraging the Media to Convey Key Messages
  303. Crisis Management: Unleashing the Power of Social Media
  304. Crisis Management: Weathering the Storm
  305. Critical & Creative Thinking for Decision-Making & Problem-Solving
  306. Critical and Creative Thinking for Decision-Making and Problem-Solving using NLP (Online Training)
  307. Critical HR Skills for Non-HR Personnel
  308. Critical thinking and Decision-making (Online Training)
  309. Critical Thinking for Work Performance
  311. Critical Thinking in Problem Solving and Decision Making
  312. Critical Thinking in Problem Solving and Decision Making
  313. Critical Thinking in PSDM - A Practical Approach to Problem Solving and Decision Making
  314. Critical Thinking in the VUCA World
  315. Cultivate Positive Thinking at Workplace
  316. Cultivating Organizational Alignment
  317. Culture and Rewards (Online Training)
  318. Culture Of Empowerment (Online Training)
  319. Customer - Centric Program for Sales Excellence
  320. Customer Experience Management (CXM) Design & Innovation Masterclass
  321. Customer Focus (Online Training)
  322. Customer Focused Professional Selling and Communications
  323. Customer Focused Professional Selling and Communications (Online Training)
  324. Customer Focused Professional Selling and Effective Customer Service
  325. Customer Relations Masterclass
  326. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Champion
  327. Customer Satisfaction using NLP
  328. Customer Service (Online Training)
  329. Customer Service and Handling Complaints
  330. Customer Service Excellence – Everyone is a Customer Service Personnel
  331. Customer Service Mindset Training for Managers
  332. Customer Service Mindset Training for Sales Managers and Team Leads
  333. Customer Service Skills for Online Service Representatives
  334. Customer Service to Customer Experience - A Psychological Journey
  336. Cyber Security - How much are YOU risking?
  337. Cyber Security Awareness Program
  338. Cyberview Resort
  339. D' Wharf Hotel & Serviced Residence
  340. Data Analysis and Business Modelling with Excel
  341. Data Analysis and Dashboard Reporting in Excel
  342. Data Analysis and Financial Modelling with Excel 2013 / 2016
  343. Data and Record Management
  344. Data Protection and Privacy in Malaysia : A Practical Approach
  345. Data Storytelling
  346. Dazzle Customers With Delightful Service (Online Training)
  347. Dealing With Ambiguity (Online Training)
  348. Dealing With Change (Online Training)
  349. Dealing with Difficult and Demanding People Using NLP
  350. Dealing With Difficult People (Online Training)
  351. Dealing with Stress and Anxiety
  352. Debt collection techniques
  353. Debt Recovery “During & Post COVID-19” (Online Training)
  354. Decision Making (Online Training)
  355. Decision-Making Problem-Solving Using NLP
  356. Delegating Effectively (Online Training)
  357. Delivering A Five-Star Customer Service Experience
  358. Delivering Customer Service Excellence Part 1: Its all about Customer Service (Online Training)
  359. Delivering Customer Service Excellence Part 2: Effective Communication Skills (Online Training)
  360. Delivering Customer Service Excellence Part 3: Understanding Your Customers (Online Training)
  361. Delivering Customer Service Excellence Part 4: Its All About Building Relationship (Online Training)
  362. Delivering Outstanding Telephone Customer Service Experience
  364. Design Thinking - Innovation at Work
  366. Develop Effective Leadership Skills
  367. Develop Effective Supervisory Skills
  368. Developing Creative Thinking, Problem Solving & Decision Making Skills
  369. Developing Digital Leaders (Online Training)
  371. Developing Effective Logistics and Supply Chain Practices
  372. Developing Effective Warehouse & Material Management
  373. Developing Emotional Intelligence (EQ): Enhance Self-Control, Networking, Teamwork, Performance and Decision Making
  374. Developing Emotional Intelligence (EQ): Enhance Self-Control, Networking, Teamwork, Performance, and Decision Making
  375. Developing Emotional Intelligence (EQ): Improve Self-control, Teamwork and Performance
  376. Developing Impactful Interpersonal & Leadership Skills
  377. Developing Impactful Marketing Plans
  378. Developing Leadership From Within
  379. Developing Mental Toughness in YOU !
  380. Developing Positive Work Attitude and A Spirit Of Initiative
  382. Developing Proficiencies In Procurement Management (Source to Supply)
  383. Developing Situational Leadership
  384. Developing the 3P’s in Strategic Management
  385. Diamonds of Amazonia - Business Simulation
  386. Diamonds of Amazonia (Online Training)
  387. Diet and Fitness
  388. Digital Marketing & Online Marketing Strategies
  390. Digital Marketing: ATTRACT, CONVERT, CLOSE and DELIGHT Your Prospects and Customers
  391. Digital Tax (StoDS) (Online Training)
  392. Digitizing Your Business
  393. DISC Workshop
  394. Document Control and Management Training (Online Training)
  395. Document Management & Record Control Training
  396. Documentation in ISO 9001:2015
  397. Documentation of Risk Assessment For ISO/IEC 17025:2017
  398. Don't get HOT! Control your EQ
  399. Don’t Be A Young, Dynamic and “Bankrupt “Executives/Employee”
  400. Double Tree by Hilton Melaka
  401. Dynamic & Effective Coaching & Mentoring
  402. Dynamic and Proactive Secretary
  403. Dynamic Speak!
  404. E-Invoicing
  405. EA Form preparation and E-Filing Submission
  406. EA Form Preparation and PREPARATION & E-Filing Submission
  407. Eagle Ranch Resort
  408. Effective Autonomous Maintenance
  409. Effective Body Language Skills
  410. Effective Budgeting And Cash Flow Planning
  411. Effective Building and Facilities Maintenance
  412. Effective Business Email/ Memorandum (Online Training)
  413. Effective Business Writing
  414. Effective Business Writing and Professional Presentation Skills
  415. Effective Business Writing Skills
  417. Effective Coaching and Counselling Skills for Leaders
  418. Effective Coaching Skills & Methodology for Management Staff
  419. Effective Communication & Interpersonal Skills
  420. Effective Communication & Interpersonal Skills (Online Training)
  421. Effective Communication and Interpersonal Skills
  422. Effective Communication Skills for Higher Productivity : Communicating for Success
  423. Effective Communication Skills for Success and Higher Productivity : The front - Line Focus
  424. Effective Communication Strategies To Enhance Your Professional Image
  425. Effective Communication Using NLP
  426. Effective Communication with EQ (Online Training)
  427. Effective Communication, Time, and Stress Management
  428. Effective Communication,Influential and Problem-Solving Skills
  429. Effective Compensation & Benefits Management
  430. Effective Corrective and Preventive Action
  431. Effective Credit Management And Debt Recovery
  432. Effective Customer Service Training For Telephone, Email & Social Media Management
  433. Effective Customer Service Workshop
  434. Effective Digital Leadership
  435. Effective Digital Marketing Strategy and Time Management
  436. Effective Document Control and Management
  437. Effective Document Control Training
  438. Effective Domestic Enquiry Skills
  439. Effective Global Shipping Management
  440. Effective Interpersonal Communication using NLP
  441. Effective interpersonal communication using nlp
  442. Effective Interpersonal Skills, Positive Influence and Conflict Management Skills
  443. Effective Interview Skills
  444. Effective Leadership & Supervisory Skills In Production
  445. Effective Leadership Coaching Program
  446. Effective Leadership for Dynamic Teamwork
  447. Effective Maintenance Housekeeping Practice & Implementation
  448. Effective Management Leadership Skills Development Program for Leaders and Managers
  449. Effective Management of Safety & Health at The Workplace
  450. Effective Marketing Skills
  451. Effective Meetings (Online Training)
  452. Effective Minute Writing and Business Writing Using META NLP
  453. Effective On-Job Training (O.J.T) Workshop
  454. Effective Order Management, Warehousing and Inventory Management
  455. Effective Payroll Administration: Are Your Employees Paid Correctly?
  456. Effective Payroll Applications According To The Employment Law
  457. Effective Payroll Computation And Administration
  458. Effective Presentation & Report Writing Skills (Online Training)
  459. Effective Presentation Skills
  460. Effective Presentation Skills using NLP
  461. Effective Preventive Maintenance
  462. Effective Problem Solving Techniques Using 8D Problem Solving And Statistical Techniques
  463. Effective Production Planning and Control
  464. Effective Purchasing & Negotiation Skills
  465. Effective QA / QC Inspectors
  466. Effective QA / QC Management
  467. Effective QA/QC Management
  468. Effective QA/QC Management (Online Training)
  469. Effective Retail Sales & Customer's Experience Skills Training with NLP
  470. Effective Root Cause Analysis
  471. Effective Root Cause Analysis (Online Training)
  472. Effective Root Cause Analysis Techniques
  473. Effective Sales Negotiation
  474. Effective Situational Leadership & Time Management Training
  475. Effective Spares Management
  476. Effective Store Management Training for Store Managers
  477. Effective Supervisory Skills
  478. Effective Supervisory Workshop
  479. Effective Supply Chain Management
  480. Effective Tax Planning
  481. Effective Telemarketing Skills
  482. Effective Telephone Call Handling
  483. Effective Telephone Communication, Email Writing & Customer Relations Skills
  484. Effective Telephone Skills Using NLP
  485. Effective Thinking and Solution Mindset (Online Training)
  486. Effective Time Management
  487. Effective Time Management for Workplace Performance
  488. Effective Time Management Skills and Techniques
  489. Effective Vendor Management Training
  490. Effective Warehouse & Store and Inventory Management
  491. Effective Warehouse Management
  492. Effective Workshop Facilitation
  493. Effecttive Business Communication, Email Writing and Meeting Organisation Proposal
  494. Efficient Office Administration
  495. Efficient Secretarial Skills
  496. EHS (ISO 14001 & ISO 45001) Integrated Internal Audit (Online Training)
  497. EHS Assessments Workshop (Online Training)
  498. EHS Committee Workshop (Online Training)
  499. EICC - RBA Awareness
  500. EICC-RBA Internal Audit
  501. Electrostatic Discharge Control
  502. Eliminating Stress & Managing Wellness for A Full Rejuvenation At Work
  503. Email Etiquette and Effective Business Communication
  504. Email Selling (Online Training)
  505. Email Writing : Write Better and Faster
  506. Email Writing-Business Communication
  507. Embracing Business Digital Disruption
  508. Emergency Response & Preparedness (ERP)
  509. Emergency Response Preparedness & Planning
  510. Emergency Response Team Workshop
  511. Emotional and Intelligence Quotients (EQ & IQ) At Work
  512. Emotional Intelligence
  513. Emotional Intelligence – Excelling Under Pressure at Work
  514. Emotional Intelligence : EQ Fundamentals For Management Effectiveness
  515. Emotional Intelligence (Online Training)
  516. Emotional Intelligence for Effective Work Performance
  517. Emotional Intelligence for Leaders at Work
  518. Emotional Intelligence for Personal Development
  519. Emotional Quotient
  520. Employee Engagement Planning for HR
  521. Employee Engagement Strategy and Practice
  522. Employers Know Your Rights & Protections Within The Law
  523. Employment & Sustainability during MCO: FAQ (Online Training)
  524. Employment Act 1955 and Related Laws
  525. Empower your workforce with Copilot for Microsoft 365 Use Cases
  526. Empowering Safety & Health Committee Training
  527. EMS ISO 14001:2015 Awareness, Understanding and Internal Audit Training (Online Training)
  528. EMS ISO 14001:2015 Internal Audit (Online Training)
  529. Enabling & Dealing With Change (Online Training)
  530. Ending Limiting Beliefs to Boost your Organisation’s Talent Pool
  531. Engagement/Motivation
  533. Engineering Operation and Maintenance
  534. English Development Program (Basic English)
  535. Enhance E-Mail using META NLP (Technical Writing)
  536. Enhancing and Development of Personal Effectiveness and Productivity Skills (Dimensions of Top Performers) (Online Training)
  537. Enhancing Business Correspondence (Online Training)
  538. Enhancing Communication and Teamwork with DISC
  539. Enhancing Company Sustainability Through Intrapreneurship Mindset
  540. Enhancing Customer Service - Excellence Call Center Image
  541. Enhancing Emotional Intelligence
  542. Enhancing Your Effectiveness In Book-Keeping
  543. Entrepreneur’s Business Sustainability - Solving Issues, Facing Challenges and Mitigating Risks
  544. Entrepreneurship Mindset
  545. EQ Qualities of Successful People
  546. Ergonomic and The Process Of Initial Risk Assessment (ERA)
  547. Ergonomics and Manual Handling
  548. Ergonomics And Manual Handling At Workplace
  550. Essential Habits of Highly Effective Executives
  551. Essential Leadership Skills
  552. Essential Managerial Skills (Online Training)
  553. Essential Supervisory and Planning Skills
  554. Essential Supervisory Skills
  555. Essential Supervisory Skills: Making the Transition from Buddy to Boss
  556. Essentials Finance Consolidation
  557. Essentials of Project Management
  560. Ethics and Values (Online Training)
  561. Etiquette and Business Protocol Workshop
  562. Everyone Has 24 Hours A Day: Time Management to Optimize Daily Productivity
  563. EX19A(2) Microsoft Excel - Advanced
  564. EX19F(1) Microsoft Excel - Foundation
  565. EX19F(1) Microsoft Excel - Foundation (Online Training)
  566. EX19I Microsoft Excel Intermediate
  567. EX19I(1) Microsoft Excel Intermediate
  568. Excel Amazing Macros
  569. Excel Project Management –Templates, Resources & Information
  570. Excel VBA for Absolute Beginners
  571. Excellence Customer Service @ Call Centre
  572. Excellent Clerical Skills for Organisational Success Training
  573. Excellent Customer Service - Deliver Customer’s Happiness Workshop
  574. Excellent In Selling
  575. Excellent Youth Development Program
  576. Executing Change (Online Training)
  577. Expanding Your Influence and The Power Persuasion
  578. Experiential Selling Skills in Retail
  579. Extreme Design Thinking Workshop
  580. Facilitation For Effective QCC At Work
  581. Facilities Maintenance
  583. Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA)
  584. Failure Mode Effect Analysis (FMEA)
  585. Failure Mode Effects Analysis (FMEA) Fourth Edition (Online Training)
  586. Familiarization Of Chartered Shipping Procedures And Processes
  587. Fave Hotel Langkawi
  588. Felda Hot Spring
  589. Figuring Out People (Online Training)
  590. Filing, Record Management and 5S
  591. Finance & Accounting for Non-Finance Managers and Executives
  592. Finance For Non Finance Managers
  593. Finance For Non Finance People
  594. Finance for Non- Finance Managers
  595. Finance for Non- Finance Managers
  596. Finance For Non-Finance
  597. Finance For Non-Finance Managers & Executives
  598. Finance For Non-Finance Professionals
  599. Finance for Non-Financial Managers (Online Training)
  600. Financial Investment Appraisal
  601. Financial Modeling Using Excel
  602. Financial Statements Fraud
  603. Finding Motivation During Downtimes (Online Training)
  604. Fire Drill Program
  605. Fire Fighting & Fire Safety Training
  606. Fire Fighting and Drill
  607. Fire Fighting and Evacuation Drill
  608. Fire Fighting Training
  609. Fire Marshal / Fire Warden Training Program
  610. First Aid & CPR (AED) Certification Course
  611. First Aid & CPR (AED) with Gamification & Digital Learning Experience (Workplace)
  612. First Aid & CPR at the Workplace
  613. First Aid & CPR for International Pre-School Employees & Students
  614. First Aid & CPR Training
  615. First Aid, CPR & AED Certification (Game Based Learning) + COVID-19 Prevention Teaching Plan
  616. First AID, CPR and AED
  617. First Aid, CPR and AED with Digital Learning Experience
  618. FMEA Towards Manufacturing Excellence – Failure Mode Effect and Analysis
  619. Forensic Accounting
  620. Forensic Accounting (How To Investigate Financial Fraud)
  621. Forklift Operator Training
  622. Forklift Safe Operations & Maintenance Inspections
  623. Forklift Safety Training
  624. Forklift Truck Safety Training
  625. Fortify Your Customer Service Mindset
  626. Framework for Innovation (Online Training)
  628. Fraud Risk Management Awareness Training Based on ISO 31000:2018 Standard
  629. Free Trade Areas (FTAS) & Licensed Manufacturing Warehouse (LMWS)
  630. Free Trade Areas (FTAs) And Licensed Manufacturing Warehouse (LMWs)
  631. From Conflict to Co-Operation and Collaboration (Online Training)
  632. From Good to Great - Moving Teams into Exellence
  634. Front Office Skills - Sales A Winning Formula
  635. Fundamental of Accounting, Understanding and Preparation of The Full Set of Accounts
  636. Fundamental of Finance for Non Financial Professional
  637. Fundamental of Finance for Non- Finance Managers and Executive
  638. Fundamental of Finance for Restaurant and Services Non-Financial Managers
  639. Fundamental of Project Management (Online Training)
  640. Future trends in leadership development
  641. G3 Interpersonal Skills – The Culture Concept
  642. Gauge R&R Study for Average & Range Method
  643. Gauge R&R Study for Unrepeatable Measurement
  644. Gauge R&R Study Workshop by Using Excel
  645. General Inventory Management
  646. Generating Excellent Customer Service for Back Office and Front Office
  647. Generating Leads (Online Training)
  648. Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing
  649. Geometric Dimensionless and Tolerancing (GD&T) (Online Training)
  650. Get Successful! Self Mastery towards Peak Performance
  651. Getting Innovative Solutions: Problem Solving And Decision Making (Online Training)
  652. Getting Organized (Online Training)
  653. Getting Results (Online Training)
  654. Giving Constructive Feedback
  655. Global Air & Sea Transportation Management (Online Training)
  656. Global Air And Sea Freight Operations
  657. Global Air Freight Operations & Customs Formalities for Import & Export Shipments
  658. Global Airfreight Operations - I Change To - Global Air Freight Operations & Customs Formalities for Import & Export Shipments
  659. Global Import & Export Management
  660. Glory Beach Resort PD
  662. Golden Sands Resort, Penang
  664. Good Laboratory Practices – Awareness and Implementation (OECD) Training
  665. Grammar For The Workplace
  666. Grand Lexis
  667. Grasp the Killer Ideas
  668. Grooming and Basic Etiquette
  669. Habits and Practices of Highly Successful People
  670. Habits of Highly Adaptive Leaders
  671. Habits of Highly Effective Managers
  672. HACCP Awareness
  673. HACCP Internal Audit
  674. Halal Awareness and Internal Audit
  675. Handling Customer Complaints Positively (Online Training)
  676. Handling Customers Complaints Positively
  677. Handling Difficult Accounting Issues
  678. Handling Difficult People At Work & Enhancing Positive Workplace Attitude (Online Training)
  679. Handling Discipline (Online Training)
  680. Handling Discipline and Domestic Inquiry
  681. Handling Employee Grievances, Discipline and Termination
  682. Handling Full Set of Accounts
  683. Handling Full Set of Accounts for Accounting Personnel (Online Training)
  684. Handling Full Set of Accounts with E-Invoicing
  685. Handling Objections (Online Training)
  686. Handling Objections in The Retail World
  687. Handling of Chemical Spillage Training
  688. Handling the Carriage of Dangerous Goods (DG) of IATA & IMDG
  689. Harnessing the Power of Teams
  690. Hatten Hotel Melaka
  691. Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point
  692. Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point - HACCP
  693. Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point with Examination
  694. Hazard Identification, Risk Assessment and Risk Control (HIRARC)
  695. Hazard Identification, Risk Assessment and Risk Control Program (HIRARC)
  696. Hazardous Chemical Handling
  697. Health is Wealth Workshop + Health Screening
  698. Hearing Conservation Training
  699. Hearing Loss Prevention Program
  700. Heart - Centered Customer Service (Developing an Anti-Fragile Business Branding and Service Culture)
  701. High Impact Business Presentations
  702. High Impact Public Speaking and Presentation Skills
  703. High Impact Selling Skills
  704. High Performance Work Team
  705. Holiday Inn, Melaka
  706. Holiday Villa City Centre,JB
  707. Holiday Villa Hotel & Spa, Cherating
  708. Holiday Villa Hotel & Suite Kota Bahru
  709. Holiday Villa Langkawi
  710. Hospitality Image and Communication Skills – Men and Ladies
  711. Hot Work Requirements & Safe Working Practice
  712. Hotel Jen Penang By Shangri-La
  713. How To Build A Great Team (Online Training)
  714. How to Handle Complaints and Manage Difficult Customers (Online Training)
  715. How To Handle Complaints And Manage Difficult Customers?
  716. How To Lead Effectively
  717. How to Plan and Conduct Effective Meetings
  718. How To Prepare And Maintain Full Set Of Accounts
  719. How to Prepare and Manage Full Sets of Accounts (Online Training)
  720. How to Write Professional Emails and Letters
  721. HR for Non HR – Fundamentals of Human Capital Management
  722. HR For Non-HR Personnel
  723. HR Management In New Normal & Virtual Domestic Inquiry
  724. HRM : Behaviour And Competency-Based Interviews
  725. HRM : How To Manage And Conduct Performance Appraisals
  726. HRM : Management Of Disciplinary Issues And Misconduct
  727. HRM-Performance Management : Setting Kpis And The Balanced Scorecard
  728. Human Resource Policies, Sops and Employee Handbook
  729. Human Resources for Non-Human Resource Managers / Executives
  731. Human Resources Management with ChatGPT
  732. IATA Cargo Procedures
  733. IATF 16949 Core Tools
  734. IATF 16949 Internal Auditor Training (Online Training)
  735. IATF 16949:2016 Automotive QMS Internal Auditor (Online Training)
  736. IATF 16949:2016 Awareness Training
  737. IATF 16949:2016 Core Tools Audit
  738. IATF 16949:2016 Internal Audit Training (Online Training)
  739. IATF 16949:2016 Requirements (Online Training)
  740. Idea Generation (Online Training)
  741. Idea Management (Online Training)
  743. Ilmu dan Skil Kemahiran Pengurusan Kearah Memeperkasakan Pengurus
  744. Image - Branding -Grooming, Mind-Set & Behaviour Change
  745. Imagineering (Online Training)
  746. Impactful and Persuasive Presentation
  747. Impactful Email Writing (Online Training)
  748. Impactful Public Speaking: Conquering Fear of Speaking in Public
  749. Implementing Effective Total Quality Management
  750. Implementing ICC
  751. Implementing Kaizen Continuous Improving Methodology
  753. Import & Export Documentation And Shipping Procedures
  755. Import and Export Documentation And Shipping Procedures
  756. Impressive PowerPoint Presentation
  757. Improve Communication & Business Writing for Greater Success (Online Training)
  758. Improve Profits Through Effective Manufacturing Cost Reduction
  759. Incorporating Personal Grooming and Basic Etiquette
  760. Incoterms 2010 and Letter of Credits UCP 600
  761. Increasing Work Efficiency through Mindset Change
  762. Industrial Accident Prevention Program for Organization - Empowering OSH through effective safety committee (INSAN)
  763. Industrial Hydraulic Maintenance Technology (IHMT)
  764. Industrial Hydraulic Technology
  765. Industrial/Workplace First Aid & CPR
  767. Influence People to Get The Most With The Least Effort
  768. Influencing Communication Workshop
  769. Influential Communication
  770. Infographics Using Powerpoint
  771. Inner Critics & Emotional Intelligence
  772. Innovation Accelerator Workshop
  773. Innovation and Organization (Online Training)
  774. Innovative & Creative Circle
  775. Innovative and Creative Thinking (Online Training)
  776. INSAN SERIES – Industrial Accident Prevention Series – Confined Space Awareness Program
  777. Insight and Overview to Malaysian Private Reporting Standards (MPERS)
  778. Integrated Management System (IMS) ISO 9001:2015 & ISO 14001:2015 Awareness and Understanding (Online Training)
  779. Integrated Management System (IMS) ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 Internal Audit (Online Training)
  780. Integrated Sales & Operations Planning
  781. Integrity and Trust (Online Training)
  782. Intermediate English Communication
  783. Internal combustion Engines (ICE) for Engine Drivers Training Program
  784. Internal Combustion Engines (ICE) for Internal Combustion Engine Engineers Competency Certification
  785. International Logistics Import-Export Shipping Procedures (Operations, Documentation, Container Management and CPTAT)
  786. International Shipping Procedures, Inconterm, Letter of Credit and Hemonized System (HS) Code
  787. Interpersonal And Communication Skills
  788. Interpersonal and Influencing Skills for Sales (Online Training)
  792. Interviewing Skills for Hiring Managers
  793. Interviewing, Selection & Hiring: How to Get The Right Person For the Right Job (Online Training)
  794. Introduction to Project Management (Online Training)
  795. Introduction to Quality Control Circle (QCC)
  796. Inventory Logistic Management (Online Training)
  797. Inventory Management
  798. Inventory Management In Supply Chains
  799. IQA (ISO/IEC 17025 - 2017)
  800. Islamic Banking Essentials
  801. ISO 13485:2016 Internal Auditor
  802. ISO 14001 Environmental Aspects And Impacts Training
  803. ISO 14001:2015 Awareness and Upgrading Training
  804. ISO 14001:2015 EMS Process Approach Risk-Based to Internal Quality Auditing Training
  805. ISO 14001:2015 Internal Audit (Online Training)
  806. ISO 14001:2015 Internal Audit Training
  807. ISO 17025:2017 Internal Auditor Training
  808. ISO 22000 : 2018 Awareness Training
  809. ISO 22000 : 2018 Internal Auditor Course
  810. ISO 22000 Internal Audit Training
  811. ISO 45001:2018 Internal Audit Training (Online Training)
  813. ISO 45001:2018 Requirements Training (Online Training)
  814. ISO 9001 : 2015 Requirements
  815. ISO 9001:2015 – Internal Auditing Techniques Training
  816. ISO 9001:2015 AND ISO 14001:2015 AWARENESS TRAINING
  817. ISO 9001:2015 Awareness Training
  818. ISO 9001:2015 Awareness Training (Online Training)
  819. ISO 9001:2015 Internal Audit (Process Approach And Risk Based) (Online Training)
  820. ISO 9001:2015 Internal Audit Training
  821. ISO 9001:2015 Internal Auditor Training & Risk Based Thinking
  822. ISO 9001:2015 Internal Auditor Transition
  823. ISO 9001:2015 Interpretation and Effective Implementation Training
  824. ISO 9001:2015 QMS Internal Auditor Training
  825. ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System Awareness
  826. ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Systems Awareness Training (Online Training)
  827. ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 AND ISO 45001:2015 INTERNAL AUDIT TRAINING
  828. ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018 AWARENESS TRAINING
  829. ISO-14001 : 2015 Awareness Workshop (Online Training)
  830. ISO-14001 Internal Audit Workshop (Online Training)
  831. ISO-IEC 17025 - 2017 Quality Awareness and Implementation
  832. ISO/IEC 17025:2017 Awareness and Understanding on Testing and Calibration Laboratories QMS (Online Training)
  834. Just-In-Time Production
  835. KAIZEN & POKA YOKE ( continuous improvement & mistake-proofing ) (Online Training)
  836. Kaizen and Poka Yoke at Work – Journey to Excellence
  837. KAIZEN for Continuous Improvement and Boosting Efficiency at Work (Online Training)
  838. Kaizen for Daily Continuous Improvement
  839. Kecerdasan Emosi Untuk Kecemerlangan Kerjaya
  840. Keeping Your Workforce Engaged
  841. Kemahiran Dalam Kepimpinan Bagi Penyelia Yang Berkecekapan Tinggi
  842. Kemahiran Pengurusan Praktikal Untuk Pengurus Yang Diperkasa
  843. Kemahiran Penyelia Menyelesaikan Masalah Secara Berkesan
  844. Kesedaran Produktiviti Untuk Leader & Operator
  845. Keseimbangan EQ Dalam Kerjaya
  846. Ketegasan Kecekapan Penyeliaan Dan Kepimpinan
  847. Key Account Management
  848. Kings Green Hotel
  849. Klana Beach Resort PD
  850. Klana Resort Seremban
  851. Knowing Self to Know Others
  852. Knowledge Management (Online Training)
  853. Kursus Kebebasan Kebimbangan Kewangan Melalui Strategi Psikologi
  854. Kursus Keselamatan Dalam Pengendalian dan Penyelenggaraan Forklif
  855. Kursus Keselamatan, Pengendalian Dan Penyelenggaraan Forklif
  856. Kursus Komunikasi Berteraskan Pendekatan Psikologi
  857. Kursus Memahami Akta Kerja 1955
  858. Kursus Motivasi & Perhubungan Awam Efektif
  859. Kursus Peningkatan Ketrampilan Penyeliaan
  860. Kursus Penyeliaan Berkesan
  861. Kursus Sifat Positif Dan Setia Dalam Kerja
  862. Latest Employment Laws Updates
  863. Law for Non-Lawyers
  864. Le Meridien Putrajaya
  865. Lead Auditor Course (ISO 9001:2015 NON-IRCA)
  866. Lead Into Performance
  867. Leaders For The New Era : Emotional Intelligence (Online Training)
  868. Leaders For The New Era: Emotional Intelligence
  869. Leadership (Standard)
  870. Leadership & Emotional Intelligence (EQ) for Managers
  871. Leadership & Management Training for Managers & Supervisors
  872. Leadership and Management Development (Online Training)
  873. Leadership Development & Strategic Thinking Training
  874. Leadership Development & Strategic Thinking Training (Online Training)
  875. Leadership Development & Strategic Thinking Training for Store Managers
  876. Leadership Development and Strategic Thinking Training (Online Training)
  877. Leadership Development Training
  878. Leadership Effectiveness Using NLP
  879. Leadership for IR4.0
  880. Leadership Fusion - Harnessing Diverse Brilliance (Conferences)
  881. Leadership in Action - Building Capabilities for The Future
  882. Leadership In VUCA Times (Online Training)
  883. Leadership Qualities for Dynamic Management
  884. Leadership Skill: Human - Centered Leadership
  885. Leadership Skills
  886. Leadership Skills For Executives And Supervisors
  887. Leadership Skills using NLP
  888. Leadership Transformation Program
  889. Leadership Transformation Program (Online Training)
  891. Leadership, Motivation & AMP; Supervisory Development Skills
  892. Leading Innovation (Online Training)
  893. Leading Through Changes Enabling & Dealing With Change (Online Training)
  894. Leading with Emotional Intelligence (Online Training)
  895. Leading with OMOIYARI
  897. Lean Management
  898. Lean Manufacturing
  899. Lean Manufacturing (Online Training)
  901. Learn Excel by Building Dashboards and Calculators
  902. Learning Valuable Emotional Intelligence (EI) Skills For Success At Work
  903. Legal Environmental Compliance Workshop (Online Training)
  904. Let's Say It Right
  905. Let's Talk and Write Professionally
  906. Letter of Credit: Documentation and Procedure
  907. Lexis Hibiscus Port Dickson
  908. Lexis Hotel PD
  909. Lockout and Tag Out Safety
  910. Lockout Tagout Safety
  911. Lost World of Tambun
  912. Machine Failure Analysis and Prevention
  913. Magnetic Customer Service using NLP
  914. Mahkota Hotel
  915. Maintaining a Motivated Remote Workforce (Part A)
  916. Maintaining a Motivated Remote Workforce (Part B)
  917. Maintenance & Inspection of Industrial Gearbox and Speed Reducers
  918. Maintenance and Inspection of Rotating Equipment
  919. Maintenance of Machinery Equipment
  920. Making Eye Catching Slides
  921. Malaysia Import and Export Procedures
  922. Malaysian Employment Act 1955
  923. Malaysian Labour Law – Employers’ Rights
  924. Manage a Virtual Team (Online Training)
  925. Manage Stress in a Rude World
  926. Manage Stress in a Rude World Rude
  927. Manage Time (Online Training)
  928. Management & Leadership Skills For First Time / Newly Promoted Supervisors And Managers
  929. Management By Objectives
  930. Management Development Program
  931. Management Factors in Import Export Trade (Online Training)
  932. Management of Expatriates for HR
  933. Management Review and Understanding Key Performance Indicators (KPI) and Key Results Area (KRA)
  934. Management Review and Understanding KPI and KRA Incorporating Performance Appraisal System
  935. Management Skills In Empowering People For Continuous Improvement
  936. Managerial Effectiveness
  937. Managerial Essentials
  938. Managing and Building Positive Work Attitudes & Behaviours
  939. Managing And Leading The New Millennials (Gen Y Employees)
  940. Managing Anger and Stress to Stay Focused at Workplace
  941. Managing Cash Flow & Collections Planning during Post-COVID 19 (Online Training)
  942. Managing Change For Performance Enhancement (Online Training)
  943. Managing Conflict at the Workplace
  944. Managing Conflict at the Workplace
  945. Managing Conflict Through Problem Solving
  946. Managing Customer Engagement Professionally
  947. Managing Data in Excel 2013 (Professional Edition) Power Pivot
  948. Managing Data with Formulas Function and Summarize with Pivot Table
  949. Managing Difficult Employees Effective For Positive Outcomes
  950. Managing Difficult People for Middle Management
  951. Managing Disciplinary and Industrial Relations
  952. Managing Disruption With Unprecedented Challenges (Online Training)
  953. Managing Fire Safety - a Real Life Practical Simulation
  954. Managing Generational Gaps in the Workplace
  955. Managing Harassment and Bullying in the Workplace
  956. Managing Incoterms 2020 ( I.C.C.) (Online Training)
  957. Managing Incoterms 2010, Shipping Procedures, & Import / Export Documentation
  958. Managing Information Overload
  959. Managing Innovation (Online Training)
  960. Managing Meetings and Minutes Writing
  961. Managing Misconduct & Domestic Inquiry The Right Way
  962. Managing Misconduct and Domestic Inquiry
  963. Managing Performance (Online Training)
  964. Managing Performance Through Feedback & Coaching
  965. Managing Procurement for Organization Performances
  967. Managing Self and Others, Self-Mastery With Positive Work Attitude
  968. Managing Self to Manage Change - Breaking Boundaries, Stretching Frontiers
  969. Managing Self To Manage Mindset
  970. Managing Self To Manage Mindset (Online Training)
  971. Managing Shipping with Incoterms & Payment Terms in International Trade
  972. Managing Stakeholders Engagement
  973. Managing Strategic Teams-The Sun Tzu’s Way
  974. Managing The Airway Bill
  975. Managing Through Systems (Online Training)
  976. Managing Time to Manage Workplace Performance
  977. Managing Uncertainty and Business Continuity During Crisis Situations (Online Training)
  978. Managing Vision and Purpose (Online Training)
  979. Managing Workplace Conflict
  980. Managing your Boss (Online Training)
  981. Manual Handling at Workplace
  982. Manufacturing Costing for Non-Costing Manager
  983. Market Intelligence - A Strategic Approach For Competitive Advantage
  984. Marketing Made Simple
  985. Marriott Putrajaya
  986. Master Emotional Intelligence (EI) For Work Balance
  987. Master Of Sales Strategy With Influencing & Negotiation Skills
  988. Mastering 10 Customer Support Skills Every Call Center Agent Should Have
  989. Mastering Advanced Kaizen Methodology and Problem solving
  990. Mastering Dashboard for Visual Report
  991. Mastering Difficult Accounting Issues
  992. Mastering E-Invoicing : a Comprehensive Guide for Malaysian Business
  993. Mastering Emotional Intelligence (EQ) For Effective Communication & Interpersonal Relationship
  994. Mastering Excellent Customer Service Skills & Managing Difficult Customers
  995. Mastering Incoterms in Import and Export
  996. Mastering Stakeholders Management Seminar
  997. Mastering Success (Online Training)
  998. Mastering Successful EQ ,Logical Thinking ,Problem Solving & Decision Making Skills In The Workplace
  999. Mastering the Art of Presentation through NLP, EQ & Personality
  1000. Mastering the Consultative Selling & Customer Relationship Management Skills To Increase Market Share
  1001. Mastering the Consultative Selling & Marketing Skills
  1002. Mastering The Consultative Selling Skills and Negotiation Strategies For Property Sales Consultants
  1003. Mastering the Customer Service Centric Consultative Selling Skills
  1004. Mastering the Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Consultative Upselling Skills
  1005. Mastering the NLP Advanced Consultative Selling Skills for Senior Sales Team
  1006. Mastering the Professional Retail Sales & Customer's Experience Skills for Retail Associates
  1007. Mastering the Professional Selling & Customer’s Experience Skills for Retail Sales Consultants
  1008. Mastering the Sales Funnel Management Training
  1009. Masters Of Negotiation Influence
  1010. Mastery ChatGPT
  1011. Maximizing Pivot Table
  1012. MBTI – Management Development Using Myers Briggs Type Indicator
  1013. Meaningful conversations (Online Training)
  1014. Measurement & Calibration
  1015. Measurement and Calibration Training
  1016. Measurement System Analysis (4th Edition) (Online Training)
  1017. Measurement System Analysis (MSA)
  1018. Meeting for Results
  1019. Melia Hotel
  1020. Menjiwai Nilai Hidup Dan Kerja Bagi Meningkatkan Ketrampilan Kepimpinan, Prestasi Dan Produktiviti
  1021. Mental Illness and Stress Management: Importance to Recognise and Seek Help
  1022. Mentoring For Emerging Female Leaders
  1023. Microsoft 365 Copilot: From Powerful Presentations to Dynamic Data Analysis
  1024. Microsoft Access Advance
  1025. Microsoft Excel - Foundation
  1026. Microsoft Excel - Intermediate
  1027. Microsoft Excel 2016 Intermediate
  1028. Microsoft Excel 2019 Advanced
  1029. Microsoft Excel 2019 Intermediate
  1030. Microsoft Excel 2021 Advanced
  1031. Microsoft Excel 2021 Foundation
  1032. Microsoft Excel 2021 Intermediate
  1033. Microsoft Excel 2021 Intermediate
  1034. Microsoft Excel 2021 Intermediate Customized
  1035. Microsoft Excel Advance
  1036. Microsoft Excel Advanced (Online Training)
  1037. Microsoft Excel Advanced 2019
  1038. Microsoft Excel Dashboard for Business Intelligence
  1039. Microsoft Excel Data Analysis and Pivot Table
  1040. Microsoft Excel Data Analysis and Reporting
  1041. Microsoft Excel Foundation
  1042. Microsoft Excel Intermediate
  1043. Microsoft Excel Intermediate 2010
  1044. Microsoft Office 2013: Streamlining Tasks
  1045. Microsoft PowerPoint 2019 Intermediate
  1046. Microsoft PowerPoint Advance
  1047. Microsoft PowerPoint Foundation
  1048. Microsoft PowerPoint Intermediate
  1049. Microsoft Project Advance
  1050. Mind Detox Program for Enhanced Work Programme
  1051. Mindfulness with EQ and Stress Management
  1052. Minimizing Work Stress (Online Training)
  1053. Modern Techniques in Auditing and Financial Control
  1054. Monster Branding Lab
  1055. Motion Graphics Using Adobe After Effects
  1056. Motivating Others (Online Training)
  1057. Motivating Recognizing and Appreciating Employees
  1058. Motivation & Positive Attitude Training
  1059. Motivation for Transformation
  1060. Moulding Young Professionals Into Dynamic Managers
  1061. Multi-Generational Workforce – No One Is Bad, It’s Just the Gap!
  1062. Mutiara Taman Negara
  1063. Negotiate to Win
  1064. Negotiating For Results (Online Training)
  1065. Negotiating with Influence and Persuasion Towards A Win-Win Situation
  1066. Negotiating with the Devil
  1067. Negotiation & Influencing Skills (Online Training)
  1068. Negotiation and Cost Reduction – A Behavioural Perspective
  1069. Negotiation Practices in the Supply Chain
  1070. Negotiation Skill Getting the Best Deal
  1071. Negotiation Skills using NLP
  1072. Networking & Connecting Through Effective Communication - Learn To Release Your Hidden Talents for Maximum Achievement
  1073. Networking Skills (Online Training)
  1074. Networking, Business and Social Etiquette
  1075. Networking, Protocol & Business Etiquette
  1076. Nilai Springs Resort
  1077. NLP Sales Funnel
  1078. NON-Negotiator’s Negotiation
  1079. Nur Lembah Pangsun Eco Resort
  1080. Nurturing After Sales (Online Training)
  1081. Nurturing Innovation (Online Training)
  1082. Occupational First Aider Competency
  1083. Occupational Safety & Health (OSH) Committee Audit Workshop (Online Training)
  1084. Occupational Safety & Health (OSH) Management Workshop (Online Training)
  1085. Occupational Safety and Health at the Workplace
  1086. Occupational Safety And Health At Warehouse
  1087. Occupational Safety and Health at Workplace Program
  1088. Occupational Safety and Health Awareness
  1089. OEME Operational Excellence with Microsoft Excel
  1090. Omoiyari In Times of Crisis (Online Training)
  1091. On Target Marketing Practices
  1092. Open Innovation (Online Training)
  1093. Operational Excellence with Microsoft Excel
  1094. Operational Excellence with Microsoft Excel (Part A)
  1095. Operational Excellence with Microsoft Excel (Part B)
  1096. Operations Efficiency Readiness: Getting Ready for Recovery Preparation (Online Training)
  1097. Opportunity Recognition (Online Training)
  1098. Optimising Occupational Safety & Health in Oil & Gas
  1099. Optimising Occupational Safety and Health at Workplace Program
  1100. Optimizing & Managing the Sales Tax Exemptions & Credits (Online Training)
  1101. Organizational Adaptibility (Change values)
  1102. Organizational Adaptibility (Change values) (Online Training)
  1103. Organizing the Store, Warehouse & Managing Inventory Effectively (Online Training)
  1104. Organizing the Store, Warehouse and Managing Inventory Effectively
  1105. OSHA Act 1994 and Regulations
  1106. OSHA and the Roles and Responsibilities of the OSH/SHC Communitee
  1107. Overview of Total HR Management, Functions and Systems
  1108. Overview on 5 ‘S’ Training
  1109. Overview On 5 Why Analysis Training
  1110. Overview on How to Practise Lean Management
  1111. Overview on Refresher and How to Conduct an Internal Audit Effectively ISO 9001:2015
  1112. Pacific Regency Hotel Suites KL
  1113. Partnering & Engaging Your Boss
  1114. Payroll Computations with latest Employment Laws updates
  1115. Pengurusan Gudang, Stor and Inventori Berkesan
  1116. Pengurusan Gudang, Stor dan Inventori Yang Berkesan
  1117. Pengurusan Khidmat Pelanggan
  1118. Pengurusan Masa dan Tekanan
  1120. People Management Skills Workshop
  1121. Perceptual Flexibility (Online Training)
  1122. Perfecting the Art of Writing Clear and Effective Emails 1 day Training
  1123. Perfecting the Art of Writing Clear and Effective Emails 2 days Training
  1124. Performance Appraisal Management (Online Training)
  1125. Performance Management towards Employee Development
  1126. Performance Management– KPI & Appraisal
  1127. Performance Review (Online Training)
  1128. Perseverance (Online Training)
  1129. Person Exempted from Service Tax & Services (Online Training)
  1130. Personal & Organizational Effectiveness : Put Your Best Work Forward Everyday (Online Training)
  1131. Personal Change – The World and Me
  1132. Personal Data Protection Act
  1133. Personal Data Protection Act 2010
  1134. Personal Data Protection Act 2010 & Standards 2015 and Compliance Implementation
  1135. Personal Data Protection Act 2010/ Standards 2015 and Implementing Compliance
  1136. Personal Effectiveness & Development for Extraordinary Performance
  1137. Personal Empowerment
  1138. Personal Grooming Workshop – For Inbound Employees
  1139. Personal Image Empowerment in the Post Pandemic Era
  1140. Personal Leadership & Followership Skills
  1141. Personal Leadership & Inner Mastery, Outer Impact: Bridging the Difference for Highest Performance
  1142. Personal Protective Equipment
  1143. Personality Based Selling
  1144. Persuasive and Influencing Skills
  1145. Persuasive and Influential Presentation Skills Using NLP
  1146. Persuasive Telephone Skills In Customer Service
  1147. Philea Resort & Spa Melaka
  1148. Plan & Manage Your Project
  1149. Planning & Execution For Productivity Enhancement, Personal & Organizational Effectiveness (Online Training)
  1150. Planning & Implementing Events
  1151. Planning An Effective Promotion Strategy
  1152. Planning And Facilitating Effective Meetings For Time Management
  1153. Planning and Managing Projects
  1154. Planning Training (Online Training)
  1155. Planning, Prioritization, and Goal Setting
  1157. PMP Exam Preparation Course
  1158. PMP Preparation Course (Online Training)
  1159. PMP® Preparation Course
  1160. PNB Ilham Resort, Port Dickson
  1161. Poka Yoke Workshop/Training -Mistake Proofing Towards Zero Defects (Online Training)
  1162. Positive Action Leadership
  1163. Positive Company Culture
  1164. Positive Mental Attitude (Online Training)
  1166. Power Excel: Analyzing Data to Make Business Decisions
  1167. Power Intro (Online Training)
  1168. Power of Appreciation and Recognition Program
  1169. Power Persuasion (Online Training)
  1170. Power Pivot for Excel 2013: Mining Data for Business Intelligence
  1171. Power Query and Power Pivot
  1172. Power Up Workshop Using NLP
  1173. Power Up, Your Outlook Matters! (Men)
  1174. Power Up, Your Outlook Matters! (Women)
  1175. Powerful Public Speaking
  1176. Powerful Strategies for Managing and Preventing Conflict
  1177. Powerful Visualization Using Power Bi
  1179. Practical Accounting and Financial Skills
  1180. Practical Approach To Quality Control
  1181. Practical Effective Autonomous Maintenance
  1182. Practical Guide to Business Writings
  1183. Practical Job Grading, Developing Salary Scales and Effective Salary Administration
  1184. Practical Payroll Computation Workshop & Employment Act 1955 (Understanding And Application)
  1185. Practical Production Resource Planning, Scheduling & Activity Control
  1186. Practical Thinking Skills For PSDM & Work Performance Think Right, Act Right!
  1187. Precision Neuro Linguistic Programming Certification
  1188. Preparation Of ‘Full Set’ Of Financial Statements
  1189. Preparation of Consolidated Financial Statements
  1190. Preparation of Substantive Reports
  1191. Prepare your Biz Survival for Post-COVID 19 (Online Training)
  1192. Preparing Supervisors, New Managers / Leaders For The Tough / New / Knowledge Economy
  1193. Preparing your Business for E-Invoicing in Malaysia : a Comprehensive Guide
  1194. Present Like A Pro
  1195. Presentation of Financial Statements & Annual Reports
  1196. Presentation Skills
  1197. Presentation Skills : How To Create A Powerful And Dynamic Presentations
  1198. Presentation Skills (Online Training)
  1199. Presentation Skills 101
  1200. Presentation Skills Workshop
  1201. Presentation with Purpose
  1202. Prevention & Eradication of Sexual Harassment in your Workplace
  1203. Preventive & Predictive Maintenance (Online Training)
  1204. Preventive and Predictive Maintenance
  1205. Preventive And Predictive Maintenance (Online Training)
  1208. Principles of Marketing
  1209. Principles of Preventive Maintenance
  1211. Proactive Maintenance Management
  1212. Probing Skills (Online Training)
  1213. Problem Solving & Decision Making (Online Training)
  1214. Problem Solving & Root Cause Analysis (Online Training)
  1215. Problem Solving and Decision Making
  1216. Problem Solving and Decision Making Methodology
  1217. Problem Solving and Decision Making Skills
  1218. Problem Solving Tools Associated Towards Cycle Time Reduction Though systematic Root Cause Analysis
  1219. Problem Solving With SCORE (Online Training)
  1220. Process Failure Mode Effects Analysis (PFMEA) Fourth Edition
  1221. Process Innovation (Online Training)
  1222. Procurement & Inventory Management
  1223. Procurement and Inventory Management
  1224. Product Costing
  1225. Productive Conversation
  1226. Professional Business Writing
  1227. Professional Business Writing Styles with NLP " Writing it Right "
  1228. Professional Corporate Grooming & Behavioral for New Executives
  1229. Professional Ethics Skills Workshop
  1230. Professional Image Branding and Customer Service Enhancement for Hotel Front-Liners
  1231. Professional Positive Work Habit & Self-Motivation Skills Using NLP
  1232. Professional Report Writing Skills: The Simple Yet Effective Way
  1233. Professional Scrum Developer
  1234. Professional Scrum Master (PSM)
  1235. Professional Scrum Product Owner
  1237. Professional Telephone Courtesy & Customer Service
  1238. Professional Work Etiquette, Customer Service, and Communication Skills
  1239. Program and Budget Analysis Using Microsoft Excel
  1240. Program Pembangunan Penyeliaan Cemerlang
  1241. Program Perancangan Persaraan
  1242. Project Cost and Financial Management
  1243. Project Cost Control
  1244. Project Management Advanced
  1245. Project Management Basic Essentials
  1246. Project Management Essentials
  1247. Project Management Essentials: A Practical Approach
  1248. Project Management Fundamentals (PMF)
  1249. Project Management Life-Skills Foundation
  1250. Project Planning & Implemetation
  1251. Project Planning and Implementation
  1252. Pulai Spring Resort & Spa
  1253. Pump Maintenance Technology
  1254. Pump Up Your Creative and Analytical Muscles
  1255. Purchasing and Inventory Control
  1256. Purchasing and Negotiation Skills
  1257. Purchasing and Negotiation Skills (Online Training)
  1258. Puteri Bayu Resort
  1259. Qualities of High EQ People (Online Training)
  1260. Quality Customer Service
  1261. Quality Management for Software Projects
  1263. Quick - Wins for Now Results
  1264. RA & IQA for ISO/IEC17025 - 2017
  1265. Rapport Building to Connect
  1266. Re-Inventing Strategic Direction for Biz Continuity during Covid-19 (Online Training)
  1267. Reach Truck Safety Training
  1268. Refreshing Spring Resort Tanjong Malim
  1269. Relationship Selling (Online Training)
  1270. Remote Leading and Managing Team Performance (Online Training)
  1271. Report Writing Skills For Technical People
  1272. Report Writing: The Art of Writing a Good Report
  1273. Resilience – Transforming Obstacles to Opportunities
  1275. Responsible Business Alliance (RBA) 6.0 Internal Audit Labor & Business Ethics (Online Training)
  1276. Restart to a New Normal
  1277. Retail Store Management Training
  1278. Rigging, Slinging, Hoisting & Lifting Operation Safety
  1279. Risk Management - Fraud Prevention & Forensics
  1280. Risk Management in Business Organization
  1281. Risk Management Training
  1282. Root Cause Analysis (Online Training)
  1284. Root Cause Analysis (RCA) With Creative and Innovative Solutions and Effective Report Writing Skills
  1285. Root Cause Analysis And FMEA Training
  1286. Root Cause Problem Solving Techniques
  1287. S.O.P Training
  1288. Safe Chemicals Handling And Spillage
  1289. Safe Handling & Maintenance Inspection of Overhead Cranes
  1291. Safety & Health in Warehousing & Logistics
  1292. Safety and Health At Workplace
  1293. Safety and Health Management Training
  1295. Sales Closing Techniques (Online Training)
  1296. Sales Espresso Workshop
  1299. Sales Mindset (Online Training)
  1300. Sales Training with NLP
  1301. Screening Resumes (Online Training)
  1302. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) –  Intermediate to Advance
  1303. Sebana Cove Resort
  1304. Secretaries and PA Development Programme
  1305. Selecting Candidates (Online Training)
  1306. Self-Motivation for Sales-Mastery
  1307. Self-Motivation-To Unlock the Drive Hidden within Ourselves
  1308. Selling Made Simple : Tools to Jump Start Your Sales Success
  1309. Selling Made Simple: Tools to Jump Start Your Sales Success
  1310. Sensory Acuity (Online Training)
  1312. Servant Leadership & Building a Dynamic Team
  1313. Service Excellence Now Mindset
  1314. Service Mindset @ Work
  1315. Service Tax
  1316. Service Tax – Forwarding Industry
  1317. Service Tax Principle and Practice (Online Training)
  1318. Setting Up A Safety Committee and Implementing OSHA
  1319. Seven Habits of Highly Effective People
  1320. Shake It Up
  1321. Sharpening Your Writing Skills in Letter and E-Mail for Business Advantage
  1322. Shipping Documentation, Incoterms 2020 and International Trade Financing
  1323. Sibu Island Resort ( Sari Pacifica)
  1324. Sikap Kerja Positif
  1325. Situational Leadership Essentials
  1326. Situational Leadership Skills Training
  1327. Six Thinking Hats TM
  1328. Smart Retirement Plan
  1329. SME on Preventive Maintenance Program
  1330. Social Media Marketing
  1331. Social Media Marketing 101
  1332. SPC and Quality Approach – Statistical Process Control for Manufacturing Excellence
  1333. Speak peak – Presenting with Impact and Purpose Duration
  1334. Speak Up & Move Up: English Communication at The Workplace
  1335. Speak With Power (Online Training)
  1336. Spin Selling
  1337. Squid Game Winning Strategy In Leadership ,Teamwork , Mental Strength & Creativity
  1338. SST (Online Training)
  1339. Stakeholders Management
  1340. State Management (Online Training)
  1341. Statistical Process Control (SPC)
  1342. Statistical Process Control & Process Capability
  1344. Statistical Process Control Basic (Online Training)
  1345. Stay Fit: Strategies for a Healthier Future
  1346. Stay Motivated and Lead Change Effectively
  1348. Storytelling to Inspire
  1349. Strategic & Business Management
  1350. Strategic & Creative Marketing
  1351. Strategic Agility (Online Training)
  1352. Strategic Business Planning and Budgeting
  1353. Strategic Influencing (Online Training)
  1354. Strategic Leadership and People Management Skills
  1356. Strategic Management & Thinking – Driving Your Business Into the Next Level
  1357. Strategic Management Essentials
  1358. Strategic Management in a Digital Economy
  1359. Strategic Marketing and Customer Strategy
  1360. Strategic Performance Management And Appraisal
  1361. Strategic Performance Measurement and Appraisal ( Using Balance Scorecard )
  1362. Strategic Planning
  1363. Strategic Planning & Management In A Fast Changing Economy
  1365. Strategic Procurement & Inventory Management (Online Training)
  1366. Strategic Procurement and Inventory Management System
  1368. Strategic Supply Chain Management
  1369. Strategic Thinking & Planning
  1370. Strategic Thinking & Planning (Online Training)
  1371. Strategic Thinking for Manager
  1372. Strategic Thinking Program
  1373. Strategic Thinking: From Vision to Action
  1374. Strategic Warehouse and Supply Chain Management (Warehouse Management Roles In Logistics and Supply Chain Management)
  1375. Strategic Workforce Performance Management (POLC TO BSC)
  1376. Strategies to Manage Difficult Employees & Building a Motivated & Productive Team for Middle Management
  1377. Strawberry Park Resort
  1378. Strengthening Mental Toughness and Resilience
  1379. Stress and Anger Management
  1380. Stress Management – Stop Stressing & Start Living
  1381. Stress Management (Online Training)
  1382. Stress Management Workshop
  1383. Stress Management Workshop (Online Training)
  1384. Subliminal Persuasion For Better Leadership (Online Training)
  1385. Success In Telephone Sales
  1386. Successful Administrative & Office Management Skills
  1387. Successful Business Transformation
  1388. Successful Business Transformation – The Lean Strategy
  1389. Successful Communication and Interpersonal Skills
  1391. Successful Interviewing Strategies using Structured Behavioural Interviews
  1392. Successful Project Management (SPM)
  1393. Successful Selling Skills Creating Sales Warriors
  1394. Successfully Managing People in the Rapidly Changing Environment
  1395. Succession Plan Program
  1396. Sun Tzu’s Art of War - “Developing The Sales Entrepreneur”
  1397. Sun Tzu’s Art of War - Marketing Approach
  1398. Sun Tzu’s Art Of War (Online Training)
  1399. Sun Tzu’s Business Strategies
  1400. Sunway Clio Hotel
  1401. Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa
  1402. Supervisor in Action
  1403. Supervisory Development Skills Towards Higher Productivity
  1404. Supervisory Skills – Developing the Best Leaders
  1405. Supervisory, Leadership & Motivation
  1406. Supplier Quality Management (Online Training)
  1407. Supply Chain & Logistics Operation Management
  1408. Supporting Your Boss: Breaking Through The Secretary Obstacles
  1409. Sustainability Reporting
  1410. Sustainable Facilities Management
  1411. Swiss Garden Beach Kuantan
  1412. Swiss Garden Damai Laut
  1413. Swiss Garden Melaka
  1414. Swiss-Inn Johor Bahru
  1415. Swiss-Inn Sungai Petani
  1416. Synergy Shakers
  1417. System Thinking in Agile and ITIL environments
  1419. Tame the Time Monster
  1420. Tax Transfer Pricing
  1421. Team Building Activites Services
  1422. Team Building- Out of Yourself and Into Wining Team
  1423. Team Effectiveness
  1424. Technical Report Writing and Presentation Skills Programme
  1425. Technical Report Writing with Personal Learning Path
  1426. Technical Supervisory Skills
  1427. Technical Writing for HSE (Health Safety Environment)
  1428. Technology Management for Engineers
  1429. Teknik-Teknik Jualan Yang Berkesan
  1430. Telemarketing (Online Training)
  1431. Telephone and Email Management
  1432. Test Driven Development
  1433. The ‘C.U.T.E’ Principle of Effective Problem Solving and Decision Making
  1434. The 21st Century Leaders In Action
  1435. The 6 Perceptual Positions Program
  1436. The 6-Sigma Approach – Driving Quality Through DMAIC Team Approach Problem Solving
  1437. The 7 New QC Management Tools
  1438. The ABC’s Of Coaching (Level 1)
  1439. The ABC’s Of Coaching & Mentoring
  1440. The Art of Communication & Influence
  1441. The Art of Effective Communicator
  1442. The Art of Influencing Through Story Telling
  1443. The Art Of Leadership Coaching
  1444. The Art of Leadership Time, Conflict and Stress Management
  1445. The Art Of Questions (Online Training)
  1446. The Art of Selling
  1447. The Assertive Supervisory & Leadership Competency
  1448. The Awakening: Shifting Mindset, Attitudes and Behaviors for Peak Performance
  1449. The Bespoke Leader: Self - Leadership + Time Management
  1450. The Buzan Technique – Effective Thinking for Higher Performance
  1451. The C.U.T.E Principle of Effective Problem Solving and Decision Making
  1452. The C.U.T.E Principle of Problem Solving and Decision Making
  1453. The Change Accelerator (Be Achievement-Crazy)
  1454. The Complete Marketing Plan Part 1 (Online Training)
  1455. The Complete Marketing Plan Part 2 (Online Training)
  1456. The Contact Centre Training Series
  1457. The Contact Centre Training / Crisis Communication
  1458. The Contact Centre Training / Crisis Communication
  1459. The Cost-Saving Workforce
  1460. The Employment Act & Amendments to Regulations
  1461. The Essential of Event Manager, Inventory Warehousing and Logistics
  1462. The Essential of Purchasing Management
  1463. The Essential of Store & Warehouse Operation Management
  1464. The Essential of Warehouse Operation Management
  1465. The Essential of Warehouse Operation Management and Inventory Control
  1466. The Essentials of Finance for Non-Financial Managers and Executives ( Business Stimulation) (Online Training)
  1467. The Excellent Habits for Effective Executives & Managers
  1468. The Executive Business Acumen
  1469. The Five Essentials of A Winning Team
  1470. The Framing Games (Online Training)
  1471. The Grand Beach Resort PD
  1472. The Habits of Effective Executives And Middle Management
  1473. The Haven resort Hotel Ipoh, Best Western
  1474. The Inspiring Presenter: How to Create & Deliver High Impact Presentations (Online Training)
  1475. The Inspiring Presenter: How to Create and Deliver High Impact Presentations
  1476. The Interview Mastery Workshop
  1477. The Islamic Fundamental Financial Plan
  1478. The Journey to Effective Leadership
  1479. The Law of Retrenchment and Termination (Online Training)
  1480. The Leadership Mindset: How to Be the Leader That Others Follow (Leadership Skill)
  1481. The New Leaders (Online Training)
  1482. The Organization Development Programme
  1483. The P.A (Personal Assistant), the Gatekeeper
  1484. The Polished Administrative Assistant: Keeping Those around You Organized, On Time and On Track
  1485. The Power of Effective Telemarketing Workshop
  1486. The Power of Momentum
  1487. The Power of NLP Thinking Big and Self Motivation
  1488. The Practice of Good Housekeeping Through 5S (Online Training)
  1489. The Practice of Good Housekeeping Through 7s
  1490. The Psychology of Effective Communications
  1491. The Resilience Edge
  1492. The Shore Hotel & Residences
  1493. The STAR Principle Towards Effective Customer Service
  1494. The Supercharged Race
  1495. The Supercharged Team
  1496. The Systematic Thinking Course
  1497. The Three Kingdoms (Applying the Strategy, Tactics and Leadership in the modern world)
  1498. The Ultimate Call Centre Pro: Delivering Outstanding Telephone Customer Service Experience
  1499. The Ultimate Leader: Awaken the Leader Within & Unleash Potential
  1500. The Vaccine of Strategic Leadership
  1501. Think New - Mind Mapping Workshop
  1502. Thinking Outside The Box (TOB) & Problem Solving Skills
  1503. Thistle JB
  1504. Thistle PD
  1505. Time & Stress Management
  1506. Time & Stress Management - A Bi-Brain Approach
  1507. Time & Stress Management (Online Training)
  1508. Time and Stress Management (Online Training)
  1509. Time and Stress Management to Optimize Daily Productivity
  1510. Time and Stress Management using NLP
  1511. Time Management (Online Training)
  1512. Time Management and Multi-Tasking Skills
  1513. Time Management for Success Webinar
  1514. TNA and Training ROI
  1515. Total Preventive and Predictive Maintenance
  1518. Total Productive Maintenance (Online Training)
  1519. Total Productive Maintenance (TPM)
  1520. Total Productive Maintenance Towards Effective Maintenance
  1521. Total Quality Management
  1522. Towards Effective Communication in Providing Quality Customer Service in the Healthcare Industry
  1523. Toyota Way: A3 Thinking Process
  1524. TQM: Creating a Culture of Continuous Improvement Workshop
  1525. Tractor Safety Training Program
  1526. Train The Trainer
  1527. Train the Trainer (TTT)
  1528. Training for Calibration Program
  1529. Training Need Analysis - An Essential Element to Upgrade Skills
  1530. Training Need Analysis and Evaluation of Training for Higher Productivity
  1531. Training Needs Analysis and Training Evaluation
  1532. Training Needs Analysis in the Digital Age
  1533. Training Workshop: Agile Mindset
  1534. Transformational Roles And Functions Of Strategic HR Leaders
  1535. Transforming An Effective Safety & Health Committee in The Workplace
  1536. Transforming Data To Decision
  1537. Troubleshooting & Process Improvement
  1538. Turning Around Non-Profitable Business Operations
  1539. UK Farm JB
  1540. Understand the Meaning and Content of Financial Statements (Online Training)
  1541. Understanding & Application of the Employment Act 1955
  1542. Understanding & Handling Your Auditors
  1543. Understanding 8D Report Problem Solving Training (Online Training)
  1544. Understanding and creating Successful OKR’s
  1545. Understanding and Implementation of Key Performance Indicators (KPI) and Key Results Area (KRA) (Online Training)
  1546. Understanding and Implementation of Responsible Business Alliance (RBA Version 7.1)
  1547. Understanding Basic IATF 16949:2016 5 Core Tools (Online Training)
  1548. Understanding Employment Act 1955 & Industrial Relations Act 1967
  1549. Understanding Employment Act 1955 and Its Implications
  1550. Understanding Employment Act 1995 and Its Implications
  1551. Understanding Financial Statements
  1552. Understanding Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing
  1553. Understanding Human Resource Management for Team Leaders
  1554. Understanding IATF 16949:2016 5 Core Tools (Online Training)
  1555. Understanding Key Performance Indicators
  1556. Understanding of Six Sigma & Specific Tools Workshop
  1557. Understanding Risk Factors in Bill of Lading
  1558. Understanding Six Sigma Tools And Techniques
  1559. Understanding The Employment ACT 1995 and The I.R.A 1967 ( with recent amendments )
  1560. Understanding the Labour Law and Employment Act 1955
  1563. Understanding the Risk Factors in Airway Bill
  1564. Understanding the Shipping of Dangerous Goods (DG)
  1565. Unleashing the Power of AI for Business Excellence with a Focus on HR Strategic Goals – ChatGPT
  1566. Useful Formulas and Functions
  1567. Using the Power of 6 Thinking Hats for Innovation
  1569. Value Driven Professional
  1570. Values Creation & Benefits Realisation Strategy
  1573. VDA 6.3 Process Audit Training (Edition 3: 2016) (Online Training)
  1574. Vendor and Supplier Relationship Management – Risks and Rewards
  1575. Vendor Management in Relationships and Risks
  1576. Virtual Communication
  1577. Virtual Presentation Skills (Online Training)
  1578. Vision, Mission and Goal Setting
  1579. Visual 5S Towards Productive Workplace
  1581. Visualize Stunning & Dynamic Dashboard
  1582. Warehouse Management
  1583. Warehouse Management Integrated with Supply Chain and Logistics
  1585. Waste Elimination Through Implementing 5S Practices Effectively (2 Days)
  1586. Wellness & Change Management Workshop
  1587. Wellness Workshop Better Health, Better Life
  1588. What Great Managers Need (To Foster Employee Engagement)
  1589. Winning Attitude (Online Training)
  1590. Withholding Tax Workshop Principles
  1591. Withholding Tax Workshop Principles and Latest Rulings
  1592. Work Ethics
  1593. Work Life Balance (Online Training)
  1594. Workers in Transitions : A Guide for Retrenched Workers (Online Training)
  1595. Working at Height Training
  1596. Working Smart with Microsoft Excel
  1597. Workplace English
  1598. Workplace First Responder: First Aid, CPR & AED Program
  1599. Workplace Interpersonal Communication Skills: Developing Effective Relationships
  1600. Workplace Safety and Inspection
  1601. Workshop on Business Law: Selected Areas: Contract and Sales of Goods (Online Training)
  1602. Workshop on Business Law: Selected Areas: Law of Agency and Law of Tort (Online Training)
  1603. World Class Customer Service @ Call Centres
  1604. Wow! What The Fish?
  1605. Write Effortlessly (Online Training)
  1606. Writing Business Letters And Emails
  1607. Writing Effective Emails & Letters
  1608. Writing Effective Emails and Letters (Online Training)
  1609. Writing Minutes and Meeting Notes (Online Training)
  1610. Xcape Resort


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