Who cares about Safety at Work? Hello.Cannot.

We all know that safety is everyone’s utmost priority at this point of time with the pandemic going on. However safety, at least to us, means much more than just wearing masks, sanitizing your hands or social distancing. 

Safety is much more than that.
At Quorse we recognize that your organization might have multiple vulnerabilities that needs to be addressed to promote a safe environment not just for your employees but for your business to thrive. While offices has implemented strict social distancing, temperature monitoring, providing sanitizer and other related measures, there are other aspects in the office that should not be ignored as well.

As such, we’ve prepared a full suite of Safety courses for you.

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#1 – First Aid, CPR & AED Certification (Game Based Learning) + Covid-19 Prevention Teaching Plan
First AID, CPR and AED is an important aspect of employees as nobody expects for the worst to happen. Just one wrong decision can result in a catastrophic accident. All the more reasons why you need to make sure that your workplace is safe for your employees. Whatever industry your business belongs to, there always seems to be an accident waiting to happen; either as a result of wet floors or mistakenly getting your finger caught in a machine or worst…your boss having a heart attack during a post-mco sales meeting #plsno

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#2 – Cyber Security – How Much Are You Risking?
Cyber-security is the practice of securing networks, systems and any other digital infrastructure from malicious attacks. With cyber-crime damages projected to exceed a staggering $6 trillion by 2021, it’s no wonder banks, tech companies, hospitals, government agencies and just about every other sector are investing in cyber-security infrastructure to protect their business practices and the millions of customers that trust them with their data.

The second aspect of safety in office is of course, cyber-security. Most work are done on laptop and desktops and some companies even have in-house servers to store sensitive data. All these data points are a target for a cyber attack. Many tech companies have been a victim of cyber-attacks, exposing millions of user data, some causing financial losses. As such, our course aims to educate employees on safe practices to minimize cyber-attacks from happening. 

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#3 – Health Is Wealth Workshop + Health Screening
Finally, a happy and healthy employee is a productive employee, which also helps the employer to save on medical cost as it rises rapidly over the year. Stress in workplace was one of the main factor of health problems such as high blood pressure, depression or even suicide. 

Our health and wellness course will guide you towards a healthy lifestyle – bringing down stress to a manageable level and boosting morale to create a conducive environment for both employers and employee to have a healthy working relationship. Physical and mental health is one thing that money cannot buy and should be cherished dearly #mentalhealthawareness

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The 360 Safety Suite
This Safety Suite will tackle all safety aspects in your workplace head-on. From safety of employees to technology security to physical and mental wellness, our training will guide employees to improve their working environment, minimize hazard risk, protect company’s information and assets and most importantly, providing a working environment that every employee look forward to everyday #goals

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