Excel, can it be self-taught?

Before we even touch base on what can be self-taught, one thing is for sure. You gotta WANT IT. Easier said than done,
we all want to get better at many things but did we take action or is it all nothing but lip service?

So…the question is – Can you learn Excel yourself using good old internet?

Well, yes and no.

Most of us at some time or another turned to Google or YouTube to figure out a problem or find a formula we saw that
could make our life easier, so in regards to quick fixes this may be a good solution.

Now how many of us actually got the answer we wanted or better yet, shown how to achieve the desired results
using the best method Excel has to offer? 

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Self-learning is fine as an alternative, but let’s look at 
Why you should learn Excel from a Pro


The Right Method 
Learning the best and proper methods to get the results you want.

There are many ways to get an answer but learning the best and most effective way enables you
to save a ton of time and churn out those pesky last minute reports in a snap!

Get Creative
Surprised? With knowledge comes power!

Whether you’re compiling data to analyze, preparing reports, sorting out the company’s finances –
truly knowing the full potential of Excel gives you the ability to sort and showcase data like never before!  

Questions, Questions, Questions
Nothing beats asking a Pro directly.

Forget going through forums or posting a question that you need an immediate answer for.
What’s worst, you tried a provided solution and it doesn’t work! 

The Summary
Self-learning is an awesome pro-active habit (if you got this, kudos to you!) but it should always be an
add-on feature to further enhance the knowledge attained from a proper learning session.

With that said, feel free to pick up the many tips and tricks on the net but remember in life there are no short-cuts 

Here’s some advise from the Pro herself, Trainer Su Ann!
A Total Whiz at Excel  😉

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