Performance Appraisal Management (Online Training)

Course Objectives

The performance of organizations is among the top agendas in any management. But the appraisal of performance has become more of a disappointment, if not anger, to many employees, instead of a good tool to increase performance. This course is designed to develop the skills and understanding of the PA process.

Participants will learn how to:

  • Set expectations and work together to improve performance
  • Assess performance strengths and weaknesses
  • Conduct a structured and participative appraisal session
  • Review their performance appraisal skill based on constructive feedback.

Target Audience

Supervisors, officers, engineers, executives, managers, senior managers and top management, and others who need to appraise their staff.


This Live Online / Virtual Training session will be conducted via a Live Streaming Platform in which the trainer will use interactive lecture and slide presentation to cover the modules stated below.

Course Modules

  • Introduction to Performance Appraisal (PA)
    – to understand the overall picture on PA

  • Reasons for PA
    – to properly elaborate the reasons, and also why some companies don’t do this properly

  • Requirements for Successful PA
    – what can cause PA system to be great, and what to avoid

  • Types & Roles of PA in Organizations
    – participants would have a good understanding on the various types of PA, and the respective roles of PA systems

  • Typical mistakes of evaluators
    – traps to avoid by the persons doing the evaluation, i.e. superior of someone

  • Common problems associated with PA
    – what are the misunderstanding related to PA and discussions on issues companies commonly face

  • Goals of PA
    – to properly align the PA so as to jive with whole performance system

  • Typical Responsibilities (PA) of the Human Resource Department
    – understand and clarify the HR roles and responsibilities

  • Typical Managerial Roles
    – understand and clarify roles of management

  • Reinforcement Theory
    – how to use PA to reinforce behaviors

  • Defining what organisation expects & objective measurements (e.g. KPI):
    – have good understanding on KPI, its objectivity and linkage to PA

  • Feedback skills:
    – how to provide constructive feedback to enhance morale and motivation

  • Assessing target areas for improvement:
    – to close the performance gap and to improve not just individual but department and organization

  • Structuring the appraisal session:
    – how to set up the PA session appropriately

  • Conducive setting to encourage discussion:
    – induce a 2-way communication between appraisor and appraisee

  • Identifying improvement needs:
    – to come to agreement on what, when and the how of improvement, in other words, secure the agreement on development plan

  • Managing poor performance:
    – how to confront issues constructively, including how to handle difficult situations

  • How to handle salary review:
    – properly manage the sensitive issues of salary and financial incentives

Get To Know The Trainer

Trainer Andrew


Andrew has been a trainer and management consultant since 1991, specializing in the areas of Strategic Thinking, Leadership Transformation, Lean, QC Tools, VSM, 8D Problem Solving, performance management, productivity improvement, behavioral change, and Critical & Creative Thinking.

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