Free Trade Areas (FTAs) And Licensed Manufacturing Warehouse (LMWs)

Course Objectives

Understand the concept of Licensed Manufacturing Warehouse  Understand the conditions to be complied with, its application and what benefits are derived from making use of such facility and not the least the requirements to be complied with  Understand how exporters, importers and manufacturers can expand their share into various markets through preferential tariff treatment  Envisage growth of new sectors such as high technology industries, biotechnology, manufacturing related services, ICT and multimedia  Understand how FTAS could assist in further development of SME and remain competitive not only in Malaysia but also in the global market

Target Audience

This program is designed for all Traders, Manufacturers, importers, Exporters who desire to obtain import duty exemptions, tax and who want to take advantage of benefits offered by FTAS in reducing costs, expand into new market and to remain competitive; Tax Consultant, Finance Manager and Accountants


This program is essentially participative and practical, emphasizing learning through experience, both from structured activities on the program e.g. Role plays, group work, video screening, case studies and discussion from individual experience.

Course Modules

Module 1 – Customs Organization & Structure
Module 2 – Licensed Manufacturing Warehouse
Module 3 – Application for LMW License / Documentations
Module 4 – Exemptions under LMW
Module 5 – LMW Procedures and Documentation
Module 6 – Control over Premises and Enforcement by Controlling Station
Module 7 – IPC Activities in LMW
Module 8 – Valued Added Activities in LMW
Module 9 – Conditions Of LMW
Module 10 – Offences & Penalties under LMWS
Free Trade Areas
Module 11 – Objectives of FTAS
Module 12 – Rationale behind FTAS
Module 13 – Scope of FTAS
Module 15 – Benefits Of FTAS
Module 14 – Regional and Bilateral FTAS
Module 17 – Determination of Origin Criteria
Module 18 – Operational / Certification Procedures for Rules of Origin
Module 19 – Application Procedures for Certificate of Origin
Module 16 – Certificates Of Origin & Issuing Authorities
Module 20 – Claim For Preferential Tariff and Related Customs Procedures
Module 21 – Application Of Harmonised System Coding (Hs) In FTAS

Get To Know The Trainer

Trainer Titus


Titus Pereira holds a Bachelor of Management (Accounting & Finance) Hons, University Science Malaysia, and Penang and is currently completing his MBA from MMU.  He is a trained and certified consultant for supply-chain, utilizing the SCOR (Supply-Chain Operations Reference-model) methodology by Supply-Chain Council of USA.

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