Trainer Eunee


• PSMB Certified Train The Trainer (TTT) 2008
• Certified Training Professional (CTP-ARTDO) 2010
• Certified Behavior & People Development Consultant (Institute for Motivation Living, USA) 2013
• Certified as a Virtual LearnCaster by MindaKu (endorsed by Global Trainers Federation) 2020


• English
• Bahasa Nelayu


Eunee is an experienced trainer using her comprehensive experience as a professional in the hospitality and customer service industry. She has gained exposure and experience through multiple supervisory and managerial positions that she has held in the fast-food, retail, hotel and public transportation industry. Her most significant experience was as the Assistant Training Manager with Resort World Genting, where she helped the organization set up a hotel academy which trained and developed the hospitality employee to excel in managing interaction with people.

Eunee’s passion for public speaking fueled her decision to be a full-time trainer to touch the lives of more people. Today, she conducts training for industries such as manufacturing, health, higher learning institutions, telco communication, automotive, construction & development, uniformed personnel and many more. She specializes in the area of People Behavior, she covers the element of people personality and thinking preference through her program on Personality Tools & Organizational Communication. In most of her training, she injected the concept of mastering interpersonal communication; which is her forte which she strongly believed is the pillar of success, not only at work but also at personal life.

Eunee takes on a systematic approach of focusing on participant motivation and creativity in her learning delivery. She believes that motivation and learning are strongly linked. Learning is concerned with the acquisition and application of new knowledge, skills, behavior and values; whereas motivation drives the hidden talent to surface, that leads to improvement in performance and creates a positive change in a person. As a trainer, she helps participants to adapt and learn from their current surroundings in order to improve and perform for self and their organization.

Besides training, she is looks into conducting training analysis, designing and developing new training programs and enhancing current programs. She was also involved in evaluation and assessment process, from customer satisfaction to knowledge assessment, as well as behavior change subsequent to training delivery. One of her last project was to evaluate executive line trainers by creating individual profiling to determine their development and direction in providing training to their subordinates.

Eunee offers excellent skills that are driven mostly by her passion and enthusiasm. She strongly believes that the human learning behavior can only be improved when they are aware that training is a tool to either polish or discover their skills. Her training sessions are well-received by participants as they find her sessions interactive and her techniques in imparting knowledge, inspiring.

Her list of clientele include : Seagate International (Johor) S/B, Lotte Chemical Titan (M) Sdn Bhd, White Horse Ceramic Industies S/B, WD Media (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd, IOI Properties Group (Johor), Pacific Oleochemicals Sdn Bhd, Hyper Regions Label Sdn Bhd, All Cosmos Industries Sdn Bhd, Panasonic AVC Networks Johor, Panasonic Systems Networks Johor, Aladdin Pacific (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd, Hitachi Koki (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd, Maxis Technology Centre (KL Sentral), Toyoplas Manufacturing (M) Sdn Bhd, Yamauchi Malaysia Sdn Bhd, Barry Callebaut Pasir Gudang, Selaco Aluminium Bhd, Sumitomo Electric Interconnect Johor, Kiswire Sdn Bhd, A,Schulman Plastics (M) Sdn Bhd, MDI Sdn Bhd, TDK Lambda Malaysia Sdn Bhd, TWP Sdn Bhd, Cosway (M) Sdn Bhd, Creative Brass Sdn Bhd, Unity Precision Engineering Sdn Bhd, Securexpress Services Sdn Bhd, Stanta Mauser (M) Sdn Bhd, PCM Steel Processing Sdn Bhd, Polycore Optical (M) Sdn Bhd, Tsujimoto (M) Corporation Sdn Bhd




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