Trainer Norjamalullail


• Master of Engineering, Manufacturing System
• Executive Diploma in Quality Management
• Diploma in Mechanical Engineering
• TVET Advance Diploma in Plastic Injection Moulding
• TVET Advance Diploma in Vocational Training Operation
• TVET Diploma in Administrative Management
• TVET Diploma in Plastics Film Extrusion Processing and Administration
• TVET Diploma in Product Design Innovation & Development
• PSMB Train the Trainer


Norjamalullail Tamri or Jamal (670520-10-5547) holds a master in Engineering Manufacturing System from Univeristi Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) Bangi, he obtained diploma In Quality Management System, Diploma in Mechanical Engineering, Advance Diploma In Plastic Processing and having a certificate in Plastic Engineering. Jamal has 29 years of working experience, having held several executive, management and senior management positions, including 10 years in education, training and workshop.

He has over 30 years of technical experience in the area of manufacturing field. He started career with Teck See Plastic Group of Companies. Then he joined ALPS Electric as Department Head, SMK Electronic as Deputy Manager and Malaysia Automotive Institute as Head of Capacity Building. Over the years Jamal have been actively involved in engineering, lean manufacturing, maintenance, (R&D), new product development, project management, project engineering, project quality management, production assembly process including cost, resources, materials control and project reports.

As trainer and consultant, Jamal has guided many of his course participants to tap their true potentials through his deliveries and workshops. He believes in sharing his personal aspirations and giving his best to help people fulfil their individual goals in their careers and personal lives.
His warm personality and friendly, down-to-earth, common sense approach have made sessions well received by all participants. Jamal has vast experience conducting various course related to manufacturing processing, Technical Report Writing, Manufacturing, Plastic Processing, Metal, Maintenance, Preventive Maintenance and etc.




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