5 Tips to Manage your Time

Time, one of the few things we as humans have no control over.

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Perhaps for good reason. Time is infinite but our time on this earth is finite. As a result, when our time comes, we look back and hope that we’ve led a meaningful existence. There is currently a significant amount of research being undertaken by private companies in the Silicon Valley in the US too prolong human lifespan. But these endeavours are still far away from cracking the secrets of immortality.

Enough talk about philosophy and the future. How can we optimize the use of time in the office? If your idea of managing time is working overtime (i.e. spending more than 8 hours in the office), please think again. It’s okay to work overtime occasionally. If you happen to be doing it frequently it is a clear sign that something is wrong. Frequently bringing work home is no fun either. Both can have negative effects on your wellbeing.

Here are some tips to help manage time better in the office:

Tip #1 – Plan Ahead
Aim to plan your work 1 day ahead. The idea is to know and lay down the groundwork for what you are going to do tomorrow today.

Tip #2  -To Do List
You can keep a diary or use sticky notes. List down your deliverables for the day, then prioritize them.

Tip #3 – Leverage on Energy
The mornings are when most people are energetic. Use this time for tasks that require critical thinking. A word of caution to night owls. If you work a day job but your creative juices only flow at night, make sure you’re getting enough sleep.

Tip #4 – Focus
Aim to complete one task at a time. Leave multitasking to computers. Keep it to a minimum if you have no choice. The chances of errors occurring in your work increases the more you multitask.

Tip #5 – Delegate
If you have a big team, train others to perform some of your tasks. If you think it might generate friction, discuss it with your Manager.

Work never ends, so learn to manage your Time and Stress levels while still being productive.
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