Improve Collaboration with Microsoft Teams

Teamwork can be achieved with the right tools to bridge the connections among peers, be it physical or virtual.

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Collaboration is the key in businesses these days, creating a much better experience to customers especially with employees who are working remotely. Since it’s launch in 2017, Microsoft Teams has become the fastest growing application in Microsoft’s history with more than 330,000 companies around the world who are using the application. These are a few reasons why Microsoft Teams is unique.

It’s beyond just a chatroom
Aside to chatting with your colleagues on Microsoft Teams, it allows you to share a file, call or video call without having the need to shift windows or exit the current chat. You could also schedule a meeting right there and then. With the integration capability of Microsoft applications, Microsoft Teams can also be connected with your Microsoft Office apps or OneNote without having the need to shift between applications during the conversation.

Reduce the wait for email replies
Relying on our email to get the doubts of a campaign answered would take us a few minutes even to hours for the opposing party to reply. However, with Microsoft Teams, you are able to chat with your colleague real-time and get their response to your questions as soon as possible. It would be a hassle if we were to wait few hours just to get a Yes/No answer, so, with the chat in Microsoft Teams, you can enquire your one-liner questions and get feedbacks easily.

Improve collaboration through Teams
With the Office 365 integration in Microsoft Teams, it allow users to collaborate on a document within Microsoft Teams itself and won’t have to switch between applications to access Words, Excel and PowerPoint. You can immediately create those files and share across the chat to your co-workers and voila, they can amend their part in that file immediately. This can help avoid confusion with multiple versions of the same file being sent through emails.

Few applications that can be integrated with Microsoft Teams include:
1. Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint
2. SharePoint
3. Trello
4. Survey Monkey
5. Outlook
6. Skype for Business
7. Microsoft Flow
8. Adobe Creative Cloud

Discover the capabilities of Microsoft Office applications and how it can help your business collaborate easily and efficiently.

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