Strategic Workforce Performance Management (POLC TO BSC)

Course Objectives

Upon completion of this program, participants will be able to:

    • Explain the importance of managing workforce performance, both for a department or individually
    • Describe the FOUR (4) key performance perspectives as of the Balanced Scorecard,
    • Translate workforce key performance areas into key performance indicators,

Target Audience

Senior Executives and Managers


This Stimulating Program Will Maximize Understanding And Learning Through Lecture, Video Clip Presentation, Interactive Group Discussions role-Playing, Personal Reflection Canvas traffic JAM Activity, Demo Coaching Live Coaching Session zoom Activity

Course Modules

  • MODULE 1 – The importance of managing and workforce performance

    • The definition of performance management
    • The benefits of performance management in the context of
    • Strategic application of ‘Plan – Organise –Lead – Control’ Cycle towards competitive business management
    • Tactical application of ‘Plan – Do – Check –Act’ Cycle towards organisational effectiveness and efficiency
    • Effective implementation of continuous improvement towards operational efficiency
    • Fostering a highly motivated workforce through performance-based recognition


    MODULE 2 – Application of Balanced Scorecard in managing workforce performance

    • Introduction to the framework of Balanced Scorecard and its importance
    • Apply a management model (5S-1M Management Model) that have a profound impact on the FOUR (4) performance perspectives of the Balanced Scorecard
    • Perspective 1 (Financial): Establish SMART* Financial Mission
    • Perspective 2 (Customer): Establish SMART* Strategy to enhance internal and/ or external Customers’ Satisfaction,
    • Perspective 3 (Internal Process): Determine SMART* Internal Process Improvement Initiatives to enhance operating System and Structure effectiveness and efficiency
    • Perspective 4 (Learning & Development): Identify the essential Learning & Development to build the essential workforce Skills-Set and operating Styles

    *SMART: Specific, Motivating, Agreeable, Relevant, Trackable


    MODULE 3 – Translate workforce key performance areas into key performance indicators

    • Establish Key Performance Areas (KPA) in the context of
    • Financial Target Achievement
    • Customer’s Requirements/ Satisfaction Assurance
    • Internal Process Improvement Initiatives
    • Human Capital or Talent Development
    • Set Key Performance Indicators (KPI) for the above FOUR (4) key performance areas
    • The financial scorecard
    • The customer scorecard
    • The internal process scorecard
    • The learning & development scorecard
    • Translate KPI into quantitative performance measures/ targets
    • Measure workforce performance (Quantitative Perspective)
    • How to initiate?
    • How to execute?
    • How to record?


    MODULE 4 – Determine sets of competency required for the workforce to strive towards established Key Performance Indicators (KPI)

    • The FOUR (4) sets of essential workforce competency
    • Competency 1: Strategic Thinking Capabilities
    • Competency 2: Communication Skills
    • Competency 3: Execution Effectiveness
    • Competency 4: People Skills
    • Incorporate workforce quantitative and qualitative performance measurements into workforce potential assessment and talent management

Get To Know The Trainer

Trainer P.G


Paul graduated with a Bachelor of Marketing and E-Commerce from University of Curtin, Australia. He also attained a Diploma in Hotel Catering and Management from the American Hotel and Motel Association. He is a Certified Trainer under the Pembangunan Sumber Manusia Berhad (Ministry of Human Resource, Malaysia).

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