Got “Fire-less” Employees?

Fire-less, passionate-less, driven-less or whatever you wanna call it are just a few words to describe
the “Pay-check” employee.

Yes. They exist and are out there (you can see it in their eyes) and chances are you may be managing a few of them. The motivation factor for these types of employees are a closely guarded secret; known only to themselves. It is an uphill task for leaders to drive performance from these individuals but the question is – Why do they exist? Let’s explore some reasons.

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Type A – “I am not sure if this is the right job for me” employee

Let’s face it. Most of us may not be doing the job we studied for or WORST that we are not necessarily passionate about. We may have ended up doing the job that was available – more so during this post-pandemic world we live in today.

However, a competent manager can recognize a diamond in the rough! Work can be taught although it is the fundamental attitude and behaviour of the candidate that the manager must truly assess.

It’s not impossible to make a person enjoy a piece of work that they didn’t really see themselves doing. All it takes is some simple call-outs and positive reinforcement. I say this with confidence as I came up this way. It was a competent Manager that discovered the potential I had (even when I did not) in a job that I was not sure I wanted.

That potential was nurtured, cultivated and moulded.

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Type B – “I have other forms of income, no worries” employee

They may come from a wealthy family or have a large trust fund. They may also be doing a secondary job (which they actually care about). They may be there in your office just to pass the time.

In situations like these, extra care should be taken into their performance management. Targets and expectations should be clearly communicated and understood. If a second job is involved, keep a look out for conflicts of interest.

Regardless of the reasons, a Manager should constantly ask his/her staff if they enjoy what they are doing. If dissatisfaction is identified, take steps to validate and address.

In simpler terms, constant engagement with these types of employees is required if you wish to see a turn-around in their performance.

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Got “Fire-less” Employees?

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