Have what it takes to be KING?

“Elvis has left the building”

This phrase originated back 1956 to encourage concert-goers (his fans) to leave the venue after his concert was done. Why? Because his fans wanted more and did not want to leave. Just like Elvis, leaders need to have presence.

Your organization and your team must feel your presence even if they can’t see you. Instead, what we may have occurring in the office today is scouts keeping tabs of when you get into the office (wishing you did not) and your people finding excuses to leave the immediate area where you’re in.

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No one denies that leadership is about action. However, charisma and attitude play a significant role as well. Do you ever stop to think about how you carry yourself in the office? How to people perceive you? Having a good leadership attitude is great but you should also make efforts to stand out from the office crowd (for the right reasons of course). Why is this important you may ask? Leadership is not just about leading your team, it’s also very much about engaging new people constantly. You’ll never know when you’re making a first impression. People walking away from you must remember the encounter.

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Leadership is also energy. Energy needs to be felt to achieve a desired outcome. The energy a good leader brings into the office is one of calm and composure. Leave the panicking to others (easier said than done I know). Panicked individuals should come to you for guidance. When they leave, they should know exactly what do. You should not end up making the situation worse. Be the calming force but resist the urge to immediately tell people what to do. Remember, an effective leader brings the best out of people, not trying to make people as good as he/she is. Give people the opportunity to be individuals not imitations.

Do you have a signature catchphrase in the office? The one that people instantly recognize you by (not the one they make fun of you type) and sets the tone for action. I do and I’ll be happy to share it with you in session. If you don’t have one, I suggest that you try and come up with one. Trust me, it does magic (when used correctly)!

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Have what it takes to be KING?

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