How to Motivate during a Pandemic

To say that COVID 19 has rocked our world is an understatement.

Doomsday scenarios were something that we used watch on the Discovery Channel, until it hit us in the face. Businesses had to rethink their strategy and approach. As a result, jobs were lost, pay checks were slashed and people whom still had their jobs, could not tell for certain if they’ll have them tomorrow.

Where does motivation go in a time like this? The answer is it’s still there. It’s just become harder to find and access. The new norm is that there is the same amount of work (if not more), with less people to do it and the ones that end up doing it may be paid less to do it.

What is the alternative here? I quit my job because it has become too stressful and I’m spending more time on work then with my family (or myself for that matter). I spend months on unemployment and eat away at my savings because jobs like the one I do are not abundant. I take on another job for something that I really don’t care about just to foot the monthly bills. Then, just like that, motivation suddenly reappears. However, this type of motivation is extrinsic in nature. It has the tendency to not last long. It will wear out.

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In these troubled times, Managers leading highly skilled people that are working long hours need help from senior management. What is the business strategy during this period? How is it communicated? How frequently is it being communicated? Hopefully the business motto is not, “We are ready and willing to let our good employees go”.

Employees are replaceable. There will always be someone who is willing to do what you are doing for less. However, will they bring in the right working attitude, which your Manager/Business know you have right now? That aside, no matter how experienced your replacement maybe, it’s going to take time to get them up to speed and perform at the same level of their peers.

If your only business strategy for motivating stressed employees whom have been sacrificing their personal time to do work is buying them lunch on occasion, you need to think again. How else are you going to compensate them? Have you showed them the light at the end of the tunnel? Or have you completely outsourced the work to your Managers? Let them figure it out.

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These are unprecedented times. No one knows how everything will end up. Therefore, everyone needs to collaborate on the exit strategy. No one should be allowed to think in isolation. No one must feel isolated. Set up that leadership level meeting on how you will motivate your employees during this time. Make sure work is being measured accurately. Identify individuals that are going the extra mile. Share their stories, broadcast their successes and sing their praise.

Do all that you can to show them you care as a business.

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