How Did I Get Here? The Leadership Path

Some people become leaders because of talent and merit. They work hard to prove themselves eventually reaching a point where they are made leaders. Some others become leaders purely by luck or just because they know a certain influential someone in the business (maybe a little too close??). Some don’t want to be leaders but are thrust in to it because of circumstances. Regardless of how you got there, you now have to walk the path.

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The first step is building character.
Start by having good role models to learn from. Learn to be humble and resist the urge to blow your own trumpet. As much as people look up to you for direction and guidance, you cannot afford for it to become a dependency. You will continue to make mistakes and when you do, own them. Learn to occupy your thoughts with challenging questions. When it comes to relationships, aim to build trust before anything else. Make fairness your life’s mantra.

The second step is discipline.
This is all about forming good habits and sticking with them through thick and thin. Identify your core values and the things you won’t compromise on. Know what you stand for and what you represent. Develop a moral compass. Work on you character flaws. Set personal goals. Seek to become a master of your emotions.

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The final step is effectiveness.
Seek to understand first. Learn perspectives. Empathize with others. Give people the benefit of doubt. When it comes to knowledge, your glass should always be half empty. Seek feedback whenever possible. Find ways to do things better today than you did yesterday. You have the power to impact and influence people’s lives.
Don’t get drunk with it.

Whether you just got appointed a leadership role or have been one for many years.
A true leader knows the importance of continuous training towards effective leadership never ends especially during times like these. Click the banner below to find out how you can increase your leadership skills!

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